4AD 180g re-issue of Cocteau Twins LP

On June 29,2010, 4AD re-released the Cocteau Twin’s 1984 LP “Treasure” on 180 Gram Vinyl.  Vinylphiles have been snatching up all sorts of 180 Gram vinyl releases due to the “superior” sound they are supposed to provide.  It also gives vinyl collectors a chance to either refresh their collection with clean new copies of LPs they need to replace or populate their collection with LPs they never owned before. (I wish I had THAT on vinyl…)

As for this particular release, there are some good points and some “not-so-good” points I’ve discovered so far.  First of all, the physical record itself has the traditional weight of a 180 gram vinyl record. The LP is stiff almost like slate and has a weight to it that still takes some getting used to.  The record itself was mostly crackle free but there were a few moments of record noise and even a few over-modulated pops and cracks you’d expect from a much older album. The master tapes must have suffered the effects age because though most of the tracks are faithfully enact, a couple of songs seemed to lack fidelity.

The album art is beautiful presented in a gatefold sleeve. The album’s art is a mixture of muted blues and blacks along with subtle golds printed on a heavy card stock. The only draw back is the cheap glue uses to paste it together. My LP cover started coming apart @ Hogwild Records in San Antonio, TX. By the time I got home, its self-destruction was complete. It’s truly unfortunate to put so much work into a reissue only to have it’s packaging disintegrate in the hands of your fans before you leave the store!

Ironically, the used copy of the original 1983 IRS release of REM’s first EP “Chronic Town” I also picked up seemed to be of better quality. Though the vinyl was thinner and the LP was much older and well handled, It’s fidelity and “clean sound” seemed to dominate the Cocteau re-issue. And, at a fraction of what I paid for the Cocteau Twins, it more than made up for the shortcomings of today’s purchase.

I must state that this is my first 4AD re-issue and I hope it won’t be my last however, I do caution them to “get their act together” as far as the quality of the manufacturing the jacket.  I’m already half-wishing that the next Cocteau Twins 180 gram re-issue be handled by Rhino instead of 4AD.  Even the record store clerk was disappointed in the glue issue.
Props to Hogwild for comping me a record sleeve and plastic dust jacket so that I could keep my new purchase as virgin as possible.

-DJ Dogbone is a filmmaker, teacher and a retro 80’s night club DJ