Kino by Vinyl Jam

New effort from Vinyl Jam – sweet, groovy and fragile -analogue all the way. The latest release by Vinyl Jam is a mixture of jazz-rock and funky grooves with a feeling and edgy melodism reminiscent of a "big movie" soundtrack. Nostalgia is mixed here with irony, creating unexpected harmonic turnarounds. Multilevel compositions are all united with a feeling of a live performance. Complimented with fragile and sweet voice of vocalist Antonia Dahlström, there are complex sound textures, exploring all nuances of vintage keyboards and effects. The record is produced in a fully analogue environment with minimum overdubs, following our label's slogan "like in old glorious times". Recorded at VinylJam studio and mixed at Clonework studio. Direct-from-tape mastering was done by Graeme Durham (the Exchange studios, London). Produced by Andre Solomko. Vinyl Jam Records/Bisamedia (BISAM00003).