‘Fanatic’s’ love of music went from idle hobby to career


Sugar House shop
'Fanatic's' love of music went from idle hobby to career
By Olga Muñoz
The Salt Lake Tribune
Article Last Updated: 07/12/2007 11:35:55 AM MDT

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David Hansen of The Record Collector in Sugar House… (Paul Fraughton/The Salt Lake Tribune )
David Hansen's Sugar House shop, The Record Collector, has been enabling people's music addictions for 23 years.
The 2,000-square-foot shop carries thousands of hard-to-find records, cassettes and CDs – and even a few eight-tracks to help people "satisfy their habit," Hansen said.
Now 58, his own addiction to music, specifically vinyl records, began in the '80s when he saw his brother-in-law's collection.
"(His) records took up a whole wall," Hansen said. "Everywhere you looked, records. I don't think I even talked to anybody that day; I just went through his records."
From then on, he began to collect jazz and rock 'n' roll albums. At the height of his collection, Hansen had about 3,000 records, so he took the next logical step: Go into business.
He realized that he could buy records for 25 cents or a dollar at yard sales, sell them for at least $2 and make a profit, he said.
Hansen has always loved music.
"I can't live without it," he said. "I started out in different bands in high school and was planning on being a musician. But you know how rarely that works out."
But owning a music shop has worked out, even in the age of iPods and downloading. That's because he only carries "good" music from artists such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Elvis Presely, Bob Marley.

Russ Farr, 31, used to buy $2 Grateful Dead records at The Record Collector. He began frequenting the
store when he was a teenager to get his music fix, he said. At that time, he went into the store after school to look for psychedelic music.
"Music gave me a type of high that I just never came down from," Farr said.
Farr describes himself as a "fanatic record collector," like others who visit the store. He has about 3,000 and hopes to open his own open his own store in Mexico.
That's why, when Hansen offered him a part-time job as the store's manager three years ago, he quickly said "yes."
"I work here to support my addiction to vinyl," Farr joked.
Farr also sells some of his records in the store, but he seems to acquire two records for every one he sells, Farr said, adding that hard-core fans are a little weird like that.
People who collect records are a little "wacky," Hansen added. But the world needs more of them.
Folks' lives are faster today than it was in the past, and they don't have time to sit around and listen to a good record, Hansen said. He used to have my friends come over on Friday nights, and they would listen to music.
"It was a social thing, but people rarely do that anymore," Hansen said.
Hansen said that business has slowed lately, but he is certain the store will be around for years to come, he said.
"Records won't come back, but they'll always be around," Hansen said. "People who grew up on CDs come into the store and say, 'That's cool.' "


Road Records Mailout 10 AUgust 2007

Welcome to this weeks Road Records newsletter and as usual apologies for
being slightly late (yet again)

This week we have just updated our extensive “Folk and Roots” section in the
shop and there are heaps of new (old) titles just in stock, they are all
included in the list this week.
The Black Keys have a wonderful new 7” out this week.
There is a nice new album out this week on the Social Registry label from
“Christy And Emily”.
The brand new Julian Cope collection is now in stock on double cd and
limited vinyl.
Crows Of The World is worth investigating on the Last Visible Dog label.
Lovers of avant garde noise rock will be happy to hear that Dead C have a
brand new album out this week.
Steven R. Smith returns with a new album under the Hala Strana moniker.
Legendary soul singer and rebel rouser Nathanial Mayer is back with an
excellent new collection of hard hitting rock’n’soul sounds with a little
help from members of The Black Keys.
McCarthy (yeah, remember them from the 80’s) have just reissued their debut
album “I Am A Wallet” with lots of bonus material on the Cherry Red label.
Andy Moor from The Ex has a new solo album out now.
Stephen Hero, he of Kitchens Of Distinction fame has just released a brand
new solo album.
The new Beastie Boys album “The Mix Up” is now back in stock on vinyl.
The Kings Of Leon album “Because Of The Times” has just come back in stock
on limited red vinyl.

That’s it for this week. (Up The Dubs !)

New In This Week – ( all prices in Euro )
New in stock items on sale at –
Afro american blues and game songs-Various artists-Another fine collection
in the ongoing series of library of congress recordings from the rounder
label, the album was originally released in 1956 as part of the alan lomax
series of recordings, the album features a collection of haunting blues
standards, spiritual folk songs, call and response chants, gospel and raw
rustic folk sounds, its a damn fine and very valuable insight into the
history of african american music and culture from times long past, the
album comes with excellent liner notes featuring extensive essays and
recording details from some rather obscure but hugely talented artists,
compiled by rounder in 1999-Cd-Rounder records-€17.99

Afro american spirituals, work songs and ballads-Various artists-Rounder
records come up trumps yet again with this reissue of these fine archival
recordings, released in 1942 as part of the library of congress archive of
folk culture series, the recordings were made between 1933 and 1939 by the
lomax family and feature a collection of african american worksongs and
spirituals, the majority of tracks featured here are totally vocal based
chants and prison worksongs along with heaps of haunting call and response
style spirituals, features a total of 17 high quality examples of early
african american cultural sounds, the album comes with a superb booklet with
detailed liner notes and essays, reissued on the rounder label in
1998-Cd-Rounder records-€17.99

