Vinyl single sales hit 1million mark in UK

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Article about the mercury music prize

The Music Mailout

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Big Brother Records Mailout

BIG BROTHER RECORDS, 4 Crow St, Dublin2 Tel : 01-6729355 ORDER ONLINE —-> Open 11.00am -7.00pm / Thurs until 8.00pm Hiya Folks, Hope you’re well. And for those of you that made it to last weeks Electric Picnic…. hope you’re recovering ok and over the other side of the midweek hump…what a weekend…tremendous!

So this week things are starting to pick up again on the new releases front. We’ve a big bag load of nu-heavy Funk & Soul for your pleasure including the new long player LP & 7″ from Nicole Willis and The Soul Investigators that’s outtasight! Also we’ve some super new Disco edits from our soul brudder #1 in Norway Tangoterje (Todd Terje). And the new Lp from Mr. Lovepants… Amp Fiddler. Anyone that caught his show at the Picnic will know how fresh the new stuff sounded.

We’ve the new 12″ on our new favourite label; DC records with a splendid Emperor machine remix of White Light Circus’s ‘Rocket Ride’…its cosmic! Plus the new remixes of Stephen Malkamus from Prins Thomas, Hot Chip & The Emperor Machine…essentail stuff!

Mekon are back with a new track that features Bobby Gillespie & Alan Vega from Suicide and a brilliant Punk-Funk mix from Padded Cell. And we’ve the new ‘Best Of – Retrospective’ of the great Stereolab. This has tracks on it from all their great albums some of which are now deleted including our favourite ‘Emperor Tomatoe Ketchup’… vital!

Drop me a mail if theres records here you’d like held and don’t forget to check the Pre-Sales section at the end of this mail to see whats on the way over the next few weeks.

And a quick reminder that we’ve got the Ultimate DJ Gear Trolley Bags back in stock. They’re black in colour… …hold about70 records, 132 euro… and have wheels!

And we’ve new 7″ record boxes for storing / holding your funky 45’s… this time in cool black. They hold about 50 and are 25euro

Right On…


PS if you’re out in Dublin city tomorrow night (Friday) then check out the great ‘Maximum Joy’ club at The Underground -Kennedys pub. They’ve got live gigs from Dublin Psyche-group ‘Twin Kranes’ & ‘Spook of the 13th Lock’ and I’ll be spinning my bag of RareGroove, Kraut-disco, Punk-Funk and Hammond-Soul on the night too. 9.30 – 3am. It’s just 8euro in.


Adam Freeland / The Doors ‘Hello I Love You’ 12″ (Marine Parade) e11.40
Kraftwerk ‘Man Machine’ LP e15,00
Neu – Neu 75 LP (EMI) e20.30
VZero 7 ‘The Gargen’ 2LP (Atlantc) e22.85
Level 42 ‘Starchild’ 12″ (Polydor) e11.40
MANDY V’s Annie ‘Greatest Body Language’ 12″ (White) e11.40
Prins Thomas ‘Diskomiks’ 12″ (Rong) e11.40
V/A – Confused Disco Sampler’ 12″ (Mantra) e11.40
Joey Beltram ‘Energy Flash’ 12″ (R&S) e8.90
Prince ‘Black Sweat’ 12″ (Universal) e11.40
Coach House Rhythm Section ‘Timewarp’ (Space Dust Disco) e11.40
Nicole Willis &The Soul Investigators ‘Keep Reachin’ Up’ LP (Timmion) e20.30
Nicole Willis &The Soul Investigators ‘If This Aint Love’ 7″ (Timmion) e8.90

On the front page of this months Dublin Event Guide and soon to play the Spiegeltent as part of the (Choice Cuts) Fringe festival. This really is a superb contemporary Funk / Soul album. Reminiscent of The Quantic Soul Orchestra, Alice Russell, The Breakestra and The New Mastersounds. The grooves are bang on and sound like they sould’ve been made 30 years ago by the JB’s. While Nicole Willis has a voice that’s up there with the all the greats and compliments the dirty funk from the Soul Investigators. Getting big ups from all the London soul-mafia…Gilles Peterson, Norman jay, Patrick Forge,. Best nu-Soul record we’ve heard in years.

