Vinyl as investment  


Old vinyl records are rapidly emerging as a high yielding alternative investment, it has been reported.

According to Stephen Maycock, a specialist in rock and roll memorabilia affiliated to Bonhams auction house, during the "past few years some records have soared tenfold in value, but when first released they could have been picked up for pennies".

Among the records which command high prices are early or rare releases from British rock giants such as The Rolling Stones, The Who, Pink Floyd, The Smiths and The Beatles, whose seven inch single recorded as The Quarrymen 'That'll be the Day' can fetch up to £100,000.

Also commanding high prices are soul singles, such as a first pressing of Frank Wilson's 'Do I Love You?', which was last sold for £15,000.

Mr Maycock told the Telegraph: "The Beatles are the giants for collectors as they hold universal appeal, but there are still plenty more which can prove to be great investments."

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