Andersens-Gzi gzi gzeo-This is a really lovely collection of slightly twee
indie pop meets psyche folk from this wonderfully happy japanese based
outfit, fans of the likes of mahar shalal hash baz, late eighties indie pop
or a more psyche folk belle and sebastian will totally adore this eccentric
collection of sounds, based around some infectiously happy indie folk sounds
these guys throw in lots of psychedelic japanese sounds and lots of very
clever quirky song arrangements, it may sound a wee bit strand on first
listen but if you like your weird pop in a similar style to panda bear then
you will fall head over heels in love with this crew, its both infectiously
happy and bonkers at the same time, august 2007-Cd-Switchico-€18.99

Black keys-Just got to be-Another truly excellent piece of garage blues from
their awesome magic potion album, although the black keys only feature drums
and guitars they make enough noise to keep any lover of jon spencer like
dirty blues sounds happy, these guys quite superbly keep the spirits of
artists like rl burnside and junior kimbrough alive, raw and primal garage
blues at its very very finest, also features black door on the flip side,
all copies are numbered, august 2007-7"-V2-€3.99

Blanche-Little amber bottles-Tracee mae and dan john miller return with a
new album under their blanche moniker, the album also features pedal steel
guitarist feeny, jack lawrence from the raconteurs on banjo and lisa jannon
on drums, the album features some lovely old style rustic americana sounds
with a somewhat dark heart to it, try to imagine the meeting of lambchop,
the handsome family and early calexico, the album has a real wide open
desert feel to it as they mix up the rustic sounds of calexico with the more
country tinged sounds of the likes of op8, the dual vocals of tracee and dan
give the album a somewhat old school nashville feel at times too, limited
edition vinyl pressing on the coppertree label and comes on 180g vinyl in
heavy card gatefold sleeve, august 2007-Lp-Coppertree-€19.99

Blind lemon jefferson-Black snake moan-This is a nice price sampler of
twenty of jeffersons recordings from the twenties and thirties, the album
features some lovely rustic blues sounds taken straight from the original
78s, along with the more traditional blues sounds jefferson incorparates
some early folk blues, spirituals and some slide guitar blues too, the album
features such gems as hot dog, easy rider and of course the title track
black snake moan, compiled by the snapper label in 2004-Cd-Snapper-€9.99

Bretschneider, frank-Rhythm-This is bretschneiders first album since his
collaboration with taylor deupree on the balance album in 2002, the album
features some of the most intricate minimal techno blended with some glitchy
and very dubby laid back funk meets dubstep, with an album based around
processed glitchy sound effects and pulsing tones you can see why it took so
long to knit all of this together into such a cohesive mass, the album calls
to mind the harsh beats of early autechre meets the dubby pulsating sounds
of pole, the best way to get the full effects of this highly intricate
collection is to play it either as loud as is possible or listen through
headphones, one of the finest things from raster noton in quite some time,
august 2007-Cd-Raster noton-€19.99

Christy and emily-Gueens head-The debut album from this brooklyn based two
piece on the social registry label, christy edwards has released two solo
albums so far and plays in the totallys and also drums with bruce force,
emily manzo is a classically trained pianist and has recently worked with
paul rowley, the album features some lovely mellow off kilter folky based
sounds raising comparisions to some early nico, mazzy star, cocorosie and
galaxy 500. Then thrown in a tiny bit of modern psyche folk in the mix along
with the quirky pop sounds of panda bear. A really lovely new addition to
the ever reliable social registry label. August 2007-Cd-The social

Continental film night and tellerman-Tinhorn home companion library volume
one-A split release on the tinhorn label featuring three tracks from each
artist, continental film night features david sheppard from ellis island
sound, peter wix from jean paul special and javier marti from mudo,
tellerman is peter wix from jean paul special, continental film night open
the album with one of the most beautiful pieces of string laden post rock
you will hear all year as mellow intricate acoustic guitars and brushed
drums create an americana version of godspeed, tellermans material calls to
mind the totally laid back country tinged sounds of lambchop or even giant
sand blended with the slightly more dramatic chamber sounds of the
tindersticks, august 2007-Cd-Tinhorn-€17.99

Cope, julian-You gotta problem with me-Julian copes latest opus is spread
over two cds and features 13 brand new tracks on his own head heritage
label, the band features doggen on guitars, donald ross skinner on drums and
chris olley from six by seven on keys, im glad to report that cope is back
to his angry caustic old ways again as he takes on everything from religion
to war to modern politics on this new collection, the album features some
explosive dirge like psychedelic rock sounds as cope narrates his way throw
the worlds ills, there are plenty of post punk new wave moments calling to
mind his earlier solo recordings or even some of his teardrop explodes
material, its all tied together with copes somewhat eccentric but utterly
enjoyable songwriting and delivery, august 2007-2cd-Head heritage-€22.99

