Best Starter Turntables

Best Starter Turntables


Interested in vinyl? Thinking of buying your first or maybe a new basic turntable? Here are some of teh cheaper turntables that we would recommend. We here at believe you should stay away from the funky but non-hifi tables like USB ones from Numark or retro style like Crosley. The following turntables may seem basic but concentrate their money and effort on where it matters, the sound! Of course you will probably get a bargain 2nd hand but if you don’t want to take the chance on that all the following tables should be available new.



Classic British turntable with excellent sound. Comes with a great starter cartridge in the Ortofon OM5e and the homegrown RB100 tonearm.

The Rega P1

Ever proud of it’s reputation as a defender of high quality sounds at great prices, Rega is delighted to announce it’s new progeny, the P1 turntable.

The first new addition to the Planar range of turntables for some time, we hope you’ll agree it’s worth the wait.

Featuring a completely new tonearm the RB100, this entry-level model comes ready-fitted with a cartridge, proving once more that you don’t need loads of dosh to afford a cracking record player.

For over 30 years, Rega has been the first name on everyone’s lips when it comes to turntables. With the new P1, Rega quality is now available at the lowest price ever.

The completely British-made P1 features:

· brand new Rega RB100 tonearm; 

· high quality main bearing, sub-platter assembly and stabilised MDF platter for excellent speed stability;

· Ortofon OM5e moving magnet cartridge;

· Rega sound quality at an unrivalled price.

To find your local stockist please click here… please note that the P1 is not available in some markets.

Coloured turntable mats
It is now possible to customise the look of your Rega turntable using a variety of new coloured mats, click here… for information


Project Debut

Great value deck built in the Czech republic but designed in Britain.

Debut: click to enlarge
Debut: click to enlarge Debut: click to enlarge Debut: click to enlarge Debut: click to enlarge Debut: click to enlarge Debut: click to enlarge

open page Specifications PDF Productinfo [pdf, 73 KB] PDF User Manual [pdf, 172 KB]

No other analogue hi-fi product was more often honoured to be a real “Best Buy” than the Pro-Ject Debut III. A real bargain with outstanding sound quality!




Manual turntable with 8,6″ tone-arm



• Plinth out of MDF in matt black or with glossy black, glossy white, silver, red, blue and green surface

• 1,3 kg balanced steel platter with felt mat

• Bearing Block 3: Low-tolerance chrome-plated stainless-steel axle runs on a polished ball bearing in a brass bearing housing

• Motor decoupled to reduce vibration

• Special, resonance damping feets


Tonearm 8.6 D

• 8.6″ tone-arm with aluminum headshell made aout of one piece

• Inverted tonearm bearing comprises inverted hardened stainlesssteel points and sapphire thrust-pads

• Single-screw fi xing of armtube allows rotation for easy adjustment of needle azimuth despite fi xed headshell

• Silicon damped tone-armlift



• Ortofon OM5e


Technics 1200

This may seem like a strange choice. This deck has been around for donkeys’ years and has served as the mainstay of all fashionable DJs. Millions have been sold and its built like a tank. Many hi-fi enthusiasts swear by this deck but normally change the arm for a proper tonearm and cartridge first. You may get a bargain 2nd hand. Unlike the previous belt-driven decks this deck is driven directly from the motor like the classic Garrards. This offers better stability at the expense of possible rumble from the motor.

analog turntables
digital turntable
SL-1200MK2/SL-1200MK2PK introduction features specs

Vibration Resistant Construction
Ultra-Low-Speed Motor /Super-High Torque
Quartz Locked Pitch Adjustment
Total Direct-Drive Accuracy

Vibration Resistant Construction
A die-cast aluminum body, heavy rubber base, and a lack of unnecessary components or empty space allow the 1200MK2 to absorb unwanted vibrations that could otherwise interfere with the sound.

Ultra-Low-Speed Motor / Super-High Torque
The 1200MK2’s ultra-low-speed motor and high torque (1.5kg/cm) allow for super quick start-ups (0.7 sec) and stops.

Quartz Locked Pitch Adjustment
Allows for accurate quartz-locked pitch adjustments throughout its 16 percent (+/-8) range.

Total Direct-Drive Accuracy
Instead of just spinning the platter, the classic Technics Direct-Drive system actually incorporates it into the motor, reducing the number of parts that can malfunction and making consistent, accurate speeds possible. It’s a system that has been providing fast start-up times and unequalled responsiveness for over thirty years. Wow & flutter 0.01% WRMS,, rumble -78dB.




Denon DP300F

A decent basic turntable from a classic Hi-Fi Brand


Fully Automatic Analog Turntable

MSRP $329.00

The DP-300F has been designed with heavier base construction for reduced vibration and performance.  The all new tonearm has a removable headshell making cartridge replacement simple.  The standard mount headshell allows for any standard mount cartridge between 5 ~ 10 grams to be mounted and balanced.  The automatic startup feature allows the turntable to begin play with the touch of a button, and once play has been completed, the tonearm will be returned to the armrest gently so that the stylus and record are not damaged or scratched.  The turntable is made of rigid diecast aluminum to produce uniform rotation for smooth flutter free operation.  There is also a manual lifter mechanism that allows you to place the needle on the record wherever you want, so you can skip to a different song in the middle of a side.

The DP-300F includes a built-in phono equalizer to connect the player to an integrated amp or receiver that does not have its own phono input. This turntable is powered by a DC servo motor and belt drive system and has rotation speeds of 33 1/3 or 45 rpm.  It comes with a MM cartridge so that you can begin to enjoy your analog record collection as soon as you connect the DP-300F to your home hi-fi system.


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