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So for the past couple of years every so often I've heard the Razorlight name mentioned on the radio. I've always been interested in the songs. 'The girl with the golden touch', 'In the morning' and 'America'. Last weekend I went out and bought their two albums. The first has 'Girl' and the second has the other two songs.

They're quite poppy while being a typical male indie band and they're from Britain. The sound is generally vintage rock 'n roll. They're not exactly original but every song is full of memorable riffs and choruses. Here I'm reviewing the second album and I've been playing it consistently for four days now. While there are some tracks that stand out none of them stand out for the wrong reasons. I really enjoy all of them.

'In the morning' has singer Johnny Borrell singing over what seems like the music from 'The magnificent 7' by the Clash. His voice, incidentally, has great swagger and with his singing and his whooping is simply a joy to listen to.

'America' is almost ballad like. There's no lyric sheet included so I haven't analysed them but it sounds like a love song to the country, bioth through tone and words. I find it touching.

They include a song called 'Pop song 2006'. This may be an intention of irony but really they are more a pop band. This was only reinforced by the 45 year old mother who bought her razorlight cd in front of me at the queue at Tesco the other day.

They end up with another allusion to America in 'Las Angeles Waltz'. Its another slow one but of course it gives us a chance to see along to the chorus.

In general then, they're an upbeat band and a pleasure to listen to. You won't be challenged but you will be entertained. And they'd definitely get the nod for desert island disc ahead of say, Scott walker's 'The Drift'.

Soundwise its a terrible disappointment. While the vinyl pressing is fine the whole things sounds horribly compressed and loud. However I do really like the music. I'd love to hear a Steve Hoffman mastered version of this.

Gatefold and inner sleeve. Inner gatefold has a picture of a very very messy studio.

PS : The wikipedia entry is interesting. They are repeated accusations of unoriginality and stealing. I'm not surprised but I don't mind. It also seems to suggest that they're a band you'll either love or hate. If you like the singles you'll like the album.

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Razorlight - razorlight

My God, what did they do to the sound?

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