Cope, julian-You gotta problem with me-Julian copes latest opus features 13
brand new tracks on the invada label, the band features doggen on guitars,
donald ross skinner on drums and chris olley from six by seven on keys, im
glad to report that cope is back to his angry caustic old ways again as he
takes on everything from religion to war to modern politics on this new
collection, the album features some explosive dirge like psychedelic rock
sounds as cope narrates his way throw the worlds ills, there are plenty of
post punk new wave moments calling to mind his earlier solo recordings or
even some of his teardrop explodes material, its all tied together with
copes somewhat eccentric but utterly enjoyable songwriting and delivery, the
album comes in a lovely heavy card gatefold sleeve, august

Crows of the world-Volume one-This is rumoured to be the first in a series
of ten compilations centred around the bird family corvidae which includes
blackbirds and crows, the link between that and the music on this disc seem
to me to be pretty obscure but anyway lets get on with the music, the album
features two discs packed with some of the biggest names on the free folk
and drone noise scene at the moment including the likes of finnish artist
keijo virtanen, brad rose aka north sea and matt christensen aka zelienople,
the album features some lenghty and truly haunting drone and white noise
based sounds at times comparable to the mighty boris and at other times
similar to the free improv sounds of the no neck blues bands, its a real
feast for lovers of the more melodic side of free noise sounds and is
actually quite a soothing and relaxing listen once you allow all the noise
to envelope you, limited edition double cd, august 2007-2cd-Last visible

Dead c-Future artists-The first full length album in nearly four years from
this highly influential new zealand based avant rock outfit, the album opens
up with 13 minutes of totally drone based feedback driven noise with just a
lonely isolated floor tom keeping the dirge like timing, there are elements
of the likes of boris in there along with something akin to some of sonic
youths early experiments, things get back to normal on the next few tracks
as the detuned strummed guitars come to the fore resembling some kind of way
out there psychedelic garage rock from the sixties, you can see why bands
like sonic youth and wolf eyes reference these guys as influences within
seconds of the second track the magician, if you fancy a bit of discordant
noise then these guys are probably way up the top of the ladder at this
stage, august 2007-Cd-Ba da bing-€15.99

Deep river of song-Georgia-Another fine installment in the alan lomax
recorded deep river of song series, this one concentrates on the georgia
area, the album features a total of 22 tracks recorded by the lomax family
during the period 1934 to 1943, the album features some top quality rare
recordings from blind willie mctell including a sterling version of boll
weevil, along with these are some really lovely folk spirituals and some
really haunting prison work songs, its a really fine cross section of sounds
from this period and the album also comes with some highly detailed liner
notes and short essays on the artists and recording included, compiled by
the rounder label in 2001-Cd-Rounder records-€17.99

Distractors-Last stand-The distractors are a new dublin based outfit and
this is their debut ep released on their own label, the ep features last
stand along with moon, the main track is a heavy blast of guitar led indie
rock with plenty of ballsy rock n roll influences, calls to mind the kind of
catchy but still heavy alt rock sounds of the likes of the foo fighters,
august 2007-Cds-Own label-€3.99

Figurines-Skeleton-This new album from danish based outfit figurines
originally came out sometime last year in their native country, the album
opens up with a lovely piano led ballad calling to mind the mellow sounds of
sufjan stevens before launching into some really classic indie rock sounds,
at times the album sounds like a heavenly blend of the slacker rock sounds
of pavement meets the very catchy but clever sounds of the likes of weezer,
the album is exploding with infectiously catchy high quality alt rock sounds
with a real feelgood factor, if you like any of the above mentioned bands
along with say the flaming lips or even mercury rev then you will love this,
august 2007-Cd-The control group-€16.99

Goatreign-Goatreign-Solo project from mike hickey who has played guitars in
extreme metal outfits venom, carcass, cronos and cathedral, hickey is joined
by longtime collaborator shawn progen on drums, this album was released
earlier this year as a very cdr only and now comes with five additional
bonus tracks, the album features some really classic sounding old style
metal like some great big lumbering beast raised on seventies rock and the
grinding sounds of labels like earache and roadrunner, its totally authentic
gutteral metal with no fancy trend setting ingredients added and its just
like that in my opinion, august 2007-Cd-Wabana-€17.99

Hala strana-Heave the gambrel roof-The fourth album from californian based
musician steven r smith under his hala strana moniker, the album is a really
lovely blend of traditional eastern folk music and the slightly more avant
garde folk sounds of the likes of john fahey or robbie basho, as the likes
of accordian and harmonium create hypnotic drone like sounds smith then
layers lots of gently plucked guitars, banjos and mandolins over the top of
it, the resulting album sounds like the meeting of early twentieth century
appalachian folk music and the eastern european folk sounds, what is
particularly appealing about this collection that it appears to be entirely
assembled using only acoustic sounds layered over each other, the lack of
digital trickery is quite appealing for a change, august 2007-Cd-Music

In the spirit-The gospel and jubilee recordings of trumpet records-A
wonderful collection of raw gospel sounds made for the trumpet label set up
by lillian mcmurry in the early fifties, the album features 16 vocal led
recordings from 1950 to 1953, features st andrews gospelaires, angro gospel
singers with the southern sons, blue jay gospel singers, brother hugh dent
and carolina kings of harmony, the sounds range from the early vocal only
sounds of st andrews gospelaires to the more uptempo organ led sounds of
brother hugh dent, these treasured archival recordings have been superbly
remastered and the sleeve comes with detailed liner notes on the artists and
recordings featured, compiled by the alligator label in

