The Sound From A Vinyl Record

The Sound From A Vinyl Record

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The Sound of Music we get from a vinyl record is utterly amazing.  To think that one can get hours of enjoyment from a small round vinyl disk.  It’s made me wonder just how it all works.  So I looked into it more.

The first record made and played was on November 20, 1877, by Thomas Edison.  Knowing how sound works, and a thorough understanding of science, he was able to accomplish recording sounds and playing it back .

How The Sound Comes Out of A Vinyl Record

We play vinyl records without giving it much thought.  But it really is astonishing how the sound gets to our ears.  We put a record on the record player, place the needle on it and tada, you hear your song.  How it really works is that needle attaches to a cartridge which is an amplifier going into your stereo system.  What happens is the groves in the record vibrate the needle.  The vibration in the needle causes electrical changes that represents sound waves which are later converted into analog and going through your amplifier into speakers coming out of speakers which vibrate according to what electrical impulses are sent from the needle off of the record.  It’s all electrical impulses. We have reffered to records as 33’s or 45’s, but do we know why they are called that?  That is the rotational speed at which the record is played back.  When the grooves spin faster you can put more information on them.  It has been thought vinyl records sound better than a cd.

How We Hear Sound From A Vinyl Record

The human eardrum is a stretched membrane, like the skin of a drum.  When the sound waves hit your eardrum, it vibrates and the brain interprets these vibrations as sound.  After the vibrations hit your eardrum, a chain reaction is set off.  Your eardrum, sends the vibrations to the three smallest bones in your body.  These three bones work together to send your brain these messages through the auditory nerve.  Your brain translates all that and tells you what you are hearing, the music.

One thing you will need to keep hearing all that great music is a record washer.  A clean record will not only sound better, but it will last longer as well.  Permanent damage to the vinyl can be caused by repeatedly playing a soiled record.  Spin Clean Record Washer does a fantastic job cleaning vinyl records.  Watch the video to see the record washer in action.

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