Former HMV worker opens new shop named HVM (now WAH)


Former HMV worker opens new shop named HVM

Derry local, a HMV worker for a decade, flips sign upside-down after letter from HMV’s legal team: store is now WAH

WAH store in Derry

Fighting HMV … WAH record shop in Derry. Photograph: Tony Cregan/WAH/PA

A former HMV employee, who opened his own shop called HVM last week, has been forced to change its name to WAH after facing legal action from the original store.


The Derry-based record shop is run by Tony Cregan, who worked atHMV in the city’s Richmond Centre for a decade before it closed last year following the businesses’ financial crisis. According to entertainment.ieCregan claims his branch of HMV consistently made a profit and raised 15,000 signatures on a petition to have it saved, until he decided to go it alone. “We thought, what is the point calling the new shop Local CDs or whatever, we’ll just call it HVM. HMV is gone,” Cregan explained.


However, a week after the shop opened, Cregan was accused of harming HMV’s reputation by confusing locals who might think the two shops are associated, receiving a strongly worded letter from their legal team. HMV are still trading in the UK and Ireland after being sold torestructuring specialists Hilco, who warned Cregan that his store would “cause substantial damage to our client’s reputation and goodwill”.


Shortly after receiving the letter, Cregan had an epiphany when a customer who possessed a particularly distinctive local accent unwittingly offered up an alternative name: “We were talking in the shop about what was going on and some boy who overheard us turned around and said ‘HM what?'” Cregan said, “So we just turned the sign upside down and now it’s called WAH.” A small speech bubble has also been added to the sign, which reads: “His Master’s Voice has told us to change.”


Cregan is determined to fight his former employer and also stated that the attention around this dispute has caused the city’s locals to rally around the store in support: “In their legal letter, they quoted our use of their colour scheme – pink and black. People are saying do they own the alphabet and the rainbow as well? Did they copyright them?” he added. “It’s like David and Goliath. People are saying to fight them.”

Mills Record Co. arrives in Westport with an unlikely pitch: new vinyl

If you pay even glancing attention to the movements of the music business, you’re by now familiar with at least a few narratives. Nobody buys CDs anymore. Everybody downloads music from the Internet, usually illegally. Record stores are dying. But also: Vinyl is resurgent! (Sales are up 17 percent over last year, when more new records were sold than in any year since 1997.) What can be gleaned from this conflicting information?

For Judy Mills and Chris DeLine, the conclusion was fairly simple: Open a shop that specializes in new vinyl.

Neither had any experience running a record store. Mills, a local, has a background in retail but has worked a corporate gig in recent years. When the company went belly up, she recruited her friend DeLine, who was living in Nashville at the time, to come to Kansas City and help her open Mills Record Co. They settled on a Westport space — 314 Westport Road, next door to Dave’s Stagecoach Inn — and, May 3, opened for business.

“Judy’s lived here a long time and was in a situation where she felt like she could try something new,” DeLine says. “The pieces just seemed to fit. The shop is basically this partnership between Judy and me. We’re rookies, but we’re longtime music fans and we thought it’d be fun to try a little adventure here.”

Browse the racks at Mills Record Co. and you notice a few things right off the bat. One is that they’re peddling almost entirely new records, heavy on Stereogum-style indie rock. Other spots in town, like Vinyl Renaissance and Zebedee’s, offer new LPs, but a big chunk of their real estate is occupied by used records and CDs.

“We’re definitely going hard on the new stuff,” DeLine says. “That’s a huge part of our plan here. We think it offers a nice complement to working with the existing record stores in town, because that’s where they’re kind of lacking. So if we can keep pushing it and keep up sales, I think it’ll add a good piece to this city that’s missing.”

The store is also surprisingly cheap. If you’re like me, you want to support our local brick-and-mortars but have a hard time shelling out $19.99 for a new record when you can get it for more like $15 online. I still occasionally pay the premium, either out of a sense of civic charity or because I happen to want some instant gratification. But I tend to leave record stores wishing that buying new records was just a little less costly.

I did not feel that way when I visited Mills Record Co. on Saturday. I picked up a deluxe edition of the new Kurt Vile for $24.99 ($29.98 on Insound); Christopher Owens’ new-ish solo album for $10.99 ($12.14 on Amazon); and an old Walkmen album, You & Me, also for $10.99. The store’s system for pricing seems to be that recent releases are marked around $16-$17, but albums that have been around a few years — Smith Westerns’ Dye It Blonde, the War on Drugs’ Slave Ambient — are tagged in the $12-$13 range. As it turns out, that price drop is basically the difference between my leaving a record store empty-handed and my leaving $50 lighter. (How long they can sustain those prices while keeping the lights on is another matter, but I’m rooting for them.)