Johnson, lonnie-The complete folkways recordings-A lovely intimate
collection of solo recordings from the legendary blues artist lonnie johnson
for the smithsonian folkways label, the album was recorded with just johnson
and his electric guitar way back in 1967, the album features a selection of
traditional classics delivered with johnsons trademark almost soulful voice,
you can also hear some of the influence of the sixties singer songwriter
sounds creeping into the slightly more folky delivery of the songs towards
the end of this 24 track set, the album was originally released in 1982 and
has now been fully remastered for cd-Cd-Smithsonian folkways-€19.99

Leadbelly-Sings for children-This album compiles a total of 28 high quality
recordings from the folkways and moe asch archives, some of the tracks were
first issued in the early fourties on the folkways label as negro folk songs
for young people along with some tracks from the 1941 released album play
parties in song and dance, the features many leadbelly favourites with
lyrics adapted to suit his young audience, the album comes with a highly
detailed 24 page booklet with lots of facts on the recordings and their
origins, remastered and compiled by the folkways label in
1999-Cd-Smithsonian folkways-€19.99

Little aida-Mad country-The first release from little aida since the dj
vadim produced confessions from 1996, the band is based around the
australian based songwriting sisters tessa and susannah rubinstein, the
album was produced by kramer and released on his second shimmy label, the
album features some really lovely laid back mellow alt country sounds and is
quite a departure from their last album confessions, the album is much more
of a song based collection, at times the album calls to mind the sounds of
the cowboy junkies meets neko case with a wee bit of cat power thrown in,
august 2007-Cd-Second shimmy-€17.99

Lone ranger-Hi yo silver away-This album was originally released on the
greensleeves label way back in 1982, the album was recorded at channel one
studios and features sly dunbar on drums, willie lindo on piano, michael
taxter on guitars, robbie shakespear on bass, stick and sky juice on
percussion and also dean fraser on sax, its a fine collection of early
reggae dj sounds with lone ranger in truly excellent form, august

Mayer, nathaniel-Nathaniel mayer-The legendary nathaniel mayer continues his
comeback with the follow up to the fat possum released album i just want to
be held from 2004, the album features the guitar skills of dan auerbach from
the black keys, mayer first hit the big time almost 40 years ago with his
chart topping hit village of love, the album features some of the finest
modern raw garage soul sounds you are likely to hear including a fine
helping of soulful blues, mayers voice sounds like screamin jay hawkins on
60 cigarettes a day and that simply adds to the authentic old school garage
sound, anything featuring a member of the black keys will always come very
highly recommended by us, august 2007-Cd-Alive records-€17.99

Mayer, nathaniel-Nathaniel mayer-The legendary nathaniel mayer continues his
comeback with the follow up to the fat possum released album i just want to
be held from 2004, the album features the guitar skills of dan auerbach from
the black keys, mayer first hit the big time almost 40 years ago with his
chart topping hit village of love, the album features some of the finest
modern raw garage soul sounds you are likely to hear including a fine
helping of soulful blues, mayers voice sounds like screamin jay hawkins on
60 cigarettes a day and that simply adds to the authentic old school garage
sound, anything featuring a member of the black keys will always come very
highly recommended by us, limited edition purple vinyl pressing, august
2007-Lp-Alive records-€17.99

Mccarthy-I am a wallet [plus bonus tracks]-Mccarthy are one of those bands
from the late eighties that you will either love or hate, they were one of
the finest exponents of jangly indie guitar pop sounding like the meeting of
the byrds and the smiths, this collection compiles their first album from
1987 along with four tracks from their 12 inch ep this nelson rockefeller
and also a rare track from the compilation a la guillotine, there is plenty
of breezy jangly pop reminiscent of the likes of the go betweens in here,
what really made them stand out though was vocalist malcolm edens thought
provoking political and anarchistic lyrical delivery over such happy pop
songs, still sounds as fresh as it did nearly 20 years ago, august
2007-Cd-Cherry red-€15.99

Monotract-Trveno oscuro-Monotract return with the follow up to xprmntl lvrs
on thurston moores ecstatic peace from last year, this new album takes their
experimental no wave sounds into a world that only load records can really
understand properly, the band features carlos giffoni, roger rimada adn
nancy garcia, the album opens up like some big jam between early sonic youth
and lightning bolt before slowly settling down the slightly more subdued
sounds of giffonis radiophonic like oscillators sounds coupled with garcias
perfectly out of tune vocal ramblings, improvised noise rock as only load
records know, august 2007-Lp-Load records-€15.99

Moor, andy-Marker-Andy moor is a longtime member of dutch avant punk outfit
the ex, this is amazingly enough his first ever collection of solo
recordings, the 15 instrumental pieces here are culled from recordings made
between 2003 and 2006, the majority of pieces are almost live sounding
improvisational works ranging from some truly minimal harmonic like pieces
to heavily strummed almost drone rock and some lovely ambient sounds too, on
certain tracks you can really hear his unique guitar style and longtime fans
of the ex will know exactly what i mean, august 2007-Cd-Unsounds-€18.99

