Warner Bros. Records to Release Two Brand-New Tracks From Built to Spill


Warner Bros. Records to Release Two Brand-New Tracks From Built to Spill on July 10, 2007

Boise, Idaho Quintet on Tour in the U.S. Through September

BURBANK, CA–(Marketwire – June 28, 2007) – Warner Bros. Records will release two reggae-flavored tracks — a brand-new song titled "They Got Away" and a cover of The Gladiators' "Re-Arrange" — from Boise, Idaho quintet BUILT TO SPILL on July 10th. The tracks will be available from online retailers as digital downloads and in stores as a 12"-vinyl single. The single will also be on sale on tour dates after July 10, listed below, while supplies last.

The two tracks — the first new music from BUILT TO SPILL since their 2006 album "You In Reverse" — were recorded last year while the band was on tour in support of the album, which was recently re-released, along with 1997's "Perfect From Now On" and 1999's "Keep It Like A Secret," in limited edition vinyl. Songwriter/guitarist/vocalist Doug Martsch explains that reggae is not necessarily the new direction that BTS is headed. "'They Got Away,' came out of jamming. This one jam just took on a life of its own, it evolved over time. We were reluctant to do a reggae song but we started to really like it. We figured it's a good reggae song, might as well run with it." Doug further explains the recording process of the tracks: "Dave Tromfio (producer/mixer – Wilco, Ok Go) recorded it very stripped down, close to the live versions, no overdubs, only the overdubs of the effects. We just happened to stumble upon a reggae song that we couldn't not do. I want to make sure that people don't think we are becoming a reggae band. We play reggae because we love to play it."


Record companies get aggressive


Record companies get aggressive to sell old-fashioned CDs
by Eric Benderoff
Chicago Tribune (MCT)
28 June 2007
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CHICAGO – When The New Pornographers’ fourth album goes on sale in August, ardent fans will have already streamed the songs on their computers and received extra tracks that won’t be on the album. And some time in the fall, they will own a live recording from the band’s coming tour.

The band’s label, New York’s Matador Records, hopes that an extra dose of songs – some available now and some when the cool weather returns – will help stem the flow of illegal copies of the new album and drum up a bit of extra revenue.

Call it the summer of promotional love for music fans, as record labels step up already aggressive campaigns to lure consumers with unique downloads, bonus videos, special vinyl versions and music that hasn’t been recorded yet.

“The people who go out to the record stores on the first day of a release deserve something extra,” said Paul Cardillo, who handles sales for North Carolina-based Merge Records, whose top-selling artists include Arcade Fire and Spoon. “And for those people who may be interested in a record, you want to give them a reason not to download it illegally.”

It’s no secret music sales are in a deep funk. In 2006, CD shipments fell nearly 13 percent, according to the Recording Industry Association of America, continuing a trend that saw CD shipments decline in five of the last six years. Year-over-year sales for the first quarter of 2007 are down 20 percent, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

So to slow the slide and give music fans a reason to buy, labels are stepping up the promotions for paying customers.

“It’s become more prevalent in the last couple of months,” said Liz Tooley, co-owner of Chicago’s Permanent Records. “Our customers are commenting on these things. `Oh, wow, it comes with free MP3s,’ they’ll say. They may buy the record anyway, but it’s definitely an extra push.”

From big labels like Warner Bros. Records to independents like Chicago’s Touch and Go Records, the programs can be “aggressive, but it makes sense,” said Justin Sinkovich, who handles Touch and Go’s digital distribution. “We want to reward people.”

On June 19, Warner released multiple formats of the White Stripes’ latest album, “Icky Thump.” The CD is priced at $15, vinyl is $30 and two special-edition USB thumb drives are offered for $57.50 each. One thumb drive looks like Jack White, the other Meg White.

Earlier, before the release, the label used an application on social networking Web site Facebook.com that allowed people to stream singles.

“You could hear their new song, then when the video was available, we streamed that,” said Robin Bechtel, head of new media at Warner Bros. On the release date, the “entire album was available through the app.”

The extras for The New Pornographers’ release are considerable.

“We are being very aggressive,” said Patrick Amory, Matador’s general manager. “It seems we have to reinvent our business plan every six months, maybe even with every new release.”

The “Buy Early, Get Now” promotion is offered for $5 on top of the album’s retail price if buyers prepay for the “Challengers” album. The “executive edition” includes a streamed version available now, two months before the Aug. 21 release, and a box set of bonus material: B-sides, alternate mixes, videos, photos and a concert CD titled “Live from the Future.”

In addition to trying to halt piracy, the label is doing the promotion in an effort to take advantage of the publicity a band gets before an album is released.

“At the time we are promoting the record, when the biggest buzz is going on about the record, people can’t buy it,” Amory said. “But they can often download it for free” from an illegal file-sharing site.

Review copies of highly anticipated albums are shipped three months before release to help magazines meet deadlines. At the same time, singles are released to radio stations to create additional buzz.

But this early exposure can come at a steep price: New albums start popping up on illegal file-sharing sites shortly after review copies are distributed.

So, as writers and critics begin to craft stories ahead of the release date and radio stations start playing singles, Matador wants fans to listen to a streamed version of the album, legally, instead of downloading an illegal copy.

But even streams might not be enough, Amory said, and that’s why the promotion for the “Challengers” album is the most aggressive the label has offered to date. Matador hopes to sell 250,000 copies of the album, which Amory called a “very good” figure for an indie label. The group’s 2005 release, “Twin Cinema,” sold 160,000 copies.

So far, it has been effective. More than 1,000 people have prepaid for the executive package of “Challengers,” Amory said.

On July 10, Merge will release Spoon’s “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga.” The first pressing of the CD will come packaged with a bonus disc, available at big-box retailers and independents such as Permanent Records, and the smaller stores also will get a 7-inch vinyl single.

The vinyl version of the record, as with all vinyl copies from Merge and several other labels, includes a coupon to download a free MP3 version of the album.

Touch and Go, which will release a new album from punk favorites the Mekons in August, is preparing “a lot of cool footage,” Sinkovich said, “as part of the bonus material we will be offering to online retailers.”

For brick-and-mortar stores, plans are still in the works, but there will be a lot of emphasis on the packaging. “If people like the music, the goal is to get them to buy it,” he said. “It needs to be worth buying.”


It’s a revolution: Vinyl records once again cool


It's a revolution: Vinyl records once again cool

Published June 25, 2007

Here's one thing the iPhone can't do: spin vinyl.

And while that mobile phone looks like Apple Inc.'s most interesting iPod to date, it will suffer from an ailment that plagues every digital music player — uninspiring sound.

So, in one of the more interesting comebacks in today's world of compressed music files and fingernail-size speakers jammed into your ears, the format of choice during the Reagan administration has become popular again, to a point, for a simple reason: vinyl sounds better.

More specifically, vinyl represents a listening experience. You sit on an easy chair or a comfy couch between two speakers the size of moving boxes, drop the needle on the record and just listen. While listening, you admire the original artwork on the cover, follow along with lyrics printed on the album's sleeve or laugh at the big hair in the compilation of concert pictures decorating the inside gatefold.

That's why millions of people, myself included, became music fans.

Then I got a job, a multidisc CD player and never again thought of getting up every 20 minutes to flip an album over. Today, I could drive from Hollywood, Fla., to Homer, Alaska, listening to my iPod and never hear the same song twice.

Yet that iPod, despite the wonderfully convenient storage that holds a lifetime of shifting musical tastes, has never sounded as rich as the music of my youth. And it never will because in order to fit 20,000 songs on a device smaller than a cigarette pack, compromises were made.