In Nashville, DeLine ran a music blog called Culture Bully, and part of his aspiration for Mills Record Co. is to establish an online presence. Not just online sales but also a newsletter; a local directory of venues, labels and bands; and a blog, on which he publishes a daily roundup of local-music news bites. He has spent the last few months brushing up on local music, and he hopes that Mills Record Co. can become a sort of hub for the KC scene.

“All of our racks are on wheels, so we’re set up to do in-stores and events like that,” DeLine says. “We’re really trying to work on that community aspect. I’ve talked to a lot of people — a lot of people in punk bands lately — who don’t feel there’s a home for them in town. We want to be that spot.”

Vinyl is the focus at Mills Record Co., but DeLine and Mills are making an exception for local acts. “It’s sort of unfair of us to expect everyone to have the means to print up their own vinyl,” DeLine says. “So we’re buying CDs and cassettes from local bands, in addition to buying vinyl from local bands. We also want to do some Etsy type of stuff — sell pottery and art in the store.

“It’s not easy selling records in general,” he adds. “But for us, the flip side to that is we’ve spent a lot of time making sure that if we’re selling new records, we’re not going to do it half-assed. It can be done — double-digit vinyl-sales increases across the board for the last three years. We think we can make it work.”

Amazon ofer ‘autorip’ for vinyl sales

Earlier today, Amazon announced that it has extended support for its Amazon AutoRip program to vinyl albums.  If you’re not familiar with Amazon AutoRip, it’s essentially a way for customers who purchase physical CD’s and now vinyl records to get access to digital copies of the songs without having to the rip the album themselves.

Starting today, any customer who buys a supported vinyl record on will also receive a digital copy of those tracks added to their Cloud Player library, which is also available across a number of devices, including iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, the Kindle Fire, connected TVs, and more, in addition to the web.  Additionally, customers who have purchased AutoRip records at any time since Amazonfirst opened its Music Store in 1998 will find digital copies of those albums in their Cloud Player libraries – also for free.

“We’re thrilled to extend this experience to vinyl records,” said Steve Boom, Vice President of Digital Music for Amazon in a release this morning. ”Many of our music customers are vinyl fans and it’s traditionally been very difficult to make digital versions of vinyl records—now customers can enjoy the albums they buy wherever they are, not just when they have access to a record player.”

Amazon’s MP3 store now has over 23 million songs, but Amazon did not say exactly how many CDs and vinyl records support AutoRip today. In January (when the service launched), the service had support for over 50,000 albums and promised more would be on the way soon.

Vinyl records: Old tech sparks new demand in Franklin

Will Jordan, owner of Kimbro’s, a photographer and a vintage clothing retailer, has opened Carpe Diem, a record shop specializing in vinyl, the only such store in Franklin. Vinyl has had a resurgence in popularity in recent years. / John Partipilo / The Tennessean

FRANKLIN — A chalkboard on the front porch of Carpe Diem in downtown Franklin invites folks in to shop for vinyl.

Not everyone gets it.

Just the other day a passerby stopped in the shop to look at vinyl. Rudy Jordan, mother of the proprietor, Will Jordan, ushered her back to the record shop portion of the store, an eclectic slip of a place adjacent to Kimbro’s on South Margin.

“Oh, it’s records,” said the dismayed customer. “I’m looking for vinyl to cover a motorcycle seat.”

The ever-gracious Rudy offered the names of places like Joann’s in Cool Springs that would probably have the kind of vinyl she was seeking.

But those who do get it — and Will says they are plentiful — sort through his offerings of old records with great enthusiasm.

“We have a lot of teenagers, college students and of course serious collectors in here. On any given day, there are probably around 1,000 records in here,” he said.

One of those who does get it, Franklin resident J.D. Meek, terms himself a “serious collector.”

The 45-year-old systems engineer says he’s been collecting for 30 years.

“My mother says even as a very young child I would crawl over to the stereo speakers, listen to music and fall asleep,” he said.

In the late ’80s, he sold his big collection, but started collecting again.

“I have 1,000 albums … lots in boxes, but about 200 out and readily accessible. Vinyl just captures music better. I love the sound and feel of it,” he said.

The vinyl offerings at Carpe Diem include 45s, 78s and 33s and range from rock to country to recordings of presidential speeches.

Will says there is a real resurgence of interest in vinyl.

“Pressing vinyl now is expensive. In its heyday the master was made from pressed wax and records were produced en masse. Now, there are very few artists who use vinyl. Jack White comes to mind; he presses his own vinyl and they go for $30 or more each,” said Will, who has himself been a collector since he was a teenager.

“My mom and dad gave me their record collection when I was 16 or 17. I listened to one side while I read all the information in album covers, then flipped it over and listened to the other side. I’ve always been into music, and I still prefer vinyl to digital,” he said.

He maintains he hears more bass in vinyl than digital.

“You can really tell the difference,” he said. “Vinyl has a fullness that digital does not have. The sound is pure, honest and real.”

