James Michener's Favorite Music of Hawaii

James Michener's Favorite Music of Hawaii

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Back in the late 50's and early 60's RCA Living Stereo were the ultimate in sound quality for the new stereo technology and represent as much a showcase for the new technology as for the music contained within.

For this release in 1959, the author, James Michener chose a selection of songs native to Hawaii. So what we get is quite a rag tag mix of music, from percussion led pieces to ballads by both choirs and soloists, male and female. It's a nice varied collection and although the choirs in particular can sound a bit muddied the close miked soloists and percussion sound very agreeable to these ears. Its warm, impressive enough, and a joy to listen to.

Many of the classical Living Stero items are very highly sought after and have been re-releaesed by audiophile labels on both vinyl and sacd. I haven't yet seen this title though.

Packaging is exemplary and the vinyl presssing itself impeccable although age has taken its toll slightly.

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James Michener\'s Favorite Music of Hawaii

Quirky and fun.

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