Notably, the song files are severely compressed. Try this test and you will hear what I'm saying: Play a favorite CD on any player — a home system, a portable CD player, your car — then play the same music on an iPod amplified through the same speakers. The iPod will sound like AM radio by comparison.

Yes, Apple's iTunes store now sells some songs at a higher quality, for more money, and you could always load music from a CD onto an iPod at a higher bit rate — bigger file, better quality. Some people do this, but it minimizes the iPod's greatest attribute, storage. Also, I do believe higher-quality headphones make a difference.

Ever since the advent of the compact disc, audiophiles have said vinyl records, with their analog technology, provide warmer, more fulfilling sound. Frankly, to my ear, there wasn't a big enough difference in sound quality to abandon the convenience of the CD.

Now the iPod has made the debate — sound quality versus convenience — moot. More than 100 million iPod-toting people clearly prefer convenience.

But there's a base of consumers besides collectors who want vinyl, and, refreshingly, it's largely today's young adults. The same people supposedly at the forefront of the digital revolution now seek the same listening experience their parents once enjoyed. (Heck, many of these kids were probably conceived with the turntable spinning, which may explain things.)

Unfortunately, industry sales numbers show that shipments of vinyl sales, like CD shipments, are falling, but that hasn't stopped record labels from encouraging young fans to take an interest in better sound and interesting packaging.

There's even a new technology for vinyl, called 180 gram, that is thicker than old records and, according to aficionados, firmly keeps the needle in the grooves and thus improves sound.

Another twist: Vinyl is not cheap. The White Stripes' new album, "Icky Thump," sells for $15 in CD form and $30 in vinyl.

There are two reasons for the higher prices. One, record labels promote vinyl as a collectible, and, two, the new releases and key reissues are often pressed on the thicker vinyl.

My favorite irony and a testament to how ethereal digital music files actually are is that if you buy a new release on vinyl, record labels give you a coupon to download a digital copy of the album for free, thus solving the vexing problem — doable but not convenient — of transferring the music into a digital format for your iPod.

"We don't offer every new release on vinyl, not by a long shot, but we've had more vinyl releases in the last two years" than in recent memory, said Martin Hall, a publicist for Merge Records. And when they do put an album on vinyl, the pressing is not huge, maybe 1,500 copies, depending on the band.

For the Arcade Fire's "Neon Bible" release, Merge offers a vinyl version (with free MP3 coupon) that it says "is double 180-gram audiophile quality with three sides of music and an etching on the fourth side." The cost is $18, $5 more than the CD.

Recognizing that the audiophile market should be cultivated — hey, these people want to buy the music — providing the free MP3 downloads was a no-brainer, Hall said.

"It wasn't like we had a huge marketing meeting," he said. "It was just us sitting around thinking about how to get this music [from vinyl] onto an iPod. We just thought it would be cool to give them the MP3 files if they bought vinyl. So we did it."

If you miss the days of sitting around and listening to music — or maybe you've never tried it without headphones stuck in your ears — give it a spin.

Interesting vinyl can be found at any garage sale or from an independent music retailer.

Heck, you can buy a new turntable, good speakers and a receiver (your basic home stereo setup) for less than an iPhone.

You should hear what you've been missing.


Nick Cave Abbatoir Blues

Seven years ago Nick Cave released Boatman’s Call the record that many saw as the peak of his career so far, a mature masterpiece that eclipsed his previous releases with The Bad Seeds and the youthful chaos of his days in The Birthday Party.
Composed and delivered mostly on piano with subtle backing from his seven piece band it really couldn’t escape the analysis that this was very close to a solo record, the follow up record No More Shall We Part continued this theme of piano led reflective musings but despite a handful of great songs and some nice lyrical twists there was a nagging doubt Cave was heading into a cul de sac musically.
Last years Nocturama saw the reintroduction of some dirt and rock into proceedings courtesy of a more upfront Bad Seeds backing but despite another handful of great moments again it paled in the shadow of Cave’s best and more consistent recordings.

As it turns out these two records now appear essential in Cave refining his craft, as over 17 songs on his thirteenth album he delivers the best music of his career.

Split into two different CD’s the combined 82 minutes of music was recorded at Ferber Studios ( Parisian studio were Nina Simone and Serge Gainsbourg recorded ) using analogue equipment over a ten day period.
The music has a heavy slant towards backing vocals, a gospel type effect that acts as a nice foil to Cave’s own distinct vocals.
This record also features much more of a band feel, the tasteful, effective and deft touches of the Bad Seeds light up the record on a regular basis.

Critically this record has been almost universally acclaimed, notably reviews have extensively quoted and focused on Cave’s lyrics but musically this record holds its own too, memorable tunes are in abundance, as is stylistic variety and only Fable Of The Brown Ape which closes Abattoir Blues veers into more obtuse territory.

Abattoir Blues opens with the most frantic song on show, the stomping Get Ready For Love; a call to arms for religious fervour in secular times, a cacophony of sound meets gospel backing, Cave sounding like a demented preacher watching his ruined church collapse under the apathy and chaos of the modern world.
The clanging mutated and eventual staccato backing of Cannibal’s Hymn is balanced by acoustic guitar and piano, Cave delivers a cautionary plea perhaps borne out of his own earlier indulgencies.
Hiding All Away is one of the key songs in this collection, lyrically it works on several levels, the elusive figure in the song could easily be regarded in subsequent verses as God, the devil or Cave himself, the verses are split by an intense outburst from the Bad Seeds and Cave is echoed vocally by dramatic vocal backing in time honoured call and response fashion until the final coda where there is an anthemic finale which turns the song on its head musically and lyrically.

After that intensity the mood is lightened musically by Messiah Ward, soothing backing vocals and a shuffling beat work well on this piano led number, no less intense lyrically the song laments some modern catastrophe offset by an achingly wistful tune.

There She Goes My Beautiful world reflects on art and it’s motivation and name checks a range of personalities from Johnny Thunders via Karl Marx to Philip Larkin, cunningly it under plays Cave’s own talent with a telling lyric whilst the passionate vocals both lead and backing again mix rock and gospel.

Nature Boy is a more obviously commercial number, it drives along melodically and it reflects on the bitter sweet nature of human existence, as is the case with the rest of the songs there is no small amount of wry humour underpinning the weighty subject matter.The title track follows a beat heavy blues, strong in melody and economic in structure.

Let The Bells Ring is Cave’s tribute to Johnny Cash, an uplifting homage, featuring yet again a superb lyric that is plaintively effective.The first disc closes with The Fable Of The Brown Ape, a strange 2 minutes 45 seconds of dynamic changes from a mournful verse to cataclysmic chorus, a more challenging tale that ultimately fails to meet the standards elsewhere.

The Lyre Of Orpheus in general has slower material although the title track recalls the first disc in its call and response structure, a comic mutation on the Orpheus tale, it features another blues gospel refrain.

Breathless features flute and an exotic Spanish/Brazilian folk beat, another commercial moment that has an excellent chorus, a love song that is a refreshingly effective detour.Babe You Turn Me On, is the centre piece of this record, a beautifully constructed and delivered song that again works on several levels-is the love/lust at the centre of the song an oasis of hope in chaotic times or is it one of the human weaknesses that have created that very chaos?
It’s a lovely song that could just as easily be taken on a literal level as Cave both narrates and sings metaphorical and lyrical twists.