Bring your own

This 40-year-old guy, now a father of a teenager himself, owns four record players. He plays them in his shop and next door at Kimbro’s, an eatery and music venue he owns.

“We always have vinyl playing in the red bar at Kimbro’s. Oftentimes customers will come in here to the shop and buy records, then bring them over and we play them,” he said. “And customers also just bring their own for us to play.”

Seemingly a bit of BYOV (bring your own vinyl).

And for the non-record-player-owning folks, Carpe Diem (Italian for “seize the day”) can fix you up.

“We repair and sell record players. They go from $25 to $250 and they sell immediately. When I post one on Facebook, it’s gone immediately. We even have needles here for those old record players,” said the photographer-artist-collector.

This entrepreneur has become quite the picker. And not the guitar type.

He picks through shops, barns and attics (always by invitation) looking for old records and unique antiques, which fill the front half of his little shop. His picking trips include an annual sojourn up the east coast to Maine and back.

Few record stores

He says record shops are few and far between. He says his is the only one in Franklin. Nashville has several, including Grimey’s and Great Escape.

“Records are nostalgic. Playing them takes us back to different times,” he said.

The offerings in Carpe Diem, as far as vinyl goes, sell from 10 cents to $100 each, depending on quality and rarity. He offers everything from “Woodstock I and II” to the Beatles to Japanese imports of Elvis recordings. That vinyl is flashy, like the King himself. It’s red, green and gold — and snazzy. There’s a vast array of other recordings, from big band to presidential speeches.

Meek says he’s a regular at Carpe Diem.

“Will is all about quality. He has an incredible offering of all sorts of recordings, including the off-the-wall stuff I like. While once I wanted a really huge collection, now I want all the records I can get of really, really good quality. Will has that. He is all about perfection,” he said.

Meek says nearly every visit ends up in a purchase.

“Just last Saturday I found a pristine first pressing of a Chet Atkins record,” he said.

Will says he lives with many of the records he finds for a while.

“And some of them, I just can’t let go,” he laughs.

Record Store Day Announces Special Releases For Black Friday

Record Store Day Announces Special Releases For Black Friday

By Emily Zemler • 16 hours ago

Getty Images

Since the day after Thanksgiving is already known as a day to stand in lines and buy things just for the sake of buying them, it makes that Record Store Day would get in on the action. And, bonus, it actually benefits the artists if you purchase real albums on Black Friday.

Record Store Day has launched a companion event to its annual “go buy actual albums day” called Back To Black Friday. Like the original event, this Black Friday event will involve special vinyl releases by a variety of artists. Michael Kurtz, co-founder/organizer of Record Store Day, said in a press release, “Five years ago when Record Store Day helped, and guided, the re-launch of vinyl wehad no idea where it was going. Looking at this year’s wonderful vinyl offerings, you can see just how far we’ve come. There are some real treasures in here.”

Among the participating artists are Skrillex, who will release three separate EPs on vinyl for the first time, My Morning Jacket, who will unveil a 10″ vinyl disc, and The Rolling Stones, who will release their very first EP on 7” vinyl. Jack White’s Third Man Records will release three The White Stripes singles, incuding “HotelYorba” (Live at the Hotel Yorba) b/w “Rated X” (Live at the Hotel Yorba) as a limitededition reissue on opaque red-colored vinyl, with the 7″ 45RPM single in repro glue-pocket sleeve. Whatever that means (it’s probably cool).

Dualtone will release a special 10” vinyl EP from recent upstarts The Lumineerstitled The Winter EP. The disc will feature two new tunes – the band’s first new material since their debut album earlier this year. Lead singer/guitarist Wesley Schultz has voiced his own support of record stores, noting, “There is this little record shop in Cheyenne, WY, Phoenix Books & Music, that I stumbled upon and fell in love with. The owner is also the only employee – a veryfriendly and knowledgeable man, and the store has amazing vintage records at superreasonable prices. And as a bonus, they even had the Bruce Willis vinyl, Return of Bruno.”

More special releases will be announced in the coming weeks so we suggest you stay tuned. There’s nothing like giving the gift of a rare White Stripes vinyl around the holidays. For more information go here.

Curmudgeon records closes

Curmudgeon records closes its doors for good

Published: Thursday, June 09, 2011, 9:36 AM     Updated: Thursday, June 09, 2011, 9:58 AM
1 sm0605records PERLMAN.JPGBill Plange, owner of Curmudgeon Records in Somerville, stands in the store during its final days of operation. Curmudgeon, an independent record store, closed up shop in May.

With vinyl record sales soaring in recent years, business should be booming for independent record shops, right?

Tell that to Curmudgeon Records.

The Somerville store shut its doors for good last month, weighed down by debt and disappointing sales.

Curmudgeon became the latest casualty in the era of digital music, a loss that leaves vinyl lovers with few places to shop in the midsection of the state. Even as vinyl becomes popular again and sales climb impressively, experts said record stores can only survive if they are willing to branch out.