DJ Tangoterje ‘I Get Lifted’ 12″ (Supreme) e11.40 DJ Tangoterje ‘Aquarius’ 12″ (Supreme) e11.40

Two extremely funky Disco releases from Todd Terje, this time wearing his platforms. The ‘I get lifted’12” features an edit of KC & The Sunshine bands version of the the George McCrae classic but also comes with 3 other tracks including a version of the Night Rider theme. The Aquarius 12″ has a Kraftwerk edit of Pocket Computer and 2 other obscure but cosmic Disco edits.

James Brown ‘Give it up or turn it loose’ 12″ (Urban) e11.40

One of the ultimate breakdance tracks ever. this is the one that Kool Herc can take a bow for finding back in the day. Here you get the original. a live version and an edit. Plus Get on the good foot and make it funky. So its all the real heavy JB break tracks on one 12″. You need this record!

Manzel ‘Space Funk’ 12″ (Dope Brothers) e11.40

Great remix / edit here from Kenny Dop that extends and enhances the original. And on the flip is the cosmic ‘Midnight Theme’. Only a couple of copies in stock so mail me to secure yours.

The Heliocentrics ‘Winter Song’ 7″ (Jazzman) e8.25

New from Gerald Jazzman’s label this is actually a contemporary record but of an old track. Its the unmistakeable barritone voice of one time Velvet Underground chanteusse ‘Nico’. The Heliocentrics have put a beat behind her John Cale penned ‘Winter Song’ and the result is outstanding. Its Nico but not as you know her. Essential for Velvets fans but a superb track in its own right and one to cherish.

Nina Simone ‘Funkier Than A Mosquito / Save Me’ 7″ (Jazzman) e8.25

Restock of this incredibly funky Nina Simone number and backed by the equally popular Northern Soul stomper ‘Save Me.

Le Scratch Funk ‘The Go Off’ 12″ (Melting Pot) e11.40 A-Ko ‘Chicago Soul ’69’ 12″ (Melting Pot) e11.40

Two of our favourite releases from the new Melting Pot label. This is fast, fierce and furious! Superbly produced contemporary breakbeat funk. These beats are so tough and can be used as a dj tool or just played in full cause the tracks are so damn funky. Limited release but weve managed to find just a few copies for y’all.

True Beatz / Thoma Z ‘Good Delight / The Discotizer’ 12″ (Milk Crate) e11.40

Dancefloor bomb! Nice cut ’n’ paste version of several versions of Good times and Rappers Delight. Plus the funky disco breaks collage that is ‘The Discotizer’ on the flip- including excerpts from Indeep, Class Action, Vernon Burch and many familiar breaks. Likely to appeal to nu-disco fans as well as all the Milk Crate block party fanatics.

Burning Spear / Jimmy Castor ‘S.O.U.L / It’s Just Begun’ (Top) e8.25

What a 7″! 2 absolute classic funk tracks back to back on one 45. Only this time they’re slghtly different versions recorded by the original artists and for my money theyre even better….loud pressings too. Just check out that flute solo on Burning Spear.

V/A ‘The Beastie Boys Collection#2’ 2LP(Strictly Breaks) e25.00

Part 2 in the series of compilations that puts together the original versions of tracks as sampled by the Beastie Boys.
This time its the albums ‘Check Your Head’ & ‘Ill Communication’. And its a trip to hear the original full lenght version of these tracks. If you’re familair with the two beastie boys albums then you’ll know the quality of the samples used and that pretty much all the tracks are built around those samples…. flute loop, Jimmy James, Lighten Up, Groove Holmes, Namaste, pow, get on the mike, sabotage, bobo on the corner, sure shot…. know what i mean!?

V/A ‘The De La Soul Collection #3’ 2LP (Strictly Breaks) e25.00

Same story here with this brilliant De La Comp. Part 3 in the series compiling even more of the ridiculously funky samples as used by De La Soul. It’d take you forever to find even half these on original albums or singles and cost a fortune too so it’s well handy to have them all on this 2LP. The songs are apparemtly “digitally duplicated from original studio master tapes” too so the qualitys better..