Easy Money keeps the pace slow and the quality high, a sampled effect works well married and blended with acoustic instrumentation.The next track Supernaturally ups the tempo with its hand claps and percussive piano chords, its Hey Ho refrain fracturing the tensioned feel on the verses.Spell has a spookier feel and a more understated refrain with Cave on backing vocals for once and Warren Ellis violin plays against what sounds like a sampled version of itself.Carry Me continues the mood of the preceding track, Cave's vocals echoed by the backing singers until the effect is reversed on the main refrain, it's a nice soulful number that keeps itself in check at just over three minutes.The album closes with O Children, an epic 6 minutes plus that finishes the record in great style, a hopeful end that goes full circle to the opener on Abattoir Blues, a New Testament closer to an Old Testament opener.

In terms of production, the second disc works much better, the quieter material also seems to have more spacious arrangements, the rockier first disc can sound a bit forced at times although the detail is there. For me the music overshadows the actual production and with the size of band and the quick recording it is perhaps no surprise it can sound a bit congested at times. A bit more clarity would have been nice but volume plays a big part with the revival of the Bad Seed sound, it's a slight problem that I can live with.

It's quite easy in terms of modern music to lament the absence of greatness, Cave alludes to and works in the shadows of the greats, this record is in my humble opinion equates to their achievements in a modern sense, it is that good and I defy anyone after half a dozen or so spins of these 17 tracks not to agree.

Its success is down to several factors, Cave has the same foundations and beliefs as the greats but he writes about God and bigger issues in realistic terms, he is the believer with the human flaws and sins, the humour and gritty reality of his writing demystifies him and he writes with a fantastic balance of space and specifics. The effect is space for the listener's imagination to indulge itself and yet it is also full of cleverly observed truths. Several songs could be seen to allude to current conflicts and yet the effect is more powerful and more precise for not dealing with these events specifically.

Cave has became a master craftsman, he's worked hard to fuse stronger tunes with his obvious lyrical talents and has delivered a collection full of energy, wit, fear and love.There is a conviction to his writing that prevents the songs unravelling despite outlandish concepts. His writing has an artistic weight that holds the mundane and epic together.

Finally as with all great records it can be listened to as a set of quality songs that work as escapist entertainment. Nick Cave recently commented that he was so happy with this record that he considered it to be the work of several geniuses and bandmate Mick Harvey stated it was clearly their best record to date.They weren't wrong,my record of the year by a country mile.

© Ben Campbell

Sonically the music is horribly compressed. The package is quite nice. Not a gatefold but picture sleeves throughout and some nice embossing.

Piazzolla – buenos aires- carrefour, per arne, glorvigen

Piazzolla: Buenos Aires – Carrefour, Per Arne Glorvigen (NorthWest Classics NWC 205275) (Stereo-only SACD)

Audio system: Sony ES, Placette, Rogue, Meadowlark, Cardas


Northwest Classics is based in the Netherlands . At present, they have very limited international distribution and availability. Titles can be ordered directly from their website. The service is quick and professional.


Admittedly, I have very little experience upon which to base a judgement of this music or performance. These pieces by Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992) are orchestrated for marimba quartet (including a variety of non-pitched percussion) and the most "Tango" of instruments, the bandoneon (sounds similar to an accordian). The project of orchestrating Piazzolla's music is explained by Carrefour: "Sonority and melody are Carrefour's primary concerns, and therefore as a marimba ensemble we experience music making more intimately connected to the piano or the human voice than only to percussion instruments. For us every possible rhythmic impulse comprises myriad opportunities to play with the subtle and complex colors encapsulated in a single vibration… These ideas perfectly served the music while at the same time shedding new light on these timeless pieces." As someone who until this recording never gave Tango a second thought, I can say that the results are very engaging. Pieces such as " Buenos Aires hor cero," " Soledad ," and "Anxiety (from 5 Tango Sensations)" are intricate and exciting music that move far beyond the newcomer's obvious expectations of "dance music." The sheer range of sounds, the fluidity with which they are integrated, and the particular sonic characteristics of the marimbas make for a distinctive and memorable performance. One interesting thing to note is that this is the first recording a new musical instrument, the "Grubbophone," which is described as having a "sound color between that of a marimba and a double bass, but with a much lower range."


Sonic curiosity was the reason I ordered this SACD, and I was not disappointed. The "Producer's note" got me excited right away: "…The pieces recorded on this SACD have a wide dynamic range from the whispering and barely audible to the loud and brash." Initial caution is advised when setting the playback volume. Basically, the sonics on this SACD qualify it as a true audiophile reference recording. If you are auditioning audio gear, it is one of three or four SACDs you should have with you. The dynamics are absolutely stunning. They are not big swells of sound like one gets with orchestral music, but rather the kind of exhilarating transient dynamics that I would guess are only possible with expertly recorded pitched percussion. The background is absolutely black. In fact, it is actually spooky. Despite the fact that the mechanical sounds of the bandoneon are retained for authenticity (the bandoneon is featured on about half the tracks), the overall sound has an almost eerie quality of emerging out of, and receding back into, nothingness. That said, the recording achieves a very good sense of depth in the few places where the music is given a context of extra-musical sounds, such as the lead-in to " Buenos Aires hora cero." The different sounds blend and integrate in ways that enhance the musical collaboration, and yet retain their distinctive sonic and spatial characters.

Recommended for Tango fans and general music lovers; highly recommended for curious audiophiles.

© Lyle Crawford

Hans Ruckers – the musical legacy – jos van immerseel


Northwest Classics is based in the Netherlands . At present, they have very limited international distribution and availability. Titles can be ordered directly from their website. The service is quick and professional.


Who? If you haven't heard the name Hans Ruckers, you're not alone. Ruckers was not a composer, and none of this music was written by him. He was the Antonio Stradivari of the harpsichord, a master builder whose career in Antwerp began around 1570. The recording is arranged in three sections, each showcasing an instrument built in the Ruckers tradition: a reconstructed 1644 (Andreas) Ruckers harpsichord, a 1747 Dulcken harpsichord, and a 1650 Couchet virginal known to be a faithful copy of an original 1570 Ruckers instrument (a virginal is similar to a harpsichord, but smaller, with its strings oriented sideways). It is probably not going too far to say that the instruments are the stars of this show, and the booklet contains many close-up, schematic, and "portrait" photographs of them. Jos van Immerseel plays them with, in his own words, "a feeling of deep respect and admiration." All this said, the music provides a wonderful opportunity to exhibit the qualities of these instruments. Aside from a Fantasy and Fugue by J. S. Bach, the music here is by relatively obscure composers, some anonymous. Each of the three mini-recitals is well formed and very satisfying on its own terms. Immerseel plays with great care, which comes across as being absorbed in the music rather than reserved or pedantic about it. Highlights include a set of variations on the famous "Folia" melody, and a very moving piece, the longest on the disc, by Armand-Louis Couperin (cuisin of the well known Francois "Le Grand").


If you love the sound of a harpsichord or, especially, if you (think you) hate it, you owe it to yourself to hear this SACD. It is, hands down, the best recording of any of these instruments, and for that matter one of the best recordings of anything at all, I have ever heard. Northwest has taken meticulous care to present a sound that is close and very revealing without being aggressive. There is none of the brittleness or edginess many would associate with harpsichord; the sound is warm, natural and complex. Nor is one left with an impression of rickety or antiquated instruments; the mechanical sounds one hears testify to their intricate workmanship. Each instrument emerges in sound with the kind of individual character revealed in the photographs depicting their exquisite painted and carved ornamentation, or the strip of antique parchment Couchet used to strengthen his soundboard. We hear the range of sounds the two harpsichords can produce, including a wonderful buff-stop on the Ruckers (small leather pads press against each string, giving the instrument a sound like that of a lute). The virginal has an extraordinary sound, strikingly different from either of the harpsichords, which almost calls to mind adjectives like "psychedelic." This SACD is a thrilling and fascinating document, achieving a rare intimacy and transparency.