“The stores are now becoming more like pop-culture hubs for the community,” said Joel Oberstein, president of the Almighty Institute of Music Retail, which tracks the music industry. “Stores are seeing this as the way to survive.”

Vinyl album sales have increased over the past three years, with the bulk of the purchases occurring in independent record stores, according to Nielsen SoundScan, which tracks the music industry.

Nielsen SoundScan said 2.8 million vinyl albums were sold in 2010, a 14 percent increase over the previous year. And sales have been increasing for the past three years.

There’s a catch, though: The vinyl sales only accounted for about 1 percent of total album sales — a category that also includes CDs and digital music, according to Nielsen Soundscan.

That means stores that want to carry the vinyl have to get creative with their businesses to cover their costs.

“Record stores need to be more than a record store,” said Jon Meyers, senior editor of the blog Vinyl District. “Every city has its own vibe, and record stores are at the center of that music culture.”

There are now 16 independent music stores within 25 miles of Curmudgeon’s former location, according to the Almighty Institute of Music Retail. The stores, which stretch from Trenton to Westfield, don’t all sell vinyl records, but most of them provide a diverse range of goods, from stereo equipment to rock shows and designer apparel as well as music.

Meanwhile, Curmudgeon refused to be anything more than what it was intended to be — a record store. Bill Plenge, the store’s owner, said money to broaden the business wasn’t there. But the reasons also went deeper — Plenge was determined to run his shop on his terms: His dream was to sell vinyl records.

“This is what I like doing. This is what I enjoy,” he said. “The other stuff just doesn’t interest me.”

Plenge believes his store’s eventual downfall wasn’t necessarily caused by a refusal to change, but by ambitious expansion plans.

Curmudgeon was one of the few shops left standing between New Jersey’s two vinyl-record heavyweights — Vintage Vinyl in Fords and the Princeton Record Exchange. Plenge originally opened his store in Edison in 1994 and became profitable enough to add a second store in Hillsborough six years later.

The new store opened at a time when Curmudgeon was hitting its peak, but sales soon began to plummet, and by 2006, both locations had to be closed. Plenge reopened Curmudgeon almost immediately in Somerville, where rent was lower and Plenge thought business would be better.

“We overextended ourselves on that loan (for the additional store),” Plenge said. “But we saw what we were making (in Edison) and we just wanted a little bit more.”

Curmudgeon’s fate is a lesson that resonates with new store owners hoping to beat the odds.

Consider Holdfast, an independently owned shop that opened in Asbury Park two years ago.

Co-owner Joe Koukos said vinyl records make up more than half of his merchandise, but he sells designer clothing and rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia. His store also doubles as an art gallery, Koukos said.

To keep the cash registers ringing, he said he has to hustle to find fresh ways to draw people in.

That means digging for hard-to-find records or finding new bands and featuring up-and-coming artists.

“A lot of stores fall into the trap of just sitting behind a counter and waiting for things to come to them,” Koukos said.

Holdfast hopes to benefit from the growing number of vinyl fanatics — a group composed mainly of young adults with disposable incomes.

It’s not clear if the renewed interest is merely a fad, but Oberstein said those listeners — raised on compressed, digital music files — prefer the warm, full tones of vinyl. And nationwide events such as Record Store Day, an annual celebration since 2007, help by making more people aware of the vintage black discs.

“They’re souvenirs of an era,” said Meyers, the senior editor from Vinyl District. “Now whether they can sustain and revitalize stores remains to be seen.”

Nation In Love With Girl From Record Store


Nation In Love With Girl From Record Store

JUNE 13, 2001 | ISSUE 37•22

ATHENS, GA–Captivated by her adorability and off-the-charts hipness, the U.S. populace sheepishly admitted a deep infatuation with 22-year-old Danielle Metzler, that amazing girl with the multi-colored hair who works at Slipped Discs in Athens.

Enlarge ImageMetzler behind the Slipped Discs counter.

“God, she is so fucking unbelievably cute,” Sam Kiefer of Euclid, OH, said Monday. “The last time she was wearing these super-tight silver pants and this rhinestone-studded New York Dolls half-shirt, and I was just like, ‘Wow.'”

Metzler was first spotted at Slipped Discs, an independently owned store stocked with a wide selection of indie rock, hip-hop, electronica, and otherwise hard-to-find music, in September 1999. Ever since, the nation has had a major crush on the girl.

“[Metzler] works at the coolest record store in Athens, and she’s totally up on all the latest stuff,” said Ryan Griggs, 48, a television repairman from Salem, OR. “You have no idea how many people go in there every day and buy some obscure Go-Betweens B-sides collection or the latest Stephin Merritt side project just to try to impress her.”

Griggs recently purchased Toby Dammit’s vinyl-only Gopher Edits EP–a highly successful move which prompted Metzler to ask about the record.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Griggs said. “For 45 glorious seconds, it was just me and her talking about bands like Tipsy and Jazzanova.”