Amp Fiddler ‘Afro Strut’ 2LP (Genuine) 2LP e19.00

The follow up to 2004’s classic ‘Waltz Of A Ghetto Fly’which is rightfully regarded as one of the best US soul albums of recent years, hugely acclaimed by the UK press, it has sold over 30,000 copies in the UK since release at the beginning of 2004. ‘Afro Strut’ is already garnering great reactions and press reviews with 4/5 reviews already run in Straight No Chaser and DJ Magazine. It has also already firmly stamped itself into the sets of the key tastemakers with lots of support from the likes of Trevor Nelson & Gilles Peterson. The album’s collaborators include Raphael Saadiq, Tony Allen, Only Child and Stephanie McKay among others. Musically the album retains the original vibe of ‘Waltz Of A Ghetto Fly’ but is a leap on, delivering a stack of great soul, funk, R&B and other vocal songs with a number of single contenders in ‘Right Where You Are’, ‘If I Don’t’ and ‘Ridin’ among others and simply great songs in the likes of ‘Heaven’, ‘Find My Way’ and ‘Empower! ’.

V/A – Deep Down & Discofied 2×12″ (Defected) e11.40 each

Deep, Down & Discofied’: Classic Soul, Jazz, Disco and Funk dancefloor inspirations for today’s R’n’B, Hip Hop and House. Great value comps at just 11.40 each for a double LP

LP1 Younger Generation ‘We Rap More Mellow’ Maxine Singleton ‘Don’t You Love It’ Michael Wycoff ‘Looking Up To You’ The Fatback Band ‘Street Dance’ African Music Machine ‘Black Water Gold’ Eddie Russ ‘Zaius’ Webster Lewis ‘Barbara Ann’ Linda Clifford ‘Runaway Love’ The Dells ‘All About The Paper’

LP2 Jenny Burton ‘Bad Habits’ Skyy ‘Call Me’ Gang Starr ‘Jazz Thing’ Marlena Shaw ‘Woman Of The Ghetto’ Status IV ‘You Ain’t Really Down’ Sinnamon ‘I Need You Now’ Teddy Pendergrass ‘You Can’t Hide From Yourself’ The Staple Singers ‘Slippery People’

LP3 Chaka Khan ‘Fate’ The Live Band ‘A Chance For Hope’ Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes ‘Prayin’ Salsoul Orchestra ‘Take Some Time Out For Love’ Gwen Guthrie ‘Padlock’ Leroy Huston ‘Love The Feeling’ Jeanette “Lady” Day ‘Come Let Me Love You’ Heaven And Earth ‘I Really Love You’

======================================================= THIS WEEK’S NEW HOUSE & ELECTRO ARRIVALS & RESTOCKS =======================================================

Mekon ‘Boy Bitten / Blood on The Moon’ 12″ (Wall of sound) e7.60

New material from original Wall Of Sound artist Mekon. Features guest vocals from Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie & the legendary Alan Vega of Suicide. ‘Boy Bitten’ features newcomer Rita Brown (aka Phillipa Horan) on vocal duties whilst ‘Blood On The Moon’ unites two musical legends in the shape of Suicide’s Alan Vega and Primal Scream main man Bobby Gillespie. Both tracks are taken from the forthcoming album and strongly hint to John Gosling (aka Mekon) returning to his dark, underground roots from the mid 80s as a member of Genesis P. Orridge’s improvisational band Psychic TV. Padded Cell (aka Bronx Dogger Richard Sen & ex-Dirty Beatnik, Neil Beatnik) give ‘Boy Bitten’ a dark disco twist with a hypnotic disco-dub feel whilst the hotly tipped In Flagranti take ‘Blood On The Moon’ on an electro mission full of arpeggiated basslines and bubbling intensity.

Adam Freeland / The Doors ‘Hello I Love You – Remixes’ 12″ (Marine parade) e11.40

Freeland puts the BIG BEATS into this Doors classic. Keeping just the essential bit of Jimbo’s vocal but adding a thundering bass & snare. One of those tracks made for a big room and with a sound that’ll be as conyemporary now as it will in 10 years. A track that just builds & builds. James Lavelle dropped it at the Bud Rising festival here earlier in the spring and it shook the Globe!