A wonderful and diverse recital, expertly played. Highly recommended to fans of, or those curious about, Early Music; wildly recommended to audiophiles.

© Lyle Crawford

Nigel North – Go from my window

Having heard international lute superstar Nigel North live in concert twice, I was eager to get a hold of this recording, his latest on Linn, and the first on SA-CD. As North explains in his notes, both the music – there are about 2000 pieces for solo lute from the period – and the instrument “bridge the two worlds of ‘popular' and ‘art' music.” North plays eight and nine course lutes based on 17 th century models (a “course” is a group of, usually, two identical strings that are plucked together, except for the highest notes, which use one string, and the lowest, which use two an octave apart). The repertoire is the music of master lute composer/performer John Dowland (1563-1626) and his contemporaries, some famous, some less famous, and a few anonymous. North has made several recordings of transcriptions for lute, but all of the music here was originally written for the instrument, with the exception of the two pieces by William Byrd, which were transcribed by anonymous Elizabethan lutenists. As the term “ballad” suggests, and as anyone at all familiar with Dowland will probably expect, the pieces are often melancholy, but this is a thoughtful, inventive, and often intricate melancholy that never becomes gloomy. Composers writing ballad variations produced some of the most expansive (over six minutes) pieces for solo lute, and a few of these larger works are performed in this recital, which ends with Dowland's own poignant version of “Go from my Window” and his contrapuntal masterpiece “Loth to Depart.”

I must confess a slight embarrassment at so enjoying pieces with names such as “John, Come Kiss Me Now.” But with few exceptions (I'm not so sure about the second Byrd transcription, “The Woods So Wild”), the music and performances here are deeply satisfying. A musician from the age of seven and a lutenist from the age of fifteen, North has the sort of relaxed command of the technique that can make anyone who hasn't watched his fingers as he plays forget the music's difficulty. The three ballad “couplets” (“My Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home,” “Walsingham,” and “Go From My Window”) are enjoyable and make for interesting comparisons. North sometimes switches instruments between versions, and the second version (by Byrd, Dowland, and Dowland, respectively) seems the more emotionally intense in each case. Throughout, North's tremendous technical skill allows him to convey the structural and emotional sophistication of music that a superficial listening, or a lesser performer, might suggest is merely pleasant.

Sonics (4/5):

As with the other Linn SA-CDs I have heard, this is not the most exciting recorded sound, but it is clean, natural, and neutral. The microphone placement seems appropriately close for a quiet solo instrument. The perspective is focused without making it seem like there is a giant lute in your room. Room acoustics are quite subtle, if that, so it does sound more like the lute is in your room than like you are in its room. There is little audible breathing and only moderate instrument noise, in other words, enough to sound authentic (except one or two minor glitches) without being distracting. Throughout the recording, there is quite low but still discernable noise from the recording equipment. It is nowhere near annoying, but it still falls just short of the perfectly black background that can be achieved, where there is no discernable difference between a recorded natural silence and a signal gap between tracks. Overall, the sonics serve the music and performance very well, allowing the listener to experience the highly nuanced sound of what North tells us was “undoubtedly the most important instrument at all levels of [early 17 th century English] society.” The sonics are evenhanded and unobtrusive, never flinching from the wonderful resonance of the larger instrument to the arresting tones of the lute's surprising fortissimo notes.


Confidently recommended even to those who would not really expect to enjoy an hour of solo Renaissance lute. If your idea of the lute is someone just strumming away while the real action is sung, you owe it to yourself to hear this excellent demonstration of the
instrument's expressive potential, played by a master and captured with very acceptable sonics.

© Lyle Crawford

VINYL – a documentary

VINYL – a documentary about ummm, vinyl! Click below to view the film.

Alan Zweig's absorbing film, Vinyl (2000) is his personal attempt to get to the heart of his pack-rat compulsion. What is it that compels him to search through stacks of vinyl in dark basements, at chessy garage sales and in gloomy Goodwills? With brutal honesty and self deprecating humour, Zweig comes to terms with the fact that his obsession is no longer about his love of music; it's about the need to have.


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Road Records Mailout 28 June 2007

Welcome to this weeks Road Records newsletter.

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Ash-Twilight of the innocents-Ash are now back to their original three piece line up after the departure of second guitarist charlotte hatherley to pursue a solo career, its seems the band have decided to go back to their roots again and do what they do best which is write classic three minute pop rock songs full of catchy singalong choruses, after the metal edged sounds of their last album meltdown the band return to their early sounds and the reason why people loved them in the first place, the album features twelves pieces of classic ash sounds and there aint nothing wrong with a bit of old fashioned consistency, limited edition double vinyl pressing on heavy vinyl and comes in a gatefold sleeve, june 2007-2lp-Infectious-?20.99

Ash-Twilight of the innocents-Ash are now back to their original three piece line up after the departure of second guitarist charlotte hatherley to pursue a solo career, its seems the band have decided to go back to their roots again and do what they do best which is write classic three minute pop rock songs full of catchy singalong choruses, after the metal edged sounds of their last album meltdown the band return to their early sounds and the reason why people loved them in the first place, the album features twelves pieces of classic ash sounds and there aint nothing wrong with a bit of old fashioned consistency, june 2007-Cd-Infectious-?19.99

Atavist and nadja-12012291920-Brand new collaborative project from nadja and atavist on the invada label, nadja are a duo featuring one of our favourite artists aidan baker along with leah buckareff, atavist are a doom based outfit from manchester, the album two lenghty instrumental piece with each band providing one track each, this is probably one of the darkest and most evinl sounding ambient albums you are likely to hear all year round, heavily distorted guitars are slowly plucked and electronically treated to create a totally spaced out ambient sounding take on the likes of sunn o, earth or even boris, at times reminiscent of the recent earth albums blended with the haunting ambient sounds of the likes of gentleman losers or biosphere, june 2007-Cd-Invada-?15.99

Ben and vesper-All this could kill you-This husband and wife collaboration on the sounds familyre label dishes up some really lovely laid back indie pop meets lo fi folk sounds, an album of mellow hushed beauty which brings to mind the slowcore sounds of the likes of the red house painters, its full of acoustic based slow mournful sounds which also manages to retain an element of joy about it, it takes a few listens to fully appreciate it but it is well worth the effort, june 2007-Cd-Sounds familyre-?15.99

Black dice-Roll up-Limited edition two track ep on the paw track label, the ep is limited to only 1000 copies and also comes with a large foldout poster inside the sleeve, the ep features two new tracks roll up and also drool, its nice to black dice getting back to their weird and wonderful style of totally psychedelic electronic sounds, little squelching keyboard sounds almost mimik the sounds of insects and a bass synth that sounds like it was recorded deep underwater, drool on the flip side features something that almost resembles a beat as lots of high pitched oscillator sounds fly around in the mix, as ever with black dice this is something to challenge the way you listen to music, june 2007-12"-Paw tracks-?12.99

Black strobe-Burn your own church-The parisian based electro rock three piece return with one of their heaviest albums to date, straight from the opening guitar heavy instrumental the pace is set for an album that mixes up the heavy live sounds of current depeche mode with the slighly sleazy electro rock of nine inch nails, the album has a really heavy dark heart to it as the band delve into the more gothic tinged sounds of eighties electro synth sounds and throw in lots of live guitars and drums, there are also lots of elements of the sparse experimental sounds of the likes of einsturzende neubauten, the album also features the damn fine single im a man which is a cover of the bo diddley classic, double vinyl pressing, june 2007-2lp-Play louder-?20.99