Neutrinos, the-One way kiss-The second album from the neutrinos fronted by
the explosive vocals of karen reilly, the album is a real sleazy collection
of sludgy blues rock meets post punk rumblings, sounding at times like a pj
harvey fronted queens of the stoneage meets some of the early grunge rock
sounds of nirvana and a nice helping of catchy alt rock sounds, there are
also plenty of intricate art rock moments as both drummer and guitar seem to
bounce off tempo rhythms off each other, august 2007-Cd-Wet nurse-€14.99

Nine ix lives-Like the flames attact the moths-The debut six track mini
album from this new irish outfit on verifier labs records, this young four
piece are based here in dublin and i have to say its great to see some
people rocking out again, the band list husker du, green day, jawbreaker and
fugazi as some of their influences and its easy to hear all of these artists
in their sound, whilst they do have a slightly poppy edge to their sound
they do kind of remind me of a catchy leatherface, the album features six
very high quality slices of uptempo in yer face punk rock sounds and i have
to say i totally love it at the moment, august 2007-Cd-Verifier labs-€6.99

Now we are ten-Various artists-Trunk records celebrate their tenth
anniversary with a lovely budget priced sampler features 22 classic tracks
from their vaults, features seven exclusive tracks never released before,
artists featured include delia derbyshire, herbie hancock, basil kirchin,
sven libaek, michael garrick, orriel smith, mike sammes, vernon elliott,
paul lewis, jonny trunk, john cameron, barbara moore singers and tracks from
the dirty fan male collection, the label which is run by jonny truck have
been releasing some strange and weird music from the vaults including gems
such as the kes soundtrack, the claners soundtrack and of course the
wonderful wicker man soundtrack, august 2007-Cd-Trunk records-€9.99

Panda bear-Take pills-Very very limited edition 7 inch pressing on the paw
tracks label from panda bear, the single features take pills from the recent
album person pitch along with a live version of the non album track bonfire
of the vanities, the live track was recorded in lisbon in september 2004,
take pills is like some acid soaked take on the vocal harmony sounds of the
beach boys blended with the weird psychedelic sounds of the animal
collective, echoing psychedelic guitars are met with weird found sounds and
layers of multitracked vocals, july 2007-7"-Paw tracks-€7.99

Port royal-Afraid to dance-The second album on the resonant label from port
royal, this italian based outfit have taken some of the dreamlike guitar
sounds of the early nineties shoegazing genre and seamlessly melted it into
their own brand of lush electronic beats and mellow warm electronica, the
more uptempo songs are quire reminscent of the likes of ulrich schnauss or
m83, the more mellow beatless tracks call to mind the ambient sounds of
boards of canada or even four tet, the album has a somewhat euphoric feel to
it with the way they layer washes of synths over the dreamlike post rock
guitar picking, really beautiful stuff, august 2007-Cd-Resonant-€18.99

Rameses iii-Matanuska-This london based trio return with another beautifully
haunting collection of kranky like drone sounds blened in with some ry
cooder meets john fahey like acoustic guitar picking, slowly changing drone
based sounds are layered with some very haunting acoustic guitar picking and
slide guitar as washes of ambient synth swirl around in the background, all
the sounds blend together into some totally dreamlike collection of sounds
making this one of those perfect late night headphone albums, august
2007-Cd-Music fellowship-€17.99

Slaraffenland-Private cinema-The second album from this danish based outfit
now signed to the hometapes label, these guys inhabit a world of off kilter
alternative rock along with the likes of arcade fire, broken social scene
and maybe just a bit of the flaming lips, its a world where disjointed song
arrangements slowly morph into some very catchy almost psyche pop sounds and
whilst they dont particularly sound like panda bear there is a similar vibe
to their sound, throw in some lovely brass sounds and you have a damn fine
collection of off kilter underground pop sounds, comes in a lovely hardback
book stlye sleeve, august 2007-Cd-Hometapes-€15.99

Stephen hero-57 stars of the almanac-The fourth full length release from
former kitchens of distinction frontman patrick fitzgerald, on this new
release fitzgerald seems to be heading back to his roots with some lovely
euphoric indie rock sounds along with the slightly more sedate piano led
ballad like sounds, one of the tracks even features the guitar sounds of
original kitchens of distinction guitarist julian swales, there is also
evidence of his recent work on the soundtrack to paul catlings film tomo as
he explores some more dreamlike cinematic sounds on this album, another
solid collection of emotionally charged sounds, august

Stephenson, martin-High 7 moon 5-Features guest appearences from slide
guitar wizard bj cole, sean read and chris clarke from the rockingbirds and
helen and the horns member helen mccookerybook, stephenson sounds like he is
really enjoying making music again as he delivers some uptempo country folk
and blues sounds on this new collection, there are lots of old style rootsy
rock sounds and plenty of breezy folk moments, long time fans of both his
solo work and with the daintees will not be disappointed with this lovely
new collection, august 2007-Cd-Stove pony-€15.99