Kreeps ‘All I Wanna Do Is Break Some Hearts’ 12″ (Output) e11.40

An excellect release here fromOutput… that perfectly merges the Rock vibe with Electro. This latest release from Kreeps sees ‘All I Wanna Do Is Break Some Hearts’ getting an outing on 12″ for those who missed it on 7″ and the subsequent remix 12… With a press release that references Zombies, the track was apparently recorded at a zombie biker stag party (read: some heavy drinking, casual brain munching…) and came out the other side as an upbeat flute monster (here in extended form), whilst on the back is an electro-tech stomper from Boys Noize

M.A.N.D.Y V’s Annie ‘Greatest Body Language’ 12″ (White) e11.40

Splendid mash upof these two Electro winners… almost sounds like they were made for each other!

=============================================================== THIS WEEK’S NEW PUNK-FUNK / POP & ROCK ARRIVALS:: ===============================================================

White Light Circus ‘Rocket Ride – The Emperor Machine Remix’ 12″ (DC Recordings) e8.90

Dean Meredith’s White Light Circus returns to the 12″ format with the celestial sounds of “Rocket Ride”, a synth and drum work out that pays its dues not only to the robodisco of Giorgio Moroder, but also the teutonic modulations of Kraftwerk and their oscillating computer soul. For the B side, Meredith hands over the controls to fellow Chicken Lip Andy Meecham, who re-configures the rocket’s motherboard, presenting us with an Emperor Machine version that spins us sideways into a meteor shower of insistent rhythms, Sputnik melodies and sound effect squiggles. .

Stephen Malkamus ‘Kindling for the master – remix’ 12″ (Domino) 2×12″ e11.40

The original ‘Kindling For The Master’ came from the acclaimed Stephen Malkmus album ‘Face The Truth’. The guys at Domino thought that the Arthur Russell-esque bubblings of the song would suit their more disco-minded remix friends. They have pulled together an A-list of remixers, the Norwegian dance god Prins Thomas in his Major Swellings guise; the analogue psych-freak of The Emperor Machine; modern pop group Hot Chip; and the crazed sounds of Canadian Sandro Perri aka Polmo Polpo. The mixes have been picking up fans across the dance spectrum, including Mylo, Erol Alkan, Jonnie Wilkes (Optimo), FC Kahuna & Unabombers.

Stereolab ‘Serene Velocity – A Stereolab Anthology’ 2LP (Duophonic) e21.60

Featuring 16 tracks, ‘Serene Velocity’ was originally intended as a US only release as it was to be the Groop’s first compilation of tracks made up from their 7 albums released on Elektra records between 1993 and 2004. Duophonic have decided to issue the disk at mid price as an easy introduction for those whose who are intimidated by the Groop’s large and varied back catalogue. All of the tracks have been remastered at Abbey Road and are presented chronologically. Stereolab formed in 1990 and will be recording their next LP for Duophonic / Too Pure in late 2006 for a 2007 release. ‘Serene Velocity’ is available as limited edition double vinyl.

Jenny Ondioline – 7” Version Crest French Disko Ping Pong Wow And Flutter – 7” Version Cybele’s Reverie Metronomic Underground Percolator Brakhage Miss Modular Infinity Girl Come And Play In The Milky Night Space Moth Double Rocker Vonal Declosion … Sudden Stars

Who Made Who ‘Out The Door’ [In Flagranti Remix] 12″ (Gomma) e7.60

Following on from the massive Super Discount remix comes this excellent, low slung, slightly narcoleptic remix from In Flagranti, keeping the funky disco house bass and drum pattern and freaking things out a little for good measure. Also featured here is the excellent retro vocoder pop groove “Densevise”.

Dennis Young ‘Dervish Delight’ 12″ (Relish) e11.40

DENNIS YOUNG is best known professionally as the marimba/percussionist for the trend- setting early 80s NYC band Liquid Liquid, a band who had a big impact on hip-hop and dance music. Since then Dennis has released 9 solo albums to date. Dervish Delight is Dennis’s first outing on Relish and label boss HEADMAN comes on board for remix duties. The 12″ release also features a of remix of “Signal Up Ahead” by Fatcat records artist Stromba.