Black strobe-Burn your own church-The parisian based electro rock three piece return with one of their heaviest albums to date, straight from the opening guitar heavy instrumental the pace is set for an album that mixes up the heavy live sounds of current depeche mode with the slighly sleazy electro rock of nine inch nails, the album has a really heavy dark heart to it as the band delve into the more gothic tinged sounds of eighties electro synth sounds and throw in lots of live guitars and drums, there are also lots of elements of the sparse experimental sounds of the likes of einsturzende neubauten, the album also features the damn fine single im a man which is a cover of the bo diddley classic, june 2007-Cd-Play louder-?18.99

Bonde do role-Office boy remixes-Limited edition pressing collecting four much in demand remixes of the office boy track from their recent album with lazers, features css remix, brodinski remix, architecture in helsinki remix and shir khan remix, june 2007-12"-Domino-?7.50

Boy in static-Violet-The follow up to the newborn album from 2005 from boy in static on the mush label, boy in static is a boston based artist by the name of alexander chen and this is a lovely collection of dreamy hushed pop sounds with lots of influences from the heyday of the creation label along with the sounds of labels like morr music, along with the shoegazing influeces chen throws in some really lovely string arrangements to compliment the layered vocal sounds, chen also very cleverly uses lots of glitchy electronic sound effects and pulsating beats to really fill out the sound, try to imagine slowdive meets fennesz with the strings of spiritualized, really lovely stuff, june 2007-Cd-Mush-?17.50

Boy in static-Violet-The follow up to the newborn album from 2005 from boy in static on the mush label, boy in static is a boston based artist by the name of alexander chen and this is a lovely collection of dreamy hushed pop sounds with lots of influences from the heyday of the creation label along with the sounds of labels like morr music, along with the shoegazing influeces chen throws in some really lovely string arrangements to compliment the layered vocal sounds, chen also very cleverly uses lots of glitchy electronic sound effects and pulsating beats to really fill out the sound, try to imagine slowdive meets fennesz with the strings of spiritualized, really lovely stuff, june 2007-Lp-Mush-?15.50

Bryson, jim-Where the bungalows roam-Jim bryson is a canadian born songwriter and this is his third full length album and his first one for irish label independent records, the album features some lush and also very catchy alt country and country tinged pop sounds, falling somewhere between the catchy sounds of the pernice brothers and the more country sounds of lambchop, the album features some lovely rhodes keyboard sounds and slide guitars perfectly complimenting brysons hushed warm tones, fans of everybody from ryan adams to lambchop to pernice brothers will simply love this, june 2007-Cd-Independent records-?16.99

Chapters-Looking for love-Brand new two track ep from this irish based indie rock outfit, the ep features one of their most rocking tracks to date as the track kicks in like some slighly more indie rock take on the sounds of the kings of leon before launching into an infectiously catchy singalong chorus, also features the much more laid back acoustic based folky sounding track heart of glass, june 2007-Cds-Own label-?2.99

Damiak-Micalavera-The debut album from damiak aka american born electronic sound artist abe dichi on the n5md label, this album really calls to mind the earlier albums by four tet with its rather beautiful blend of boards of canada like lush electronic sounds and some lovely guitar based mellow post rock sounds, glitchy electronic beats merge with subtle meandering guitars and lots of live pianos and violins, dichi throws in little bits of eastern folk into the mix and the end result is a highly rewarding piece of forward thinking electronica, june 2007-Cd-N5md-?16.99

Destroyer-Destroyers rubies-Destroyer is dan bejar from the new pornagraphers, this album was originally released in 2006 on the american based merge label and is now reissued on the rough trade label, the album features a lovely mix of rough lo fi indie pop sounds and rootsy americana and country, try to imagine some skewed lo fi indie take on the sounds of dylan,-Cd-Rough trade-?18.99

Future pilot aka-Terry bina-Very very limited 7 inch only release on the creeping bent label from the reliably bonkers future pilot aka, the ep features a version of the sun ra classic nuclear war on side one along with a short version of tery bina by nusrat fateh ali khan on side two, the tery bina track is also featured on his recent full length album secrets from the clockhouse, the version of nuclear war also features scottish novelist alisdair gray, some of the finest psychedelic pop sounds you will hear since panda bears delightful bros single, june 2007-7"-Creeping bent-?5.50

Giraffe running-Giraffe running-Giraffe running are an irish based instrumental two piece featuring hag on drums and greg barrett on bass, the first cd features five origingal instrumental tracks which were pretty much recorded live in the studio, these tracks were then passed out to several friends and admired musicians with the intention that each artist would either remix the original or add their own ideas to the basic rhythm tracks, the second cd features the resulting 15 tracks and features contributions from mike stevens from groom, ian williams from battles, matthew bolger from the redneck manifesto, bryn cloke from montana pete, united bible studies, eoin dillon from kila, agata from melt banana, rebecca collins, hugh holmes from the waltons, ben jacobs aka max tundra with paul roe and sadie outlaw, miriam ingram, andrew clarke ex member of connect four orchestra, somadrone aka neil o connor from the redneck manifesto, luca from zu and finally king camera aka diarmuid mac diarmada, the double cd comes packaged in a really lovely foldout card envelope with printed inner jackets and huge foldout poster, june 2007-2cd-Learn to love-?19.99

Gorgeous colours-Hunting something-The debut 3 track ep from this irish based outfit released on their own label, the ep features hunting something radio edit, synopsis in c minor and hunting something, some nice kooky indie rock sounds, june 2007-Cds-Own label-?2.99

Happy mondays-Uncle dysfunktional-The happy mondays return with their first new collection in many many years, the album features eleven cuts of classic funk driven sounds with sean ryder back in classic form on vocals, you could say these guys have not moved on their sound since their last album but that aint necessarily a bad thing now is it, the funky beats and basslines are back with a vengence coupled with ryders trademark vocal delivery, june 2007-Cd-Sequel-?19.99

Hatherley, charlotte-Siberia-Limited edition 7 inch pressing on the little sister label from the former guitarist with ash, all copies are numbered, siberia is a really catchy piece of guitar driven alt rock with lots of indie pop thrown in, also features i dont need anyone on the flip side, june 2007-7"-Little sister-?3.99

Heads, the-Dead in the water-A compilation of out takes, lives jams and rehearsal recordings from the heads on the invada label, limited edition vinyl only pressing, these recordings were originally released on cd and were limited to only 100 copies, the tracks were all edited together by vocalist and guitarist simon price and come pressed on double red marble effect vinyl, this is some damn fine space rock meets totally guitar heavy stoner rock, try to imagine a much more stoner rock take on the early sounds of the likes of hawkwind, the album is full of groove heavy bass riffs whilst howling guitar solos take you off on a psychedelic stoner rock journey, try to imagine the likes of kyuss or fu manchu without singing, fans of the recent releases by earthless will simply adore this, june 2007-2lp-Invada-?19.99

Hexstatic-Red laser beam-The fun filled opening track from their new album when robots go bad on the ninja tunes label, the track mixes up big metal edged guitar riffs with pounding big beats, kraftwerk like vocals and some weird sci fi electronica, its pure fun and will be stuck in your head all day after one listen, also features tokyo traffic extended, roll over extended, roll over extended instrumental adn roll over accapella, june 2007-12"-Ninja tunes-?7.99

Higgs, daniel-Atomic yggdrasil tarot-Ever wondered what traditional appalachian folk music would have sounded like if they were all doing acid instead of drinking hooch, well this ex singer with the legendary dischord outfit lungfish is about to answer that question, higgs has taken john faheys experimentations in early twentieth century folk music and just made it more weird, the album features mainly solo works on both guitar or banjo, the totally rustic and almost distorted recording quality add a real feeling of authentic field recordings that the great alan lomax would be proud of, at times you feel you could easily be listening to the hypnotic sitar work of the great ravi shankar on his legendary monterray performance, what at first sounds like a difficult listen turns into one of the most meditative and hypnotic albums i have heard in quite some time, its scratchy and distorted but after one or two listens you dont even notice that and after a while you will be sucked into one of the most original pieces of modern folk music i have heard in ages, probably not to everbodys tastes but if you like your brain to be challenged from time to time then i recommend a listen, june 2007-Lp-Thrill jockey-?16.99

