Pre orders for Gifts from Enola ‘Full Fathom’ 2xLP/CD begin Sunday at Mylene Sheath

taking pre-orders this Sunday


100 side A/B & side C/D – translucent deep blue/translucent forest green swirl (mailorder only)

– 100 side A/B – translucent swamp green/translucent ice blue swirl, side C/D – translucent orange/translucent reddish brown (tour copies, only available through the band at shows)

– 300 side A/B & side C/D – half translucent swamp green/half opaque navy blue

We'll have several packages available for preorder indulgence including both colors of the vinyl for one discounted price and a vinyl/CD package deal. All preorders will also ship out to you with special From Fathoms stickers and pins and all vinyl orders will include a download coupon for a free download of the albums mp3's directly off our website in conjunction with our good friends at The vinyl will come housed in a super thick, heavyweight 350gsm gatefold jacket with full color illustrated artwork by Three Bears Design (check them out HERE) spanning each of the panels. The CD will also come in a heavyweight 350gsm cardboard gatefold sleeve and include a full color insert. Both the vinyl and the CD jackets will have an upgraded super glossy varnish with spot matte printing accentuating the details of the layout. The album was mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East (Isis, Converge, Caspian, Constants, Torche). We're anticipating a late May/early June delivery =) The album will also be available digitally in June for those of you who aren't into tangible artwork and physical sentiment. The wait is nearing its end, prepare for your minds to explode! Sunday, April 12th, tell your pals =)

Yaqin amps and other stuff

Hello all,


as you might have noticed I haven't been exactly active on recently. For many various reasons which I won't go into here.

But I recently received a Yaqin MS-2A3 amp from Hong Kong and have been quite immersed in music, mainly from my vast collection of black spinning discs. I also hooked up a touch screen digital music interface computer thingy but that sounds shite in comparison so it doesn't get used much. Its really nice to use though 🙂

Perhaps over the Easter weekend I might get a review of the amplifier in and maybe even a few records. I have been sent a few in the post that I really should get around to reviewing. Sorry if you're one of the ones kept waiting.

Oh and if you ever are thinking of sending something in, its far more likely to get areview if its on vinyl rather than on CD.



Here's a nice picture 

yaqin ms-2a3 amplifier