U2 - Wide awake in America

U2 - Wide awake in America

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U2 - Wide awake in America

U2 polarise opinion. While they're one of the largest bands in the world people seem to either love or hate their music.

Audiophiles on the other hand seem to universally deride their albums. They all sound awful.

Well this mini album of four songs(there was a withdrawn release with an extra track) is probably the best sound you're going to get from a U2 record. Rushed out in the aftermath of U2's legendary appearance at Live Aid, it has two live tracks and two outtakes from around the time of the Unforgettable fire, a record which incidentally appeared as a Mobile Fidelity release.

The two live tracks are Bad and 'A sort of homecoming' which are even more epic than their album counterparts and sound great to these ears. The Edge's guitar as always soars out across err Birmingham and Wembley in London. Not exactly America.

A sort of homecoming particularly is sung with passion and is worth the price of admission alone.

Flip over to side two and we get two b-sides, 'Three sunrises' and ' 'love comes tumbling'.

The former(production helped by Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois) is typical U2, impassioned vocals, piercing guitar licks and a steady drumbeat. As good as anything on 'The Unforgettable Fire'.

'Love comes tumbling' is better. A slow song, filled with menace, as love disappears, leaving Bono on his own waving a lighter in the air in a darkened stadium.

Sound quality is good, probably better on the live tracks and pressing is not bad at all.

My gavourite U2 record.

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U2 - Wide awake in America

Its a mini album. 4 songs. You shouldn't have to pay full price.

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