Hot chip-My piano-An exclusive track recorded by hot chip for their new dj kicks compilation, the track is a real uptempo piece of piano led pop music with some obvious hints of dancefloor friendly house sounds, also features dub version on the flip side, june 2007-12"-K7-?8.50

Indian jewelry-Invasive exotics-Originally hailing from austin texas these guys are now resident in los angeles and this new album on the monitor label is a fine example of their live improv sound, sounding at times like some modern take on the pumping drum machine sounds of suicide with the psyche rock leanings of spacemen 3 and the more avant garde synth sounds of throbbing gristle, the process seems to involve a pumping drum machine as the band then throw lots of improvised bass synths and echoing vocals over the mix to create something both abrasive and hypnotic at the same time, june 2007-Cd-Monitor-?17.50

Junior boys-Under the sun 2007 version-A brand new live in the studio version of this track from their first album last exit from 2004 originally, the single is pressed on limited edition etched vinyl, the new version was recorded for their itunes session, its quite a different version too, to begin with its quite a bit longer than the original and then add in some lovely shoegazing like guitar sounds, imagine a blend of hypnotic krautrock and my bloody valentie, june 2007-12"-Domino-?7.50

Lemonheads-The lemonheads-The first new lemonheads material in ten years, the band now features bill stevenson and karl alvarez from the descendents along with long time lemonheads vocalist evan dando, remember all those classic early lemonheads albums where dando took grunge rock off on a slightly rootsy trip, this new collection sounds like dando has decided to go straight back to his roots with an all electric album again and it rocks in all the right places, dando still knows how to write classic guitar heavy grunge pop songs and this certainly wont dissapoint older fans, limited edition vinyl pressing on the hall of records label, june 2007-Lp-Lall of records-?19.99

Lerche, sondre-Phantom punch-Sondre lerche returns with his first album for his new label gronland, the norwegian born songwriter deals up an album of classic indie pop sounds with lots of references to summery seventies american rock, try to imagine a more guitar based version of the likes of phoenix with lots of added rock influences, the album is much more of a band effort compared to his earlier releases, its catchy as hell and full of short punchy rock sounds, limited edition features bonus track europe and the pirate twins, june 2007-Cd-Gronland-?18.99

Mice parade-Mice parade-Adam pierce and his mice parade project returns with a brand new nine track album on the fat cat label, the minimal electronic moments of his earlier albums has pretty much been put away on this new collection as pierce seems to completely concentrate on live instruments, the album calls to mind the almost jazzy post rock noodlings of the likes of tortoise, sea and cake, karate and the later gastr del sol albums, the album features some lovely intricate guitar work from pierce coupled with the perfect tortoise like percussive sounds and a voice to match the great david grubbs, a perfectly mellow piece of post rock songwriting, june 2007-Cd-Fat cat-?14.99

Mundy-Live and confusion [single cd version]-Fifteen track live album taken from his vicar street show, features live versions of rainbow, something good, sound of keys, rescue remedy, raining down arrows, linchpin, love and confusion, by her side, gin and tonic sky, mexico, 10000 miles away, too high, july, to you i bestow and galway girl with guest sharon shannon, june 2007-Cd-Camcor-?16.99

Noise control-Steel-Noise control are a dublin based electronic outfit fusing heavy electro beats with the electro rock sounds of the likes of the prodigy and the big beat sounds of underworld and the chemical brothers, pounding electro beats are met with chunky guitar riff action and a rockin hip hop vocal delivery, the three track ep also features a star little thing remix and bienmusique remix, june 2007-Cds-Own label-?1.99

O connor, mark-Robins egg blues-The debut album from this limerick born songwriter on the irish based label mockery records, the album was written, performed and recorded by o connor in balls of iron studios in limerick, the album features a really blend of my bloody valentines wall of noise guitar sound meets the kind of indie slacker rock of the likes of yo la tengo or guided by voices, then throw in some of the high pitched guitar assault of dinosaur jr, june 2007-Cd-Mockery records-?16.50

Pagoda-Pagoda-Vocalist and guitarist in pagoda is probably best known for his roles in gus van sants last days and bernardo bertoluccis the dreamers, thurston moore from sonic youth heard pitt perform on the nirvana film last days and immediately signed him to his ecstatic peace label, you can see why moore liked the sounds as pitt seems to blend the grunge rock sounds of nirvana with the messy no wave sounds of early sonic youth and the kooky indie rock of the pixies, june 2007-Cd-Ecstatic peace-?16.99

Pelican-City of echoes-The chicago based metal edged post rock outfit return with their third album for the hydra head label, the album blasts off with thunderous bass and drums sounds met with meandering metal edged guitar riff action calling to mind the mighty neurosis meets the likes of isis along with the more meditative elements of the mogwai sound, the songs have become slightly shorter with the longest on this album clocking in at only 7 minutes so the sound is much more precise and to the point, june 2007-Cd-Hydra head-?16.99

Pepe deluxe-Spare time machine-Every time this finnish based outfit release an album you are never quite sure what sound they are aiming for, its been nearly four years since their last full album and its pretty obvious from listening to this album that this outfit have been spending a lot of time steeped in sixties garage rock and early seventies funk rock, the album is full of floor shaking funk rock sounds with lots of sixties psychedelic sounds, imagine yourself locked in a seedy basement club in the late sixties with lots of psychedelic lights and pepe deluxe will provide the soundtrack, it sounds like these guys have actually found a time machine, june 2007-Cd-Catskills-?16.99

Proem-A permanent solution-Richard bailey aka proem has been making some of the finest ambient electronic sounds for many years now and this new collection on the n5md label is yet another excellent collection of crunchy beats and lush electronica, the album is quite reminiscent of the likes of boards of canada, arovane, bola and even the earlier mouse on mars albums, bailey tends to add in some more synth based lush ambient sounds and at times dips into the more dubby sounds of the likes of the orb with the crunchy analog sounds of autechre, june 2007-Cd-N5md-?16.99

Reuben-In nothing we trust-Reuben return with a brand new album and their first to appear on their own label hideous records, this is an album of some really heavy guitar based noise, with references to nu metal, post rock and metal edged post rock these guys have managed to merge together quite a few different influences into something that sounds both catchy and very very heavy at the same time, within the walls of noise i can heard the sounds of the likes of nine inch nails, isis, neurosis, mogwai and the kind of poppy post punk sounds of mclusky, throw in a vocal delivery that any early grunge rock outfit would be proud of, june 2007-Cd-Hideous-?16.99

Rock plaza central-Are we not horses-Canadian based outfit fronted by author chris eaton, this is the second album from rock plaza central and their first for the yep rock label, the album is a blend of alt country sounds, rootsy americana and lo fi indie rock, sounds at times like the meeting of the band with the alt country sounds of early will oldham, there is a lovely rustic raw feel about the album with the majority of the album based around the acoustic sounds of guitars, mandolin, banjo, piano and drums, june 2007-Cd-Yep roc-?16.50

Rooney, paul-Lucy over lancashire-The first solo release from paul rooney since way back in 1999, limited edition one sided red vinyl pressing, the ep features just one 16 minute long track, the ep opens up with some heavy bass led dub reggae sounds blended with the guitar sounds of early post punk calling to mind the early dub experiments of the likes of public image limited, over the top of this the female spoken words of lucy declares the coming of satan as she describes herself as the sprite of the airwaves, a superbly weird piece of dubby post punk, june 2007-12"-Suemi records-?7.50

