Circuit City to sell Vinyl

Stereomojo Exclusive News!

We have it on solid authority that CIRCUIT CITY will begin stocking LPs in their stores nationwide. LPs have been available on their website for some time, but this development has huge implications in the audiophile world. Vinyl is exploding worldwide. Virtually every LP vendor (Music Direct, Classic Records, etc) reports higher sales than ever. Almost every major music company either is now producing LPs of their newest releases or has plans to do so. Stay tuned!

Thanks to Brandon for the news

Competition Result

Thanks to everyone who entered the competition. Not exactly a flood of entries but certainly some good ones. I'm sorry I can't give you all a  prize but funds are low! 😉

After much deliberation and musing(that's what you're meant to say right?) we have decided to give the award to Blackcrack for his review of Thom Yorke's Eraser. He'll get the voucher for wherever he likes.

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Thanks again everyone


Walls And Bridges

John Lennon's solo catalog was probably the most diverse of all ex-Beatles and easily the most unpredictable. This album I still feel is one of his most underrated of all. Released in 1974 this album provided two hit singles, "Whatever Gets You Through The Night" and "#9 Dream." The other material ranging form hard rockin' "What You Got" to soulful ballads "Bless You" and "Old Dirt Road" and a very personal song "Scared" which if stripped of the horns would fit easily on John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band. But it all makes for a fun listen which what a good album should do. In additon the packaging is fun too with a tri-flap cover, Lennon drawings and a informative and humourous booklet inside. The best pressing of Walls And Bridges I've heard is the UK 2000 EMI Millennium audiophile vinyl release. The vinyl is near dead quiet and the shine of Lennon's production really comes through. There's no CD out there that can match the sonics here and the mastering engineer who went uncredited really knew what he was doing.