Turbonegro-Retox-One of norways finest and long lasting sleazy rock outfits
return with one of their strongest albums since the wonderful ass cobra
album, the leather obsessed outfit keep their punk rock roots whilst
blending in some classic glam rock sounds into the mix and at times sound
like a full on punk rock take on the likes of kiss, whilst these guys do
everything with tongue firmly planted in cheek they also possess some damn
fine musicians and know how to write some exceptionally catchy metal edged
glam rock sounds, limited edtion vinyl pressing on the bitz core label,
comes in a heavy card gatefold sleeve, august 2007-Lp-Bitzcore-€17.99

Twelve-03-The third solo release under the twelve moniker from the former
six by seven member chris olley, olley is also a current member of julian
copes band, olley dips into some really early krautrock and ambient sounds
on this new collection as he blends synth based space rock sounds with
mellow guitar driven post rock, there are also some elements of brian enos
ambient era along with the slightly robotik analog sounds of kraftwerk, the
album really reminds me of those early cluster and harmonium albums when
synths really became part of an overall rock music sound, totally blissful
space rock with some high quality modern twists, august 2007-Cd-Saturday
night sunday morning-€12.99

Williamson, sonny boy-Down and out blues and in memorium-Nice price reissue
of these two stunning albums from sonny boy which were originally released
on the chess label, down and out originally came out in 1959 whilst in
memorium was released in 1965, both albums features sonny boy in totally
rockin form, the band on down and out blues were to features many members of
the muddy waters band along with the legendary willie dixon on bass and also
fred below on drums, not only did this guy have one of the most raw and
soulful voices around at the time but he was also one hot harmonica player
and these recordings with the full band really allowed him to let loose at
times, a fantastic way to discover one of the finest blues harmonica
players, compiled by the bgo label in 2004-Cd-Bgo records-€16.99

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Ritter, josh-The historical conquests of josh ritter [this item is released
on friday 7th of september]-The brand new album from josh ritter, limited
edition irish pressing on the independent records label, features to the
dogs or whatever, minds eye, right moves, the temptation of adam, open
doors, rumors, edge of the world, wait for love, real long distance, next to
the last romantic, moons, still beating, empty heats, wait for love, the
album will also come with an exclusive special bonus four track ep when you
order before the release date, the bonus ep features the tracks wildfires,
spot in my heart, naked as a window and labelship down <br>this album is
released on friday the 7th of september and we will ship your orders out to
you a few days before the release date so most people will receive their cds
as close to the 7th as is humanly possible-Cd-Independent records-€17.99

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Amiina-Kurr-The debut album from this icelandic based four piece who are
probably best known for their work with sigur ros and efterklang, the band
features four classically trained musicians, the album features some really
beautiful almost classical like compositions with little elements of
victorian music box sounds, along with their use of lush strings the girls
throw in lots of chiming bells and strange sound effects to create a sound
that could be described as an orchestra covering the music of either sigur
ros or mum, whilst it does have its kooky elements it truly is one of the
most beautiful albums around at the moment, comes packaged in an adorable
big hardback card sleeve, july 2007-Cd-Ever records-€16.50

Baim, matteah-Death of the sun-Matteah baim is probably better known as one
half of metallic falcons, the album also features contributions from jana
hunter and devendra banhart, this is an album of some really beautiful and
very haunting folk sounds like a slight more psyche folk version of marissa
nadler or early cat power, featuring the barest of background sounds baim
keeps things down to delicately plucked piano, slide guitars and lots of
gentle but weird sound effects, just one listen to her almost operatic vocal
delivery and you will be hooked, july 2007-Lp-Dicristina-€15.99

Bat for lashes-Fur and gold-Fur and gold is the debut album from bat for
lashes based around the voice and songwriting of natasha khan, the album was
produced in conjunction with faultlines david kosten and whilst she is
getting mentions along the lines of joanna newsom this album has a much more
lush and electronic edge to it compared to miss newsom, there are elements
of the more stripped down early kooky sounds of bjork with the haunting
spacial sounds of mazzy star and the lush arrangement of kate bush, the
album has a very lush and sometimes funky centre to it as khan works her
magic around the basic sounds, november 2006-Cd-Echo-€17.99

Beastie boys-The mix up-This is the beasties 7th studio album, 12 tracks of
totally instrumental grooves and workouts featuring the keyboards of
longtime collaborator money mark and percussionist alfredo ortiz, the album
is a completely live collection of sounds featuring no vocals or samples,
its great to hear these guys going back to their roots with just drums,
guitars and bass, the album features some rather excellent seventies funk
sounds with hints of sixties psychedelic funk and even one track where the
boys do a very very good job at some funky dub reggae, comes in a card
gatefold sleeve, august 2007-Lp-Capitol-€18.99

Black rebel motorcycle club-Berlin-Limited edition red vinyl pressing,
features berlin tony hoffer remix along with new track 20 hours on the flip
side, features some more fine sleazy rock sounds akin to some of the later
jesus and mary chain sounds or even a much more garage rock sounding dandy
warhols, august 2007-7"-Drop the gun recordings-€3.99