Schnauss, ulrich-Goodbye-The god of new shoegazing sounds returns at last with the follow up to his truly amazing album a strangely isolated place from 2004, whilst his previously album gave the shoegazing sound a bit of an injection of lush electronica this new one seems to go back a bit as schnauss adds his voice to the mix, imagine the guitar sounds of the cocteau twins blended with the euphoric slow building noise of slowdive and the slightly warped vision of my bloody valentine, there are still plenty of lush electronic beats but this is really all about the building of layers of guitars to create some kind of dreamlike noise, june 2007-Cd-Independiente-?16.99

Schnauss, ulrich-Quicksand memory ep-The one man shoegazing revivalist returns with a limited edition four track ep on the independiente label, the ep opens up with look at the sky remixed rob mcvey who is a member of longview along with schnauss himself, the track features the totally dreamy vocals of sally fuller cook and really does call to mind a modern take on the early sounds of the likes of slowdive and of course the cocteau twins, the ep also features a shorter version of the track medusa from the new album goodbye, the second side features two new remixes of tracks from his previous album a strangely isolated place by cocteau twins manman robin guthrie, this is total nirvana for lovers of the dreamlike sounds of the cocteau twins, slowdive etc, june 2007-12"-Independiente-?7.99

Sebadoh-The freed man-Domino records reissue this totally classic sebadoh album from way back in 1988, the album was almost entirely recorded on old school four track tape and still stands up as one of the finest lo fi indie rock albums of all time in our opinion, the album has now been expanded to include a total of 52 tracks and includes lots of early demos and ep tracks, pressed on heavyweight double vinyl and comes in a gatefold sleeve, june 2007-2lp-Domino-?17.99

Sebadoh-The freed man-Domino records reissue this totally classic sebadoh album from way back in 1988, the album was almost entirely recorded on old school four track tape and still stands up as one of the finest lo fi indie rock albums of all time in our opinion, the album has now been expanded to include a total of 52 tracks and includes lots of early demos and ep tracks, june 2007-Cd-Domino-?18.99

Sunset rubdown-Shut up i am dreaming-Solo album from wolf eyes and frog eyes member spencer krug, ranging from some very strange rootsy rock meets americana to some very mellow piano based pieces sounding like tom waits playing with modest mouse, a diverse and highly intrugueing album, the album was originally released in small quantities on the absolutely kosher label in late 2006 and is now reissued on the rough trade label, june 2007-Cd-Rough trade-?18.99

Things, the-Wild psychotic sounds-Irelands finest exponents of sleazy sixties garage rock return with a 6 track mini album on the big neck label, the ep features i hate you, horror movie, going home, the end, something new and la la la la la, these guys bring to mind all the classic sounds of the sixties garage rock scene along with some lovely sleazy analog keyboard action, imagine if the cramps and the misfits were around during the late sixties garage punk explosion, absolute heaven for all lovers of sleazy sixties guitar rock action, june 2007-Cds-Big neck records-?5.99

Thrushes-Sun come undone-If you needed any proof that the shoegazing sounds of the early nineties are back with us then this new album from this baltimore based four piece is it, these guys most definitely have a great love of the layered guitar wall of sound of my bloody valentine as they throw in some of the more abrasive sounds of the jesus and marychain and then top it off with rocking female vocals, try to imagine a bit of the abrasive riot grrrl sound blended with my bloody valentine and swervedriver, june 2007-Cd-Birdnote-?15.99

Unkle-Burn my shadow [picture disc]-Unkle returns with a new album and the evidence of this first single he has decided to approach his new sound with a much more live band feel to it, kicking in with a riff that the queens of the stoneage would be more than proud of before launching into some kind of infectiously catchy stoner rock meets old school grunge complete with pounding bassline and heavy guitars, the single features guest vocals from ex cult singer ian astbury, also features mistress on the flip side with guest vocalist alice temple, very very limited picture disc pressing, june 2007-7"-All surrender-?4.99

Wiley-Playtime is over-The former member of roll deep returns with a new album on the big dada label and his first album since tredding on thin ice from 2004, this is some real hard hitting and quite dark sounding grime with plenty of dubstep like beats, the album has a real dark almost haunting feel about it right down to the really bass heavy and hard hitting beats, wileys vocal delivery has a real anger about it as he almost spits out the words at rapid fire speed, the truly superb production on the album deserves a quick mention too, double vinyl pressing, june 2007-2lp-Big dada-?20.99

Windmill-Puddle city racing-Windmill is english based artist matthew thomas dillon and this is his first album for the ever reliable melodic label, this is an album of lovely dreamy psyche pop sounds blended with some quirky alt rock leanings comparable to the likes mercury rev or even the flaming lips, the album is full of totally euphoric sounding peppered with lots of lush piano tinkling and some superb string sounds, june 2007-Cd-Melodic-?17.99

Windmill-Puddle city racing-Windmill is english based artist matthew thomas dillon and this is his first album for the ever reliable melodic label, this is an album of lovely dreamy psyche pop sounds blended with some quirky alt rock leanings comparable to the likes mercury rev or even the flaming lips, the album is full of totally euphoric sounding peppered with lots of lush piano tinkling and some superb string sounds, june 2007-Lp-Melodic-?19.99

You say party we say die-Lose all the time-Album number two from you say party we say die and their first for the fierce panda label, this is a much more consistent album compared to their hit the floor album from 2005, the band have now found their sound and the album really benefits from that, this bunch kind of remind me of a modern indie rock take on the fun sounds of the b52s, they have the perfect blend between lo fi indie rock sounds and keyboard led punk funk sounds, as on their first album they really do sound like they enjoy every minute of every song and that truly comes across in the enthusiastic rush their music creates, imagine a blend of the b52s and sleater kinney, june 2007-Cd-Fierce panda-?17.99

Z-Mikabe-Post rock outfit z have risen from the ashes of japanese band there is a light that never goes out and features kei uozu, ayumu nemoto, takahiro yamada and jun nemoto, the band have their roots set in the the post punk sounds of the likes of shellac, jesus lizard, killdozer etc with the added spice of some free jazz sax and flute explosions, its a strange combination that works extremely well i have to say, try to imagine the metronomic sounds of shellac blended with the sharp blasts of sax from the likes of us maple, its intense and highly original stuff, very very limited vinyl pressing on the japanese label catune, comes packaged with a limited edition poster and a live dvd featuring performances from tokyo, the album comes in a heavy card gatefold sleeve too, june 2007-Lp-Catune-?19.99


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Crayon smith-Stay loose-Crayon smith is better known to his friends around dublin as ciaran smith, this is his debut full length album and its a rather superb collection of lo indie rock sounds, its a perfect blend of the slacker rock sounds of pavement and sebadoh crossed with a bit of elliott smith and the funky sounds of early beck, the album is packed with really well crafted songs and lots of fuzzed up guitar explosions, put that all together and you end up with a really catchy and happy sounding record that will have you humming along to long after its over, really really high quality stuff, may 2006-Cd-Own label-?9.99

Field music-She can do what she wants-The third single to be taken from the wonderful album tones of town on the memphis industries label, the track is a real motown sixties tinged piece of indie pop with a pounding drumbeat straight out of those classic motown sessions, also features sit together on the flip side, april 2007-7"-Memphis industries-?3.99