Residents of the Florida panhandle admitted that their own attempts to impress Metzler were less successful.

“I heard her talking to someone about these great new Boredoms remixes, so I bought the one by U.N.K.L.E.,” Pensacola’s Andy Nichols said. “I don’t even own a single original Boredoms album, but I now have an import remix I paid $30 for.”

Continued Nichols: “When she was ringing up the U.N.K.L.E. thing, I said, ‘These are supposed to be really good.’ So she says, ‘Yeah, but if you’re not going to get them all, the DJ Krush is really the one to go with.’ I was like, oh, great. But then she gave me this really big smile, and it was all worth it.”

Upon discovering they were not the only ones with a long-standing crush on Metzler, residents of the Midwest came forward with their own tales of longing for the girl, sharing everything from the time she wore that really tight Le Tigre T-shirt to the time she danced to Cheap Trick’s “Southern Girls” as it played on the store’s stereo.

“Once, she was reaching up to grab a CD for a customer, and I noticed maybe half an inch of leopard-print underwear peeking out of the back of her hip-huggers,” said Carl Mills, a Beloit, WI, truck driver. “That was a year ago, and I still remember it.”

Josh Starkes of Boise, ID, is among the few Americans who know the girl’s name.

“I was hanging around the store one afternoon, and I heard one of her coworkers say, ‘Hey, Dani, could you grab me a few of the new Dirty Three/Low from the back?'” Starkes recalled. “Turns out, her name is Danielle, but she goes by ‘Dani,’ and sometimes even ‘Dan.’ On the employee-suggestion rack, it says, ‘Dan’s Pick Of The Week.’ I mean, how cool is that?”

According to millions of Americans, unlike many of the other clerks at Slipped Discs, Metzler never asks if you need help finding anything. Even if you make it obvious that you are struggling to find a particular record, she will remain by the front counter, talking and laughing with a select crowd of visitors.

“I was in there, and I recognized this one guy talking to her as the lead singer from [Athens band] Corky Thatcher,” said Dave Douglas of Riverside, CA. “I can never figure out if all these people hanging out are her actual friends or just people she’s deemed cool enough to talk to her. And, if the latter is the case, how do I become one of those people? Oh, who am I kidding? I don’t stand a chance.”

Despite such insecurities, the people of Southern California say the mixture of desire and insecurity associated with a trip to Slipped Discs is “exhilarating.”

“I wanted to get the first Modern Lovers album, but I didn’t want her to know I didn’t already own it,” said Jody Osbourne of San Diego. “To cover up, I told her some big, long story about how my friend is such a jerk because he borrowed it a long time ago and never gave it back. When I was done with this four-minute spiel, she just said, ‘I hate Jonathan Richman.’ I wanted to curl up in a ball and die.”

While it’s unknown whether Metzler has a boyfriend, the American people have always assumed she does.

“Whenever I see her out at a show, she’s always surrounded by this pack of slim-hipped, good-looking hipster guys,” said Jesse Avery of Roseville, MI. “She’s never hanging on any one in particular, but one of them has got to be her boyfriend.”

The nation has no plans to try to advance its relationship with Metzler beyond that of customer and clerk, saying it prefers to worship her from afar.

“She’s way out of my league, and even if I could get her to like me–which I couldn’t–it would only cause problems,” said Earl Shaw, 36, a Gulfport, MS, actuary. “When a girl has so many guys fawning over her, she’s bound to want her way with everything.”

Continued Shaw: “That is, unless she was sick of all the rock ‘n’ roll assholes she dates and was ready for someone who doesn’t fit into that mold. Maybe she is. Maybe she’s looking for someone a little smarter than those guys–someone like me.”

Shaw added that maybe he could even learn to play bass guitar.

Informed of the nation’s crush, Metzler shrugged her shoulders. “That’s cool,” she said, “but lately I’ve been more into British guys.” She then returned to sorting CDs.,309/

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Kenny Loggins & Jim Messina / Sittin’
Friday Music Limited Edition 180g LP $24.99
Contains legendary songs and incredible vocals!

Insound Mailout March 2011


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Vinyl Newsletter

1 Featured LP of the Week
2 Featured Pre-Orders: Cold Cave, Moon Duo, Obits
3 Free Vinyl News Mixtape
4 New Vinyl: Kurt Vile, Beach Fossils, Dum Dum Girls
5 Essential Punk LPs: 15% off
6 Featured Bundle: The Antlers
7 7″/10″/12″: James Blacke, The Strokes, Widowspeak
8 Pre-Orders: Cass McCombs, Cults, The Strokes
9 Classics/Reissues: Sun Araw, The Wake, Spacemen 3
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11 Insound Needs Interns
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Featured LP of the Week

Dirty Beaches Dirty Beaches

Dirty Beaches is the sound of waves against a picturesque and putrid shore, the silent rumble of a Chevy as it speeds by in slow motion. Sparse but condensed, relentlessly edging forward: this is music for locomotive travel, for racing your weary motorcycle through neon archways and into dusky tunnels.Like Bo Diddley or minimalist synth provocateurs Suicide, Dirty Beaches’ compositions are not so much stripped down as refined to their essence.

