Vinyl single sales hit 1million mark in UK

I seem to have heard this story before, but here it is again–name_page.html,,2-2006430215,00.html

Article about the mercury music prize

Portable record Players

The other day i saw this in HMV.

It looked kind of cool and I might get one. It reminded me of these

What a cool name, the Sound Burger! 🙂

and this classic in car player from Philips. Only 45rpm singles mind!

I'd say that doesn't skip.

Having a look around the web there's a surprising array of funky record players available out there. Modern models. They look old but are really a cheap and tacky plastic. Usually anyway.

Like here

and here

Anyone know of any other interesting turntables?? 🙂


Cream – Live at Royal Albert Hall

Warner have recently put out some very high quality reissues on vinyl and we should be thankful for this.

Others in the series include

Donald Fagen’s Morph the cat
Dire Straits’ Brothers in Arms (reissue on two discs)
and the soon to be released Red Hot Chilli Peppers’s Stadium Arcadium

Of these four, three are digital recordings, only Stadium Arcadium being a completely analogue affair. This one, mastered by Steve Hoffman, I am really looking forward to. He also mastered the vinyl of the digital Morph the Cat. I have heard that this sounds excellent.

This Cream set, sumptuosly presented in a box with some bubble wrap inside because they made the box too big, is a three disc set mastered by Stan Ricker. I do think they could have included a booklet with notes or just pictures for this price.

Its digitally recorded and doesn’t sound bad at all. However, like all digital recordings, including Thievery Corporation’s latest the sound does tire me and can grate on my ears. Something a good analogue recording tends not to do.

As for the music? Well, I think perhaps, just perhaps, I am completely the wrong person to review this set and would love someone else to provide an alternate review.

Over the six sides of vinyl I can’t remember how many times I fell asleep. particularly during the extended drum and harmonica solos. The guitar solos I can just about handle.

Anyway, good night!

Thievery Corporation – The Cosmic Game

To quote from the sticker on the front…

The new highly anticipated Thievery Corporation LP containing 16 original compositions including special guest appearances by David Byrne, Perry farrell and the Flaming Lips. A kaleidoscopic swirl of pyschedelia, club, Indian, rock, Brazilian, easy-listening and other worldy influences.

Well I can’t say I was anticipating this release. I had heard previous stuff and was left somewhat cold by it. It didn’t grab my attention.

I really picked this up because of the fact that it was 4 discs cut at 45rpm at a decent price. (27.5 euro and I could have got it cheaper).

It is a great mixture of music. It has all that is mentioned above and more. Its a delight to listen to. And there’s so much to choose from. There is an awful lot going on in each track. track two, ‘Warning shots’, has Sleepy Wonder(whoever he is) rapping over a brilliant musical beat. But in the background we have a mighty Indian vocal being sung by Gunjan. Gunjan again provides a gorgeous female Indian vocal on Satyam Shivam Sundaram backed up by some fine sitar playing.

Amerimacka lets Verny Varela sing over a micture of a nice reggae vibe and a chilled out beat. We go Brazilian for Sol tapado while david Byrne provides his own unique vocal for a more upbeat ‘The heart’s a lonely hunter’. This was a single and may be the track you’ve heard.

This is a fine chill out album and as good as if not better than any of the compilations out there.

For myself though i would like to hear a little more variety in tempo. But that is, perhaps, unfair and Thievery Corporation have succeeded admirably in what they hoped to achieve. A classic blend of musical flavours from around the world presented to you in one easy listening album. Perhaps I should just buy the 12″s with the remixes.

While undoubtedly a digital recording, the sound off these discs is both impressive and immaculate. Bass is excellent. Dynamic range very good and soundstage excellent. It sounds great at any level. I just hate to think of all those DJs around the world getting their greasy fingerprints on these pristine slabs of vinyl.

Juliette Greco – Ses Grandes Chansons

This recording, from the 1960s I believe, is remarkably crisp and clear. The focus is on Juliette Greco with ethe musical arrangments providing the foil for her voice. They stay mainly in the background and leave Juliette to do what French singers do best. Sing us stories while we drink our wine.

Actually, ideally I would be in a late night bar, slumped over a table beside my half bottle of wine, a cigarette dangling from between my fingers.

In fact I haven’t a clue what this girl is singing about but I quite enjoy it. Its all melody rich with plenty of feeling and drama. Currently a flute is soaring away above her voice and its perfect music for having the girlfriend over. It’ll show her how cultured you are.

This is an audiophile reissue but I don’t know from who. It could be directly from Philips.

If you loved the music in Amelie and are looking for a more traditional form of the same, with vocals, this one is for you. Its more easy going than both Brel and Gainsbourg.

Bob Marley – Natty Dread

You must know bob Marley. The man who with the help of a certain Chris Blackwell of Island records, brough Reggae to the masses.

He brought us many excellent records before he succumbed to cancer. And in the style of reggae and the Jamaican sound systems they all have awesome bass.

One of the earlier albums released in the west, Natty Dread is alson one of the best, with songs such as ‘Lively up yourself’, ‘No woman, no cry’. The latter to my ears a far better version than the version more commonly heard and available on legend. Its livelier and somewhat rawer. This record is a worthwhile purchase for these songs alone.

In fact that probably stands for a lot of the music here. as time went on his records became more and more produced. This is in the middle stages and sounds both exciting while having a great sound quality.

The release being reviewd is the one from a couple of years ago and should be still readily available. For much of the 90’s there were only cheap digitally remastered copies available on vinyl. Then they came out with a sticker saying ‘definitive Edition. remastered Original artwork and tracklisting’. These are definitely the editions to get. They sound awesome. Brilliant bass! Brilliant definition and soundstage.

I do have a Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs copy of Catch a Fire which sounds awesome but new cost several times the price and now? Well, who knows?

Get these editions before they are gone!