Boris-Rainbow-Japanese psyche rock outfit return with a new album and their
first collaboration with ghost member michio kurihara, the album sees boris
move slightly more into noisy psyche rock and away from some of their more
recent drone based albums, dont worry as there are still plenty of pure
freakout moments and totally distorted psyche rock though, at times the
album sounds like a totally distorted psyche rock take on the shoegazing
sounds of the nineties but as only boris know how, other moments have more
of a ghost influence as kurihara takes them off on a total seventies psyche
rock journey, another essential purchase for boris fans and also for lovers
of high quality noise rock, may 2007-Cd-Drag city-€16.99

Cash, johnny-The original sun sound-A wonderful collection of early singles
that johnny cash cut for the sun label, the album was originally compiled by
sun in 1964 and has now been reissued by the get back label, the album
features always gone, country boy, goodnight irene, wide open road, thanks a
lot, big river, belshazzar, born to lose, new mexico, i forgot to remember
to forget, two timin woman and story of a broken heart, 2002-Lp-Get

Classic country music box-Various artists-This is a really nice priced
triple cd box set featuring some of the biggest legends of country music
during the period 1927 to 1952, the box features 80 classic tracks from a
total of 27 different artists and is a wonderful place to start your
collection of country and honky tonk sounds, the box features almost four
hours of music, features tracks from jimmie rodgers, the carter family,
carson robison, roy acuff, montana slim, gene autry, patsy montana, al
dexter, bob wills, bill monroe, tex ritter, ernest tubb, red foley, roy
rogers, the sons of the pioneers, cowboy copas, tex williams, merle travis,
eddy arnold, jimmy wakely, johnny bond, hank snow, tennessee ernie ford,
hank williams, george morgan, lefty frizzell and carl smith, 2005-3cd-Pure

Deerhunter-Cryptograms and flourescent grey ep-This is one of the most
varied album you are ever likely to hear from the kranky label, its a big
distance from the usual electronic and drone based sounds that kranky are
famous for, there are still moments of layered guitar based droning sounds
within this album but its much more of a full live band affair with lots of
quirky off kilter indie rock thrown in, there is also lots of bass driven
angular math rock sounding a bit like a more psychedelic girls against boys
meets the gang of four, limited edition double vinyl pressing which now
comes with the new foourescent grey ep on side four, april

Demons claws-Satans little pet pig-Montreal based rockin outfit on the in
the red label, lo fi distorted garage rock vibes sounding at times like the
meeting of the gun club, early stooges and the sounds of the back from the
grave compilations on the crypt label, the ablum is full of sleazy blues
rock sounds with a sound comparable to the great billy childish or murder
city devils at times too and in particular the raw sound quality of the
album, february 2007-Lp-In the red-€14.99

Dntel-Dumb luck-Jimmy tamborello returns with his dntel project and his
first album for six years, tamborello is also a member of the postal service
and james figurine, the album features contributions from jenny lweis,
edward droste from grizzly bear, valerie trebeljahr and markus acher from
lali puna, mia doi todd, trant olsen and sonya westcott from arthur and yu,
andrew broder from fog, conor oberst from bright eyes, christopher and
jennifer gunst from mystic chords of memory, chris hathwell from moving
units and paul larson from the minor cannon, tamborello has found the
perfect middle ground between lush electronic pop sounds and the slighly
more quirky electronic sounds of the likes of animal collective or black
dice, the sounds have a lovely happy pulsating beat to them giving the album
a real joyous electronic pop feel whilst the use of off tempo beats and
samples adds a nice quirky edge to the album, a highly complex album which
reveals something new every time you listen to it, may 2007-Cd-Moshi

Earth-Hibernaculum-Earth return with possibly one of their finest album to
date, the album features 3 older gems now reworked and one brand new epic
track, the album carries on from the hex album with its beautifully slow
almost morricone like sparse desert sounds, the distortion of older earth
album is toned down and the new sound now includes some lovely slide guitars
along with pianos and trumpet, the album has a really haunting undercurrent
to it with the deep bass drones creaing the backbone for the sparse strummed
guitars and pedal steel effects, try to imagine the likes of mogwai writing
a soundtrack to paris texas, a real gem, pressed on limited edition heavy
vinyl and comes in a heavy card sleeve, may 2007-Lp-Southern lord-€18.99

Earthless-Rhythms from a cosmic sky-Earthless is the brainchild of mario
rubalaba aka ruby mars from rocket from the crypt and also hot snakes, this
new trio are quite a distance away from the sounds of his former band with a
real emphasis on psychedelic noise rock jams and drug induced kraut rock,
the band also features mike eginton from electric nazarene and isaiah
mitchell from nebula, this is quite possibly one of the finest psychedelic
rock albums i have ever heard, try to imagine jimi hendrix jamming with
black sabbath, hawkwind, parliament and early metallica, the album features
two extremely long guitar led instrumental tracks along with a superb cover
of the groundhogs classic cherry red, this is pure psychedelic stoner rock
with endless wah wah heavy guitar solos with some real heavy funky
basslines, if you love endless heavy psychedelic guitar solos then you wind
find a better album than this around at the moment, a truly mind bending
experience, may 2007-Cd-Tee pee-€19.99

Feist-1234-Taken from her recent reminder album, the track is a real bouncy
singalong summery piece of alternative pop with feists husky tones winning
me over every time, the single comes backed with a heavy eighties synth pop
tinged remix of sealion by chromeo, august 2007-7"-Polydor-€3.99

