Record Store Day (RSD) 2015

Record Store Day


So Record Store Day is nearly upon us, Saturday 18th April. There appear to be over 650 RSD related issues this year. Mainly reissues, most on coloured vinyl.

Our local Tower Records said they won’t be getting the US releases this year and only the UK ones. If this hold true both ways it may be more difficult to get all  the records you want without resorting to ebay.

Anyway first up, a video from Bull Moose Records.




Stuff already up on ebay!

Some of the releases or re-releases we are looking forward to at are as follows


First commercial vinyl release of the White Stripes’ Get Behind me Satan on double coloured vinyl with Lenticular cover.

The 4AD output by Mark Kozelek’s Red House Painters in a vinyl box set. Copper coloured vinyl.

Goldfrapp are re-releasing their fine debut, Felt Mountain on coloured vinyl, but only in the States.

Placebo are likewise releasing their debut.

Don’t Stand me down by Dexy’s Midnight Runners is being reissued although an original 2nd hand copy might be preferable.

Strange Doors MONO by the Doors.

The latest in a series of picture 7″ discs by David Bowie.

Sly and the Family Stone – live at Fillmore east


Have a great day and let us know what you pick up!! 




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