Dead can dance - Into the Labyrinth

Dead can dance - Into the Labyrinth

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Although they'd been around for more than a decade Into the labyrinth became and still is the best selling album by the Dead can dance.A million seller in the US it was also the best selling album of label 4ad (who also had the 
pixies on their roster). Into the labyrinth crystalised the blend of folk from around the world, that

 now sits so comfortably on many a film score. Lisa Gerrard has gone to see much acclaim for her film scores for the likes of Gladiator and Whale Rider. In Dead can dance her tracks are nicely compemented by the more song led and english lyrics(not to mention more western style music) of Brendan Perry. The two do collaborate across all tracks though and have a host of excellent musicians backing them up.

Not only is the choice of music often inspired but the muscianship is first rate and the sound quality is stunningly impressive. That statement holds not only for their studio releases but also for their concerts, in person and recorded.

WHat they do lack is a certain spontanaeity or affinity with their audience. Lisa Gerrard in particular seems more like an automatic performer than an entertainer or human being. Brendan Perry can however establish a rapport with his audience and on record actually sings with more feeling. This despite the ethereal echo and effects that continually surround him.

But this or one of their later albums(Toward the within or Spiritchaser) is an essential purchase. Not only will it impress your friends when they call but it will impress yourself each and every time you put it on.

Variously we have tunes from or inspired by Persia, Africa(I know its a continent), Ireland. Highlights are Yulunga which open the album and also opens the film Baraka. The carnival is
over is a classic song from Brendan Perry.

In general an otherworldly musical experience, haunting vocals from both, striking instrumental sounds, like rattlesnakes and varied wonderful natural percussion.

The album was recorded in a church and as mentioned sounds stunning. Packaging and vinyl are, as always from 4ad, most appealing. The covers look and feel gorgeous. Slightly matt paper with striking artwork. Inner picture sleeves with lyrics. Vinyl is heavy and beautifully pressed, an hour of music spread across four sides of vinyl.

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Dead can dance - Into the Labyrinth

Spirit dance.

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