Ron sexsmith - Cobblestone Runway

Ron sexsmith - Cobblestone Runway

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Ron sexsmith - Cobblestone Runway

Another impeccably produced and packaged release from Diverse Records. Really. Diverse seem to have stopped producing records(not enough demand it seems. the shame) but if you can get any of their titles you should do so straight away. They released recordsby Diana Krall, Richard Thompson and this one by Ron Sexsmith amongst others. A beautiful gatefold cover in matt finish. An inner sleeve with all the lyrics printed on it and a separate plastic sleeve to house the actual record. The 180grm perfect record pressed by Pallas in Germany and mastered by Ray Staff in London.

The music consists of Ron's wry and quirky look at love and life sung in his real laid back lacksidaisacal manner. Gorgeous humalong melodies. Even one where you can join in as the chorus goes di di di di di di di di di di di.

Nothing here will raise your heartbeat. Instead you'll be listening to what he sings and nodding yourhead in agreement. Elsewhere on these pages I mentioned the paucity of meaning or beauty in lyrics by the likes of Razorlight. Not here. Each couplet is a joy to read and sing. And many are life affrming.

Musically Ron's voice is to the fore atop his acoustic guitar, sometimes piano with some laidback strings and funny sounds thrown in for good measure. There's usually a good rhythm section to keep things online. It won't have you dancing though. Unless romantically. Well that's not strictly true. Surprisingly, on side two after the beautiful Gold in them hills, Ron goes all disco on us, for 'Heart's desire' and the more successful 'Dragonfly on Bay street'. You can indeed dance to this. It almost sounds like a err, witty laidback Boney M.

Highlights are 'These days'; that's the one with the di di di di chorus, Gold in them hills; which also has a remix on the record with help from Chris Martin of Coldplay. Possibly the best thing he's ever done!! :) And the aforementioned 'Dragonfly on Bay street.

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Ron Sexsmith - Cobblestone Runway

Gold in them records.

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