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Tyler wrote:

Thanks. Here are a few quick questions:

Can you give me a little bit of history on VinylFanatics, how it started, what the goal is, etc?

Really wanted to get an active community based around vinyl and the love of high quality analogue sound. Was interested in putting the technical framework together that would allow music lovers from all over the world to share their love and knowledge of vinyl. I don't consider myself such a great writer or reviewer so figured I would help others who are better at tyhat than me.
It started sometime in 2006 I think. Its hard to get people to contribute though 🙂

Why did you start the website?

When you meet other people who are into vinyl, what is the thing that people talk about most that makes them really love the format?

Different things for different people.
For me mainly the sound and the amazement that such a simple and old technology can produce such great results. I'm a music lover but also a collector.
Others are interested in the large and quality artwork.
Or the nostalgia factor. Or the same reason that people collect antiques.
Rarity and uniqueness factor, particularly of new releases and coloured or picture discs.
Strangely there is this vinyl revival going on and many people claim to hear the 'superior' sound on quite shitty turntables. You have to have a semi-decent record deck to really hear that great sound.

How important do you think the physical connection is in the continued popularity of vinyl?

Extremely. As downloading has become more and more popular its strange but understandable that the most obviously physical format of all, vinyl, has made a mini resurgence. As if people buying it are making a statement, 'I want to feel and experience my music and ritualise my music listening.' So much digitally consumed music today is background music. Free and secondary in importance to all other activities.

Do you think vinyl is a niche or novelty type of item?

Both to different people. There are people who are extremely passionate about music and about vinyl. But currently there are a lot of people that hear about this quirky revival of an anachronistic technology from the past, think its cute and indulge. The former will keep buying records. I fear the latter will just be a phase.

Personally, what do you enjoy most about the vinyl format?

The smooth full sound

When did you first realize you had such a passion for records?

I used to buy cassettes in the 80s and early 90s, then started a small collection of cds. Then around 93-95, after reading various hifi magazines I started collecting records. I was a teenager then.

How do you feel about other formats (CD, MP3, Cassette, etc)?

No interest in cassettes now, although its interesting that they're also making a mini comeback. CDs are wonderfully versatile with pretty good sound. I listen to cds in the car.  MP3s I like the idea of but the sound quality usually rules them out for me. Vinyl listening is a real indulgent time consuming activity with wonderful payback. CDs Vs vinyl is like the difference between a big mac meal and a gourmet french restaurant. Or Hershey's/Cadbury's chocolate vs. Lindt Swiss chocolate.

Sorry about the delay in replying 🙂


Tyler Hakes
aboveGround Magazine
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Sure Tyler. Go ahead!

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Hello, my name is Tyler Hakes and I'm the founder of an independent hip hop publication called aboveGround Magazine. I'm working on an article about the up-swing in vinyl sales and looking for a couple of different perspectives on it. I'm wondering if I could ask you a few questions about your involvement in the vinyl movement and your personal opinions on the format itself.

I would appreciate any help you could offer. Thanks.

Tyler Hakes
aboveGround Magazine
M: 319.241.9302

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