Super vinyl or Stupid Vinyl

Monitor Vinyl, a subsidiary of Monitor Audio have released a box set of Pavarotti Music.


It comes with three vinyl LPs, cds and Blu-Rays. At the stupendous price of £300!! Is this just a crazy price that none of us will buy? Or is there enough demand out there for ultra premium product? The Vinyl Factory are reliant on the same rich customer base.

The website is down but you can read about it here,

Pavarotti vinyl

This superb limited edition collection, remastered for heavyweight vinyl, CD and Blu-Ray, will provide the definitive record of the maestro’s finest performances for Pavarotti devotees as well as distant admirers. It’s the first of our Monitor Audio Masters series of luxury box-sets to be offered through, where customers can explore the make-up of each set, sample the music and video on offer and measure the quality of each colleciton. A great gift for music lovers, and only a click away…

Visit Monitorvinyl to discover more.

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