Lull before Christmas

Well I haven't been up to much musically recently, apart from rearranging sections of my vinyl collection to tidy it up and make a little more sense. I now have a folk cum blues cum gospel section. I'm not sure how much sense that makes but it'll do for now. 

 As for recent buys err, not many if any. I did receive a Lykke Li 7" in the post but that was ordered at the same time as the album a few weeks ago. An album I haven't listened to very much since.

I do want to get Vampire Weekend when

A) I have the cash

B) I see it in a shop

 I've just opened up a shop selling computer supplies in the heart of Dublin. I figured that the start of a recession was a great time to setup a new business. Anwyay the upshot is that I'm broke and I won't be spending $300 on that new Miles Davis box set. Crazy prize. Seems like a bit of a ripoff to me. Do you not get a bulk discount when buying that many record in a box??

 Currently listening to


MGMT – Nice quirky pop from Brooklyn. 

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