======================================================== THIS WEEK’S PRESALES / FORTHCOMING RELEASES – preorder now! ========================================================

Fish Go Deep ft Tracey K ‘The Cure And The Cause’ 12″ (Defected) e7.60 One of Danny Tenaglia’s biggest records now boasting a stunning remix package. Has been bubbling under to great acclaim since the start of the year now gets a full Defected release. Featuring the melancholic vocals of Tracey K, the track in its original form is a deep and soulful ode to the tribulations of relationships, set against a floating piano line and classic garage beats. A fine starting point for a top quality collection of remixes and the package certainly delivers in spades. Best known is man of the moment Dennis Ferrer’s take, which adds skippy drums, key flourishes and a rolling bass line to allow the song to take centre stage. Next up is Charles Webster, who employs his trademark musical deep house sound to take the track in a new direction.

The Sisters Love ‘Give Me Your Love’ 2LP (Soul Jazz) e21.60

In 1980, New York DJ Danny Krivit released an extended eight-minute cut-up of a track called ‘Give Me Your Love’ by The Sisters Love. Already an underground disco classic (partly on account of its rarity), this release brought it to a new audience of disco and rare groove fans. Twenty years on and Soul Jazz Records are bringing together an amazing collection of soul/funk/early disco cuts from this cult group who only ever released singles (on Motown and A&M), the scarcity of which has made some of them £100 records.•The track ‘Give Me Your Love’ originally came out in 1973 and subsequently became the property of the New York underground disco cognoscenti of DJs David Mancuso, Nicky Siano, Walter Gibbons and Larry Levan et all who made it a regular party anthem. The Sisters Love worked with producers such as Willie Hutch, Leon Ware, Gloria Jones and Richard Evans, toured the world with The Jackson Five, and appear in the Blaxploitation movie The Mack. They made some classic m! usic previously only available to the cognoscenti and this release makes available many rare tracks as well as bringing the music to a new audience.

Klaxons ‘Atlantis to Interzone’ 12″ (Kitsune) e7.60

One listen to ‘Atlantis To Interzone’ and the several miles of dots between post punk, psychedelic pop and pill popping dance music are quickly joined, where screaming sirens and samples straight out of a field in ‘89 give way to the punked out, half-falsetto, half melodic breakneck vocals and drums. Klaxons (that’s Jamie, Simon and James) have created a chorus that can be both screamed drunkenly and sung quietly to yourself on the bus. This anthem (of the year?) is offered with a remixed version by duo Digitalism, alongside an extra long industrial technoid mix by Nightmoves and a mix by Dave P & Sparkles’. This is the soundtrack to every decent party this year. “The most worthy indie dancefloor filler of the year” – NME.

Yam Who? ‘Here We Go’ 12″ (Little League) e7.60

Yam Who? have become well known in the world’s most discerning clubs since the runaway success of their unsolicited 12” reworks of Raphael Saadiq, Pharrell and Dwele. The B side remix is handled by another Little League signing Stray, a producer / singer / songwriter from Sweden who has transformed ‘Here We Go’ into a tasty 80s Sa-Ra-style boogie / funk chunk of dancefloor joy.•Other new Yam productions include the title track from the new Amp Fiddler album ‘Afro Strut’, a remix of DJ Spinna’s ‘Bak 2 U’, a brand new remix of Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s ‘Summertime’ and a new collaboration with Kid Creole aka August Darnell.

Recloose ‘Landed – Remixes’ 12″ (MFF) e7.60

The widely acclaimed original of ‘Landed’, released on Peacefrog and featured on the ‘Hiatus On The Horizon’ album gets the remix treatment courtesy of Recloose and Freaks. The Recloose remix is a full on drum workout-come-megamix akin to Carl Craig…perfect for those Gilles Peterson fans. The Freaks remixes have a more straight up, electronic 80s feel, with a killer vocal and a hook from hell.

