Cream - Live at Royal Albert Hall

Cream - Live at Royal Albert Hall

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Cream - Live at Royal Albert Hall

Warner have recently put out some very high quality reissues on vinyl and we should be thankful for this.

Others in the series include

Donald Fagen's Morph the cat
Dire Straits' Brothers in Arms (reissue on two discs)
and the soon to be released Red Hot Chilli Peppers's Stadium Arcadium

Of these four, three are digital recordings, only Stadium Arcadium being a completely analogue affair. This one, mastered by Steve Hoffman, I am really looking forward to. He also mastered the vinyl of the digital Morph the Cat. I have heard that this sounds excellent.

This Cream set, sumptuosly presented in a box with some bubble wrap inside because they made the box too big, is a three disc set mastered by Stan Ricker. I do think they could have included a booklet with notes or just pictures for this price.

Its digitally recorded and doesn't sound bad at all. However, like all digital recordings, including Thievery Corporation's latest the sound does tire me and can grate on my ears. Something a good analogue recording tends not to do.

As for the music? Well, I think perhaps, just perhaps, I am completely the wrong person to review this set and would love someone else to provide an alternate review.

Over the six sides of vinyl I can't remember how many times I fell asleep. particularly during the extended drum and harmonica solos. The guitar solos I can just about handle.

Anyway, good night!

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Cream - Royal Albert Hall

Now if only i could find a way to hang it on my wall.

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