Top vinyl up for grabs


With some of the rarest and biggest selling records of all time, it is a disc-spinning DJs dream. But this exciting collection of more than 1,000 original seven inch singles is sitting unwanted in a Black Country warehouse.

The amazing collection features some of the greatest hits from the last 50 years, including songs by The Beatles, Slade and the Rolling Stones.

Now staff at recycling centre Recyk, based in Park Village, Wolverhampton, are looking to find a new home for the vinyl.

Andy Barrs, who works at the Wood Street centre, said they were amazed to find the amazing hoard when they were called to clear a house in Penn.

He said: “There’s some really big names in there, including Buddy Holly and the Beach Boys. 

“We’re pretty sure they are all original as well so it must be worth quite a bit. They must have belonged to a DJ at one point because there is a wide range of music in there from the 60s, 70s and the 80s,” he went on to say.

The collection came in on Tuesday to the centre and is now on display for prospective buyers.

Last year Recyk unveiled another music collector’s treasure trove, after they became a practical dumping ground for people’s unwanted vinyl. 

And Andy explained that after the story of more than 2,000 LPs appeared in the Express & Star, a music fan popped in the centre and took the lot.

He said: “We thought there might be a few prospective buyers but one guy came in and said he wanted them all.”

The collection included some of the biggest-selling songs of all time. 

Gems in the collection were Rod Stewart’s classic albums and rare tracks by The Police and Cliff Richard. The hoard had been amassed over the last few months from tips and house clearances. Other fascinating finds at the centre include more than 250 Star Trek videos and dozens of 1960s car manuals.

The money raised from the sale goes back into the company, a community enterprise set up to promote recycling.

Andy said: “We are open to offers from anyone who is interested.”

Among the amazing collection are Michael Jackon’s classic hit Leave Me Alone and soul stars Jackon 5’s Walk Right Now. An original copy of The Monkees’ I’m A Believer EP and several Beach Boys’ classics are also up for grabs.

Andy said: “It really is a DJs dream. There can’t be many people who have a record collection of this size. 

“Whoever gets it is going to be very lucky because there are so many great songs in there. We are expecting a lot of interest as we always get when rare things like this come into us. Who knows, it could even be worth a fortune,” added the worker.

Anyone wanting to get in touch with Recyk should call 01902 863838. 

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