V/A ‘DJ Hell presents My DEfinition Of House part 3’ 12″ (Gigolo) e7.60

With this third instalment of Hell’s ‘My Definition Of House’ 12” series, two new massive Gigolo old-school tracks are resurrected for the pleasure of the modern listening public. This time the blasts from the past are ‘Searchin’ by 33 1/3 Queen and Earth People’s ‘Reach Up To Mars’. In 1986, three young DJs began making music on a 4-track recorder in a Baltimore basement studio. Little did they know at the time that more than 15 years later they would be viewed as pioneers of American dance music. 33 1/3 Queen aka The Basement Boys aka Jay Steinhour, Teddy Douglas and Thommy Davis took samples of A Guy Called Gerald’s classic ‘Blow Your House Down’ and made their single ‘Searchin’, which quickly turned out to be an underground club favourite. Earth People aka Pal Joey’s house master piece ‘Reach Up To Mars’, originally released in 1990 on Under World Records, finally gets a re-issue on Gigolo Records. The original with its monster drums, shuffling guitars, synth stabs, gre! at use of vocal samples, and incredible production skills still withstands the test of time, sounding like it could have been made yesterday.

Kid Koala ‘Your Mom’s Favourite Dj’ 2LP (Ninja) e21.60

Although there is the romance, silent movie comedy and swing that your mother may well smile at and even shake her booty to, the enthralling deftness and complexity you’d expect from Kid Koala is also here – woven together with classic hip hop beats, breaks and generous swathes of heavy guitars. It looks back to the seminal ‘Scratchcratchratchatch’ cassette of a decade ago and the Kid’s first full release, ‘Scratch Happy Land’ (as well as referencing his multimedia project ‘Nufonia Must Fall’). But it also, in ways we won’t even explain yet, hints at the many projects Mr San has to come. There are references throughout to a book about a clarinet-playing mosquito that Eric is currently working on, plus to the musical puppet show he has in development (honest). And there are also some “tests” from a new group called Slew. But don’t worry too much about second-guessing stuff that will become clear later. Instead focus on the small but perfectly formed delights of ‘Your Mom’s Favorite DJ’. Try to follow the stories, headnod to the beats (Eric has always liked his beats), develop your own Charlie Chaplin routines, snigger at the vocal samples, marvel at the dextrousness of the vinyl manipulation, but most of all, enjoy the complete ease and class with which the whole thing is put together. Features : Clash, Hip Hop Connection, Blowback, Notion (2 pages), Rant, Plan B, DJ, One Week to Live…

V/A ‘Dynamic Dancehall’ 2LP#1 & 2LP#2 (Soul Jazz) e19.00 each

Soul Jazz Records /100% Dynamite returns with a massive slice of Dancehall bringing together music from the last 25 years up to the present. The album mixes up classic cuts, rare tracks and brand new material from the likes of Digital Mystikz – who lead the current UK Dubstep movement – and Ladybug (AKA The Bug and Lady Sovereign) – two artists at the front of cutting edge of the Digital/Dancehall/Grime scene as well as featuring classic Dancehall from the originators – Dillinger, Lady Saw, King Tubby, Beenie Man, Kiprich, Michigan and Smiley and many more. This album features non-stop Dancehall party classics and comes in all its many styles – digital rhythms, Nyabinghi drumming, Dubstep and more. From the electronic wizadry of King Tubby to the Digital Mystikz and from the lyrical poetry of Tippa Irie, Shinehead, Lady Saw and many more this is Dancehall all styles.

2LP VOL 1 Early B – Boombox Lady Saw – Nah Mix Nah Mingle Anthony Red Rose – Tempo Fat Eyes -Wake Te Town Tippa Irie – All The Time Lyric A Rhyme Powerman – Right Yah So Digital Mystikz – Earth A Run Red Dillinger – Dubplate Pirate Lady Saw – Mi Ting Deh Kiprich – Certified Murderer

2LP VOL 2 Ladybug (aka The Bug & Warrior Queen) – Dem A Bomb We Fat Eyes – Assault Rifle Anthony Red Rose – Under Mi Fat Ting Pompidou – Governor General Lady Saw – Sweetest King Baucho and Beenie Man – Weed and Grabba King Tubby – Fade Out Michigan and Smiley – Jah Lick We Wayne Junior – Police and Bad Boy Shinehead – Billie Jean Cecile – Give It To Me