Buy LP $12.99

Featured Pre-Orders: Cold Cave, Moon Duo, Obits

cover Cold Cave
Cherish The Light Years
Pre-order Cold Cave “Cherish The Light Years” and receive a free 11″ x 17″ Insound exclusive poster! (while supplies last)

BuyLP $18.98

pixel cover Moon Duo
Pre-order Moon Duo “Mazes” and receive the MP3s immediately at checkout! Also, orders will receive a bonus “Mazes” remix CD featuring remixes from Sonic Boom, Psychic Ills, Cave, Purling Hiss and Gary War! (while supplies last)

BuyLP $18.98

cover Obits
Moody, Standard and Poor
Pre-order Obits “Moody, Standard and Poor”and receive a free iron on patch! (while supplies last)

BuyLP $17.98

cover The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
Pre-Order Belong along with the self-titled debut album and get both albums for $25.17.

BuyLP $16.98

Free Vinyl News Mixtape

Free Vinyl News Digital Sampler
Download Now!

We’ve got a brand new FREE digital mixtape for all our loyal newsletter subscribers. The sampler is full of great tracks from Bass Drum of Death, Cuticle, Deaf Center, Demontre, Dirty Beaches, Hype Williams, Kurt Vile, Maria Minerva, Puberty & Widowspeak. But remember, the sampler’s only available for the next week so grab it now while you can.

Click HERE to download.

T5 - Hold Steady

New Vinyl: Kurt Vile, Beach Fossils, Dum Dum Girls

cover Bass Drum of Death
GB City
Bass Drum of Death’s debut full-length, GB City, might be described by most listeners as garage-rock. But perhaps the more apt term is basement-rock. Armed with a guitar, drum kit, and USB microphone, Barrett threw together scuzzy pop songs steeped in punk and doo-wop that dive into topics such as taking drugs, having sex, and other regular teenage activities.

BuyLP $15.99

pixel cover Beach Fossils
What a Pleasure
Following their critically acclaimed self-titled debut, Beach Fossils return with the beautifully crafted EP What a Pleasure. In this brilliant new release Dustin Payseur shares songwriting duties with bassist John Peña, which makes for their most dynamic songs yet. Also, on “Out in the Way” Payseur teams up with the talented Jack Tatum of Wild Nothing for a song that reveals both artists’ visions in a way that the world has yet to hear.

Buy12″ $10.99

cover Cut Copy
Finally got this staff favorite in on vinyl! This is Cut Copy boiled down to their purest form: a suite of futuristic visions built upon primal rhythm tracks. It is at once their most immediate work to date, but also their most sonically exquisite.

Buy2xLP $19.98

cover Deaf Center
Owl Splinters
The LP version includes a bonus CD of new interpretations of the album from Erik Skodvin’s Svarte Greiner project! This is the same Deaf Center we fell in love with all those years ago, but bigger and more powerful than ever before. Between these epic compositions, the two musicians take time to give their own solo instruments the time to breathe – Totland on the piano and Skodvin on the cello.

BuyLP+CD $22.99

cover Dum Dum Girls
He Gets Me High
Los Angeles-based Dum Dum Girls follow up their fuzzy,girl group-inspired 2010 Sub Pop debut I Will Be with He Gets Me High, an EP composed of three originals and a cover of the swooning Smiths’ classic “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out.”

Buy12″ $10.99

cover Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie XX
We’re New Here (Box Set)
Colored vinyl! This limited edition boxset of We’re New Here contains a copy of We’re New Here (on pink vinyl), a copy of the instrumentals (on green vinyl), CDs of both the standard and instrumental album, and two limited edition photographic prints. All packaged in a bright green box!

Buy2xLP+2xCD $41.99

cover Hype Williams
One Nation
Pre-eminent H-Pop geniuses, Hype Williams, deliver the crackish satisfaction of One Nation, their third album proper and first for the hugely exciting Hippos in Tanks label. With the same fugged-up blend of sly insouciance and deceptively naive production that made Find Out What Happens so vital, Denna Francis and Roy D. Blunt have assembled a sublime follow-up which makes so much else out there seem over-earnest and over-dressed.

BuyLP $22.99

cover K-Holes
K-Holes began in an inauspicious, unambitious way. The goal was to play one show as a dirge surf band and then call it a day. Everybody was involved in other bands (Black Lips, Golden Triangle, Bezoar, and Georgiana Starlington). K-Holes was intended to be a big party with no strings attached. Somehow it stuck, though, as the big-party-with-no-strings-attached lifestyle will sometimes do.

