180 Gram Records announces the release of Johnny Cash and Jimmy Buffet

180 Gram Records announces the release of Johnny Cash and Jimmy Buffet on 180-gram vinyl, available for a limited time through Kickstarter.com. This music project with Kickstarter involves all 7-LPs from Johnny Cash’s early work for Sun Records, and two of Jimmy Buffett’s earliest albums from Barnaby Records.

Each collection will be created in the best audiophile format available today: 180-gram virgin vinyl. 180-gram vinyl is a premium format chosen by audiophiles for its warm, rich tones, increased durability after many playbacks, and exceptional audio reproduction. In addition, 180 Gram Records will be using all original artwork and masters for the production of both artists’ works.

180 Gram Records’ Mark Carter says, “Our goal is simple: to honor and commemorate the artistry of the amazing performers and musicians who have contributed to our rich heritage of popular music, by re-releasing their albums in the best audio format available.” This will be the first re-release of either group of works, in vinyl, since their initial pressings. Kevin Gray of Cohearant Audio will master each collection, with the manufacturing support of Chad Kassem at Acoustic Sounds/Quality Record Pressings.

Supporters of this project will be helping to restore the music and art of these never-re-released LPs, support the continuing growth and restoration of vinyl records, and promote great music to all generations of listeners. Pledges can be as little or as much as they choose and each supporter will receive any or all of these albums, depending on the amount of donation.

Multiple pledge packages are available, each with a thank you gift to the donator. Choose from bronze, silver, gold, platinum or double platinum packages or make a donation of your own chosen amount. There is a deadline for this project so time is essential.

180 Gram Records is a premier producer and distributor of collectible vinyl records from best selling music artists and other limited-run collectible merchandise. They offer select and expertly crafted items to satisfy the demands of collectors, music enthusiasts, and fans alike. For additional information about either collection or about 180 Gram Records, please visit their web site at http://www.180gramrecords.com.

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