Pete Rock ‘Underground Classics’ 2LP (Rapster) e21.60

Steeped in hip-hop history with the discography to prove it, Pete Rock is the hip-hop producer’s producer. First coming to prominence as a DJ on Marley Marl’s In Control radio show on New York’s WBLS in the late eighties, Pete’s first record deal was with C.L. Smooth at Elektra. Their debut EP ‘All Souled Out’ (1991) and album ‘Mecca And The Soul Brother’ (1992) were instant classics, ushering Pete’s reputation as a beatmaker into the highest echelons alongside the likes of DJ Premier, Large Professor and Q-Tip. •Between then and his and C.L.’s second album, ‘The Main Ingredient’ (1994), the Pete Rock remix became a hot commodity. He added his trademark soulful sound to records by the likes of Jeru The Damaja (‘You Can’t Stop The Prophet’), Notorious B.I.G. (‘Juicy’), Public Enemy (‘Shut ‘Em Down’) and House Of Pain (‘Jump Around’), and produced standout tracks on albums by Nas (‘The World Is Yours’) and Run DMC (‘Down With The King’) amongst many others. •Towards ! the end of the nineties, after his critically acclaimed solo debut ‘Soul Survivor’ (Loud, 1998), hip-hop’s increasingly commercial slant meant there was more of an outlet for purist producers like Pete Rock on independent labels. Most of the tracks compiled on ‘Underground Classics’ are just that: great yet overlooked material that was either shelved prior to its intended release or unfairly neglected. •‘Give It To Y’All’, a dramatic string-laden affair with The UN, is taken from the sessions of his ‘PeteStrumentals’ album (BBE, 2001); The UN’s ‘Game Of Death’ is an eBay favourite, the limited quantity of the 12” causing collectors to shell out ten times its original price. ‘Aint No Thang’ is lifted from The UN’s album ‘UN Or U Out’ (World, 2004), not an easy find anymore either.

Pete Rock – Give It To Y’all The UN – Game Of Death Edo G. – Boston The UN – Ain’t No Thang Pete Rock ft C.L. Smooth – Back On The Block INI – Fakin’ Jax INI – Grown Man Sport Edo G. ft Krumb Snatcha – Stop Dat Edo G. – Situations INI – Whatcha Say INI – Step Up INI – Center of Attention Pete Rock ft The UN – Nothin’ Lesser Gang Starr ft Big Shug & Freddie Foxxx – The Militia (Pete Rock Remix) Jeru The Damaja – You Can’t Stop The Prophet (Pete Rock Remix)

V/A ‘Mr. Scruff’s Big Chill Classics’ 3LP (Big Chill) 3LP e21.60

From the beginning Mr Scruff has been a huge part of The Big Chill’s success. Festival founders Pete Lawrence and Katrina Larkin are delighted that Scruff agreed to follow Pete’s ‘Big Chill Classics’ with his own selection. Mr Scruff’s genius for finding undiscovered gems will be further enhanced by this stunning collection. •With rare tracks by Grady Tate, Donald Bird, Moacir Santos and classics by Odyssey, Rick James and D’Angelo alongside more recent cuts from G Love & Special Sauce, Sarah Winton and Nobukazu Takemura.

3LP Gary Bartz Ntu Troop ‘Celestial Blues’ Dennis Yost & The Classics IV ‘All In Your Mind’ The In Crowd ‘Back A Yard’ Daweh Congo ‘Proverbs’ Fela Ransome Kuti & Nigeria 70 ‘My Lady Frustration’ Grady Tate ‘Moondance’ Extended Spirit ‘Illicity Pt1’ Paul Hunter ‘Peaceful Morning’ Vin Landers Vs Fudge Fingas ‘Don’t Fret It’ Odyssey ‘Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love’ Rick James ‘Getting It On (In The Sunshine)’ Sarah Winton ‘Summer Brass (The Same Old Same Old)’ Love & Special Sauce ‘Blues Music (Slow Version)’ Ernesto ‘Devil’s Gotta Run’

Alex Gopher ‘Motorcycle’ 12″ (Kitsune) e7.60

After collaborating on Super Discount’s ‘Fast Track’ (one of the biggest club records of 2005), Alex Gopher is coming, on his huge backfiring and humming ‘Motorcycle’. •A big club anthem, there are abundant joys and thrills within this dancefloor gem.

