Because Sound Matters Update : 23052008

Lots of current vinyl has been added to including the first copies off the presses of Foxboro Hottubs' killer garage inspired romp, Stop Drop And Roll !!!
By now you probably know this outfit contains members of Green Day ripping it up late night and capturing it all on a 1/4" 8 track recorder. Glorious Rock-n-Roll I tell ya, dig the awesome art too. Play it loud!!!  Standard weight LP + CD. Hey, we also have the out of print "Mother Mary" 7 inch single. Get em' while we got em' in stock.

Stop Drop and Roll- $18.98
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Mother Mary- $4.98
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Speaking of 7 inchers, we also have out of print copies of Built To Spill "Don't Try/The Source" plus we are about to add a bunch of recent singles to the store. We are even thinking of exclusives over the coming weeks… maybe a singles club is in order once again, hey we could call it the 50th Anniversary Loss Leaders Club or something cool like that.
Don't Try/ The Source- $4.98

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The first two Metallica reissues are in the store now, we have a fancy splash page with all the details. We are working on  Master Of Puppets, …And Justice For All  and Metallica now to be out over the summer.

Metallica: Kill 'Em All- $29.98
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Metallica: Ride the Lightning- $29.98
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Madonna and Justin "4 Minutes" remixes  on 12 inch is out now.

Madonna and Justin "4 Minutes"
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More News:

Mudcrutch vinyl + Audiophile CD will be popping up in by the 3rd week of June. That is an amazing sounding record, hence the audiophile CD we are including. We will also be posting a great interview with Co-Producer Ryan Ulyate who explains the recording process and how it came to be… the debut record of Mudcrutch 30 years later.

ZZ Top "Fandango" is almost out, for real. Pressing this week… Rickie Lee Jones, James Taylor "Mud Slide Slim" and other catalog arriving soon.

Please check out the store often, it has been a long process but now I have help to keep all our records current, do exclusives, have up to date info, a blog that anyone can post to and over the coming couple of months a whole new design. Thanks for you support and buy lots of vinyl!!!!!!!!!



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