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Well I've been fairly busy in the last few days. buying records I mean.

Lykke Li

 Lykke Li finally arrived in the post. This cutest little Swedish pop star put on a gig here during the week. Second time I saw her. I preferred the first time. Itsounds like she'd been playing the gig for too long now. Time to get working on that second album. The first and only one is not as infectious as her live act but is enjoyable neverthless. Expect great things from her in the future. The vinyl edition seems to be only available in Sweden.

 panda bear

I picked up the Panda Bear album because it had a sticker on it proclaiming it as the best pitchfork album from 2007. I'm not quite sure what to think. Its rather hard to pigeonhole, well imprssible to pigeonhole. There are elements from all over the musical world which I love. No song has grabbed me by the scruff of the neck yet though. Panda Bear(if that is indeed his real name) is a member from Animal Collective. Who coincidentally get a five star review in Uncut for their latest album, which may or may not be out before 2009. Something to look forward to then


I also got the new Shearwater album which is beautifully presented and packaged by the ever wonderful Matador label. Strangely enough when I popped it on the turntable it was  lot quieter than that band of desert nomads, Tinariwen who have eventually managed to get their album out on vinyl, a mere two years after the cd version. Worth the wait? I'm not sure yet. Hopefully I'll get around to reviewing it in a few days. They're on Independiente, the label set up by the ex St. Etienne member. Was it Bob Stanley? Anyway, the Shearwater album is incredible. One of the best releases this year for sure. Elements extremely evocative of latterday Talk Talk whom I know you adore.


 Little honey from Lucinda Williams. Generally the more I hear of Lucinda themore I like. Her thick accent(Is that Texan?) and world weary style of singing might be difficult for some people but she appeals to me. This newest album is meant to be her most upbeat. Isn't love wonderful?  The first thinkg I noticed is the sh** packaging and the flimsiest vinyl I've seen since the 80s. No I haven't tried to bend it all the way so the edges touch each other like a sandwich.

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