The Rapture ‘Pieces Of The People We Love ‘ LP (Universal) e21.60 Release Date – 18th September 2006


Side : 1 Don Gon Do It Pieces Of The People We Love Get Myself Into It Album version First Gear The Devil Whoo! Alright – Yeah…Uh Huh. Calling Me Down For So Long The Sound Live In Sunshine

================================================== Forthcoming Gig & Events: – tickets on sale here ==================================================

Big Brother Record’s present;

BREAKER’S REVENGE – Saturday 9pm – 1am@ The Thomas House, Thomas St Dublin 2 – FREE. Electro-PunkFunk- HipHop-PartyBreaks–6T’sPsyche-Krautrock-Rare Groove–Electro- nuDisco-Northern Soul – Nu Soul – Old Soul – Rubber Soul – Fillet of Soul. with dj’s Gerry Molumby, Keef Nally & Glen Hall

Friday Septamber 8th

MAXIMUM JOY PRESENT TWINKRANES – SPOOK OF THE 13th LOCK – Maximum Joy DJ’s & Gerry Molumby (Big Brother Records//Breakers Revenge)

Underground @ Kennedy’s, 32-33 Westland Row, D2.9:30pm till 3am €8

A homegrown psych freak folk night on the 8th September with the inimitable Twinkranes and Spooks of the 13th Lock… pressuring the stage. Gerry Molumby, (of Breakers Revenge and Big Brother Records) will be joining the Maximum Joy tag team to twist some orichalic grooves from his bag of tricks.

Saturday 9th September

GROOVEMENT present Ralph Tee (Expansion Records) Upstairs @ Dame Lane – Free Admission

Thursday, September 21st

Afronova presents Fela kuti’s master drummer Tony allen & his band Spiegeltent George’s dock, ifsc, dublin 10pm-late / €20

Saturday September 23rd JUSTICE – Ed Banger Records + ARVEENE – Clampdown JON AVERILL – Backlash DISCO INFILTRATORS – One Louder Bar Temple Bar Music Centre Saturday September 23rd Doors 11pm Tickets : 15 E + bf

========================================== BIG BROTHER RECORDS GEAR & ACCESSORIES ==========================================


Trolley Bag ——————- This high quality trolley holds approximately 65 vinyl records. It is geared with a robust set of roller blade wheels and a sturdy aluminum frame. The trolley includes 2 CD wallets which hold 48 CDs in the front pocket. One of the best advantages of using the SlingBag Trolley is that it fits in an airplane overhead compartment. No more strained shoulders from carrying your records with this Trolley bag! e132.00

SlingBag —————– The SlingBag is a medium size bag that holds approximately 45 vinyl records. It has a pocket on each side and one full size pocket in the front. The front pocket contains 2 CD wallets that hold 48 CDs. A perfect size bag for a quick DJ set! e79.00


45RPM record centre adaptors for Jukebox 7″s – e10 each.

7″ Record Boxes – Black Aluminium – holds 50 – just e25 Open till 7pm every night…Thurs till 8pm. Technics – Aluminum 45RPM Centre Adaptors for 7″ Singles – 10euro CDR’s with cases 75 Cent —————————————————————————————————————– Gerry Molumby Big Brother Records The Basement ( under Selectah ) 4 Crow Street Temple Bar Dublin 2 Tel : 01 / 6729355


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Vivante in Liquidation

We have just learnt that Vivante, the UK based mail order supplier of audiophile software is no longer in business. This leaes Diversevinyl as the only UK mail order sspecialist for audiophile vinyl and buyers of hi-rez in a tricky situation. Vivante also had a small record label bt we are unsure as to what the situation is with them. Currently repoints you to the accessories mail order specialist, Vivante were founded in 2001. The team were regulars at hi-fi shows and we hope this is not the last from them and will let you know more as we find out any news.