Mario Lanza- You do something to me

Mario Lanza- You do something to me

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You're as likely yo see Mario Lanza on the television as hear him on the radio. His appealing looks and delightful voice made him a popular movie star and he starred in many films which were also a showcase for his undeniable talent. He was a highly popular tenor who sang a veriety of highly romatic songs.

Often adapted from the classical repertoire with added lyrics, the names of Bizet, Verdi and Rimsky-Korsakov appear on this record alongside themore contemporary names of Porter and Hooker-Friml. Nothing sounds too different or out of place and this is certainly a record to woo any girl.

To quote the sleevenotes

'"All my life I liked fun." Mario Lanza once exulted. "I'm young and alive". I like people with heart. Even today when people get gloomy around me, I swear in high C and say, 'Let's get're fracturing me with this misery!'"

With this typically Roman candle explosion, Mario Lanza has succintly expressed the basic characteristics which have been a propelling force behind his phenomenal ascendance in the world of music'

Sound quality is mono and somewhat historical, but the music itself is highly enjoyable. Your mum will love it and you should too. I daresay your wife or girlfriend will also thank you for it.

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Mario Lanza - You do something to me

So romantic

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