Linda Ronstadt - Heart Like A Wheel

Linda Ronstadt - Heart Like A Wheel

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180 gram vinyl LP reissue.

180 gram vinyl LP reissue. An all time classic from Linda that 32 years later still holds up today and every cut is like a handcrafted gem. Tunes from writers as diverse from Hank Williams to Paul Anka and it all works like a seamless fit.


Just got my new 180 gram Cisco Music LP yesterday and just gave both sides a spin.

I'm totally impressed.

What a great piece of vinyl. Linda and her band just blew me away.

I've got two other versions. One on CD from "The Capitol Years" CD, which is the most recent CD mastering and an original near mint '70's Capitol LP. This Cisco Music pressing leaves the both them in the dust. The vinyl is very quiet for one and I'll challange anyone to find a quiet playing Capitol original. The music is so much more real sounding and vocals and instruments jump out the speakers. There's also a warmth of a good ol' analog feeling that's been missing on other versions.

Apparently there was no compression used in the mastering and our ears benefit greatly from this.

Hats off to Kevin Gray for an outstanding job here and to Cisco Music for picking on a real winner.

I like this album better and better with each repeated listening.

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Hear Like A Wheel

More than highly recommended.

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