Flannery, mick-Evening train-The debut album from this irish born singer now residing in new york, its a rather fine debut too for a man who has only hit 21 years of age, the album is based around slightly traditional folk sounds with the added spice of a fine gravely voice not too far away from sounding like a cross between nick cave and tom waits, its a highly rewarding almost concept like album as it tells the story of two brothers and mick has managed to hold the whole album together with some highly polished songwriting and fine musicianship, there is not a bad song on this record, this album was originally released on his own label back in 2005, february 2007-Cd-Emi-?17.99

Grinderman-Grinderman-The debut album from a band that are pretty much a stripped down version of nick cave and the bad seeds, those of us longing for the days when mr cave made ugly noisy sleaze rock can rest again as this is some truly awesome back to basics rock sounds harking back to his days with the birthday party or early bad seeds, the band features cave on guitars, warren ellis on violin and guitars, martyn casey on bass adn jim sclavunos on drums, there are no piano ballads in here and its all sleazy swamp rock, comes in a card digipack sleeve, march 2007-Cd-Mute-?21.50

Laub-Deinetwegen-The fifth studio album from laub who feature the very talented antye greie fuchs aka agf and jurgen kuhn, the first thing to hit me when listening to this album is the fact that this pair have obviously been listening to quite a lot of older jazz and blues music, there are lots of sampled slide guitars and jazzy sounds incorporated into their lush mellow electronic beats, imagine a really mellow postal service with sultry jazzy female vocals and the guitars of john lee hooker in the background, really really top quality stuff, may 2007-Cd-Agf producktion-?19.99

Lcd soundsystem-All my friends part one-Another fine single from the most recent album the sound of silver from lcd soundsystem, pressed on limited heavyweight vinyl and comes with a free poster, a piano led piece of laid back pop calling to mind the alt rock sounds of the likes of arcade fire or broken social scene, the single also features the legendary john cale covering the same track, may 2007-7"-Dfa-?1.99

Lcd soundsystem-North american scum-The first single to be lifted from the brand new album the sound of silver, its back to basics heavy bass driven punk funk with lots more guitars in this track than previous offerings but its still as catchy as hell, sounding like some guitar heavy talking heads or dare i say it lcd soundsystem, also features kris menace remix and onastic dub on the flip side, march 2007-12"-Dfa-?4.99

Lcd soundsystem-North american scum-The first single to be lifted from the brand new album the sound of silver, its back to basics heavy bass driven punk funk with lots more guitars in this track than previous offerings but its still as catchy as hell, sounding like some guitar heavy talking heads or dare i say it lcd soundsystem, features hippie priest bum out on the flip side, the single also comes with a free foldout poster and is pressed on heavyweight vinyl, march 2007-7"-Dfa-?2.99

Lcd soundsystem-Sound of silver-Lcd soundsystem return with the first great funk album of the year so far, the album slowly opens up with the ten minute track get innocous and just gets better and better as it goes along, there are moments of the early minimal punk funk sounds of the likes of talking heads along with the pure dancefloor orientated bass driven funk sounds of the tom tom club, there are a lot more lush keyboard sounds on the album this time with some lovely heavy rhodes sounds along with the odd kicking guitar heavy moment like the single north american scum, its been a long time coming but its definitely worth the wait, pressed on double heavyweight vinyl and comes with a giant foldout poster too, march 2007-2lp-Dfa-?22.99

Lcd soundsystem-Tribulations-2 track ep on heavy vinyl, comes with free foldout poster, features tribulations edit and tribulations shallow version which was recorded for the bbc radio one zane lowe show, september 2005-7"-Dfa-?2.99

Mouthus-Follow this house-This new four track collection from mouthus on the important label is like some evil soundtrack to your worst nightmares, kicking off with some evil sounding drone that would easily fit into the closing scene of the texas chainsaw massacre the band then slowly add more and more white noise and digital processing over the top of this, deep bass rumbles just add to the haunting evil sounds as things progress to sound like some slightly more musical take on the likes of merzbow, imagine being attacked by a swarm of chainsaw wielding giant bees, may 2007-Cd-Important records-?17.99

Sigur ros-Ba ba ti ki di do-20 minute mini album featuring music written for merce cunninghams split sides performance, july 2004-12"-Emi-?7.99

Sigur ros-Hoppipolla-Limited 3 track ep, the main track is taken from the most recent album takk, also features med blotnasir along with a new 10 minute version of hafsol which originally appeared on their debut album von, you may know this track if you have seen them recently as they have finished all their shows with it, limited vinyl pressing comes with a free poster, november 2005-12"-Emi-?4.99

Sigur ros-Saeglopur-Limited edtion 12 inch pressing of saeglopur taken from the album takk, a moving and haunting piece of music with clever use of subtle electronic effects, layers of processed guitars and that distinctive voice, also features three brand new tracks refur, o fridur and also kafari, july 2006-12"-Emi-?4.99

Waiting room-Catering for headphones-The debut album from this cork based irish outfit, february 2004-Cd-Out on a limb records-?12.99


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November 1st-The National-The Olympia ?22.00

October 27th-The Brian James Gang-Voodoo Lounge-?16.50

October 13th-Pigeon Detectives-TBMC-?16.45

October 5th-Walter Meego-Crawdaddy-?13.00

October 5th-Reuben-Voodoo Lounge-?16.00

October 5th-Handsome Furs-Whelans-?15.50

September 29th-NoMeansNo-Whelans-?17.00

September 19th-Locusts-Whelans-?16.00

September 7th-Caribou & Windings-Crawdaddy-?17.00

September 6th-Mice Parade-Village-?17.50

August 29th-Eagles of Death Metal-Village-?30.00

August 25th-Damien Rice-Marley Park-?50.20

August 24th-Battles-Tripod-?21.00

August 24th-Yellowman-Village-?27.50

August 24th-Devotchka-Crawdaddy-?16.00

August 20th – Albert Hammond Jr – The Village – ?21.00

August 18th -Slint performing Spiderland – Tripod – ?26.00

August 16th-Fridge-Village-?22.50

August 11th-Dwarves-The Village-?20.00

August 10th-Bill Callaghan-The Village-?22.00

August 8th-Fog-Crawdaddy-?16.00

August 8th-Hayseed Dixie-Tripod-?18.00

August 1st-Of Montreal-Crawdaddy-?13.25

July 29th-Midlands Festival 07-Belvedere House, Mullingar – ?81.00

July 26th-Jose Feliciano-Tripod- ?39.50

July 24th – Buck 65 – The Hub – ?17.00

July 24th-Alabama 3 -Tripod – ?27.00

July 21st-Lovebox (Groove Armada, SFA, The Rapture, Just Jack)-Malahide Castle-?80.50

July 21st-Angus and Julia Stone-Crawdaddy-?15.00

July 19th-Racine-Crawdaddy-?18.00

July 19th-Pharoahe Monch-Tripod-?28.50

July 16th – Wheat – Crawdaddy – ?17.00

July 13th – Israel Vibration – Tripod – ?23.50

July 13th-15th – The State Of Mantua – Willowbrook, Co Roscommon – ?66.50

July 11th – Daniel Johnston – Vicar Street – ?23.50

July 11th-Indie Arie-Tripod-?31.50

July 6th-Tokyo Police Club-The Hub-?15.00

July 6th-Radiators From Outer Space-Voodoo-?17.50

July 5th-Geroge Clinton and Amp Fiddler-Tripod-?40.50

July 5th-Joan As Policewoman-Vicar St(Seated)-?25.50

July 4th-Geroge Clinton and Amp Fiddler-Tripod-?40.50

July 2nd-Papoose-Crawdaddy-?23.50

June 30th – Simple Kid – Crawdaddy – ?13.25

June 30th – Monade – Whelans – ?18.50

June 29th-Nina Nastasia&Jim White-Crawdaddy-?15.00

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