BuyLP $14.99

cover Kurt Vile
Smoke Ring for My Halo
Philadelphia singer/songwriter Kurt Vile returns with his second proper album (as 2008’s Childish Prodigy was a compendium of sorts). Smoke Ring for My Halo is a gorgeously layered record. Ranging from the tender breezy folk in “Jesus Fever” to the tuff urban guitar riff of “Puppet to the Man,” Vile’s distinctive Philly-accented vocal ties together a sweeping and evocative project – a true American psychedelic folk album.

BuyLP $17.98

cover Little Wings
Black Grass
Black Grass is Kyle Field’s most honest and revealing work to date. It is the distillation into its very essence of over a decade’s worth of stunningly beautiful song-craft on Field’s part. This is a haunting, understated, and deeply personal work. Driven to look unflinchingly into himself and at the world around him in the fall season, Field has produced work that is as sincere in its moments of aching and decay as it is in its moments of triumph and rebirth.

BuyLP $13.99

cover Lumerians
Lumerians are garage scholars of the weird. While Transmalinnia’s sound palette evokes primitive analog witchery, Lumerians hunger for the future. As sensitive to texture and repetition as an electronic act, the band is propelled by voodoo rhythms, stripped-down organ psych and fuzzed out space disco, travelling freely through worlds both vaguely familiar and largely uncharted.

BuyLP $13.99

cover Moritz Von Oswald Trio
Horizontal Structures
Horizontal Structures follows the Trio’s 2009 debut, Vertical Ascent, and last year’s Live In New York, and finds them expanding – in all but name – to a quintet. Joining von Oswald, Sasu Ripatti and Max Loderbauer are double bassist (and ECM recording artist) Marc Muellbauer, and on guitar, Paul St Hilaire AKA Tikiman. It’s a more impressionistic, free-roaming and less strictly ordered LP than Vertical Ascent, and at times its electronic and acoustic textures are genuinely, delightfully indistinguishable.

Buy2xLP $21.99

cover Oren Ambarchi | Keiji Haino | Jim O’Rourke
In a Flash Everything Comes Together As One…
Recorded one year after the international trio of Keiji Haino, Jim O’Rourke and Oren Ambarchi’s first release, this presents the entirety of a live performance that took place at SuperDeluxe, Tokyo on January 24th 2010. For their second performance together, the trio opted for an entirely different instrumental configuration. Here they form a classic power trio: Ambarchi on drums, O’Rourke on bass and Haino on guitar, vocals, electronics and, in one amazing passage, lap steel.

BuyLP $27.99

cover Thurston Moore
Solo Acoustic Vol. 5
12 String Meditations For Jack Rose. Solo, untreated, 12-string compositions in tribute to one of the greats. An album of instrumentals in requiem.

BuyLP $19.99

Essential Punk LPs: 15% off

Though we were born and bred on indie rock, our staff has quite a few personal passions for the dozens of varying genres that we carry around here. This week we’re highlighting our essential punk releases and they’re all 15% off! Thirty titles are all on sale.

Check out the whole list of titles here.

Featured Bundle: The Antlers

The Antlers
Burst Apart
LP $19.98
The Antlers
LP $16.98

Pre-order The Antlers – Burst Apart LP (regularly $19.98) and add the Hospice LP (regularly $16.98) to your cart and get them both for $33.26.

7″/10″/12″: James Blacke, The Strokes, Widowspeak

cover Colleen Green
Green One
After moving to Oakland in 2008, she and her friends created the Full House House, inviting countless great bands from across the world to play in their living room. Recently, Green retreated to a cave in Los Angeles; within two months she had written and recorded the Milo Goes to Compton tape; within five months she released the 4 Loko 2 Kayla CD-R ep. They are both just the beginning of the Colleen Green story.

Buy7″ $5.98

pixel cover Cuticle
Confectioner Beats
Cuticle make the music your mind hears inside the green grates and grids of Tron. More deft than the Daft soundtrack, more dizzying than that Disney score.

Buy12″ $11.99

cover Demontre
Masculin | Feminin
Scraping bits together from Joy Division’s melodic haze, Wild Nothing’s darkest moods and even the xx’s brooding unease; off the chart angst levels permeate this record.

Buy12″ $18.99

cover James Blake
Limit To Your Love
Impeccably presented, one-sided 10″ pressing of James Blake’s remarkable re-work of Feist’s “Limit To Your Love,” housed in full-color sleeve. It’s as though the rare elements of padded subbass and splintered percussion he isolated in the bell jar of those early 12″s have plainly fused into something alchemical and sublimely affecting.

Buy10″ $12.99

cover Jerry King (Auctioneer)
Spoken Word Instrumental Series 003
Jerry’s Green Series single starts off with a fascinating 8-minute interview conducted by Jack White that probes deep into the history, cadence, rhythm and speed of Jerry’s auctioneering. The flipside is a very rare moment in the world of vinyl, and a special first for third man; side B of this record contains 2 separate grooves! Here we find auctioneer Jerry King walking us through two hypothetical auctions…depending on where the listener drops the needle!

Buy7″ $6.99

cover Maria Minerva
Noble Savage
Amazonian/Estonian goddess and self-professed hippy chick Maria Minerva builds the bump ‘n’ bass bricks for a real Bloc Party. Maria’s brand of coke-coke-a-choo disco could chill out even the hottest of Donna’s summers while the SILK vinyl goes sizzle and crack.

Buy12″ $11.99

cover Puberty
The debut 7-inch from this new seven-member group featuring Lars Finburg and Susanna Welbourne of The Intelligence. The band push dueling vocals and harmonies to the forefront while mastering signature off-kilter pop melodies. “If you’re looking for a new Intelligence single, you won’t find it. Instead, Lars Finberg and Susanna Welbourne of the Intelligence have a new band called Puberty.

Buy7″ $8.99

cover Quintron and Miss Pussycat | Turbo Fruits
Bruise Cruise Vol. 3
Limited edition colored vinyl! Split 7″ between Quintron & Miss Pussycat and Turbo Fruits, commemorating the 2011 Bruise Cruise!

Buy7″ $8.99

cover Soft Metals | Jewels of the Nile
Two Portland bands. Two classic bands. Two classic songs. Two great covers! Soft Metals and Jewels Of The Nile join forces to release the fourth record in the Desire Singles Club. Soft Metals is covering “Hot On The Heels Of Love” by industrial godfathers Throbbing Gristle while Jewels Of The Nile is doing “Deathwish” by deathrock pioneers Christian Death!

Buy7″ $12.99

cover Spider Fever
Whatcha Gonna Do
Featuring drummer extraordinaire Mario Rubalcaba (Off!, Earthless, Rocket From The Crypt, Chicaono-Christ, and many more…) here on lead vocals & godlike shredding guitar, it’s a rare and hefty slice of Testors-influenced ’70s punk splatter that’s shaking the walls and shattering the windows anywhere its cranked.

Buy7″ $6.99

cover The Strokes
Under Cover of Darkness
The lead single from the first new Strokes record in five years barrels into the bar with “Return to Form” written on its forehead.

Buy7″ $5.98

cover Widowspeak
Harsh Realm
Using primarily the 1950’s and 1990’s as stylistic jumping-off points, the band writes a combination of eerie ballads and swampy mid-tempo pop. The tension between Hamilton’s dreamy melodies and Thomas’s angular, psych-influenced lead guitar creates a visceral energy that permeates each of the young band’s songs

Buy7″ $5.99

cover Women in Prison
Strange Waves
Austin, TX’s Women In Prison tighten up and rip your chest open with guitar scree so deranged and nihilistic, you’d think James Williamson had stood in on a proto-Black Flag project while shaking off the last of the Stooges’ bloody glitter. Their sound is nothing short of raging, rabid, unflinching, and totally what the sound of early 80s punk should have used as a template.

Buy7″ $6.99

cover X-Ray Eyeballs
Xray Eyeballs knock out the instant hits with an effortless ease that feels so right, it refreshes your cloudy state of mind instantly. Infectious pop filtered through a dizzying framework of noise and frenzy, this EP has that certain lovely nastiness that it takes to make an intriguing first impression.

Buy $0.00

SSD - Spring 2011

Pre-Orders: Cass McCombs, Cults, The Strokes

cover Cass McCombs
Wit’s End

BuyLP $19.99

pixel cover Cults

BuyLP $22.99

cover Freelance Whales | Foals

Buy7″ $5.20

cover Grooms

BuyLP $14.99

cover Holy Ghost!
Holy Ghost!

Buy2xLP $19.98

cover Jeremy Jay
Dream Diary

BuyLP $16.98

cover LCD Soundsystem
London Sessions

BuyLP $21.98

cover Low

BuyLP $15.98

cover Nodzzz

BuyLP $14.99

cover The Strokes

BuyLP $19.98

cover Times New Viking
Dancer Equired

BuyLP $18.99

cover Tune-Yards

BuyLP $16.99

cover TV on the Radio
Nine Types of Light

BuyLP $15.98

cover Vivian Girls
Share the Joy

BuyLP $16.99

Classics/Reissues: Sun Araw, The Wake, Spacemen 3

cover Spacemen 3
Transparent Radiation

Buy12″ $14.98

pixel cover Sun Araw
Beach Head (reissue)

BuyLP $24.99

cover Sun Araw
On Patrol (reissue)

BuyLP $14.99

cover The Books
The Lemon of Pink

BuyLP $19.98

cover The Wake

BuyLP $16.98

cover Various Artists
Those Shocking, Shaking Days: Indonesian Hard, Psychedelic, Progressive Rock and Funk: 1970-1978.

Buy3xLP $30.99


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