Funkadelic-One nation under a groove-This funkadelic album was originally
released way back in 1978 and has long been considered to be one of their
finest albums of all time, the album has now been reissued by the get back
label and still comes in the original sleeve artwork, the album features
gems like the title track itself along with maggot brain, into you, cholly,
groovallegiance, who says a funk band cant play rock, lunchmeataphobia and
more, 2004-Lp-Get back-€12.99

Fuzztones-Boom-The sonics tribute album, features the fuzztones taking on
six classic sonics tracks, features their versions of caught you red handed,
cinderella, the witch, have love will travel, strychnine and boss hoss,
since forming in the eighties the fuzztones have remained one of the finest
retro garage rock outfits and still sound good twenty years later, this is
pure classsic garage rock complete with sleazy hammond organ solos and
screeching vocal howls, limited edition 10 inch vinyl pressing, february
2007-10"-Beyond your mind-€13.99

Gerrard, lisa-The silver tree-Brand new solo album from the former vocalist
with dead can dance, the album features a selection of new tracks written by
gerrard with orchestration from patrick cassidy, the album features some
really haunting sounds with gerrards spine tingling voice blended over
minimal washes of synth and lots of slow moving orchestral sounds, the album
is quite similar to her score for the whalerider film, limited double vinyl
pressing, comes on heavyweight vinyl and in a gatefold sleeve, april
2007-2lp-Subway records-€23.99

Iron and wine-The sea and the rhythm-5 track mini album from sam beam and
co, originally released in 2003 on sub pop, indie lo fi sounds like sebadoh
meets nick drake at times, the album features beneath the balcony, the sea
and the rhythm, the night descending, jesus the mexican boy and someday the
waves, the album also features a coupon for a free mp3 download of the
entire album, this is the first time this album has been available on vinyl,
july 2007-Lp-Sub pop-€8.99

Jesu-Conqueror-Brand new full length album from justin broadrick on the
conspiracy label, broadrick used to be in both napalm death and then
godflesh, this album has a lot more of godflesh in it than his previous jesu
recordings and to my ears that is no bad thing, broadrick has recruited
diammuid dalton on bass and ted parsons on drums to give the album a much
more live feel, try to imagine a blend of the heavy metal edged sounds of
godflesh and the dreamy wall of noise guitars of my bloody valentine and
then add in broadricks dreamy shoegazing like vocals over the top of it all,
the majority of tracks on the album range from 7 to 10 minutes which gives
the tracks time to move through various phases of layered soundscapes and
its all the better for it too, its truly one of the finest things this man
has put his name to and that is high praise considering his past exploits,
stunning stuff and its great to see somebody putting the rock back in post
rock again, very limited double vinyl pressing on heavyweight vinyl and
comes in a heavy card gatefold sleeve, april 2007-2lp-Hydra head-€24.99

Kammerflimmer kollektief-Jinx-The sixth album from german based artist
thomas weber and his kammerflimmer kollektief on the staubgold label, weber
has expanded his sound on this new collection to include some lovely almost
jazzy like electronica and glitchy laptop sounds along with plenty of live
instrumentation, the closest thing i can compare this to is the very lush
sounds of the likes of telefon tel aviv with added brass and slide guitar
thrown in, lovely stuff and well worth a listen, may

Kings of leon-Because of the times [red vinyl]-This is real back to basics
rock n roll from the kings of leon again, more reminiscent of their debut
album again with a real emphasis on classic balls to the wall southern rock,
the album opens up with the hypnotic seven minute long track knocked up
before launching into twelve more short sharp blasts of old school rock n
roll, this is the reason we all fell in love with these guys, very very
limited red vinyl pressing, july 2007-Lp-The control group-€19.99

Kurihara, michio-Sunset notes-Solo album from the japanese guitarist and
frontman with ghost along with recent collaborations with drone masters
boris, kurihara has put together an album of mostly instrumental guitar
sounds but its far from what you might expect from his psychedelic based
sounds with ghost, this is a real laid back album with lots of delicate solo
guitar work, beautifully strummed guitars blend in with subtle solo work to
form a very soothing listening experience, the album is released on former
galaxy 500 members damon and naoimis label and its easy to see why this pair
wanted to release this album as it does kind of recall some of the galaxy
500 sounds, the sounds range from the slow mournful psychedelic rock up to
some dick dale like surf sounds, july 2007-Cd-20 20 20-€13.99

Little xs for eyes-Ep-The debut five track mini album from this new irish
based outfit, the band features members of butterfly explosion, 66e and life
after modelling, the album features some really lovely downbeat country
tinged folk sounds with comparisons to the likes of mazzy star meets cat
power or even neko case, the opening two tracks are two of the most
beautiful alt country tracks sounding like a more laid back cowboy junkies
with the almost whispered vocal delivery of hope sandoval, really lovely
stuff well worthy of your attention, the album features shell use you lou,
the rubble of love, confident you, sleepwalking and little boat rowing, july
2007-Cd-Own label-€6.99

New young pony club-Fantastic playroom-The debut album from this bunch of
giddy punk funk kids on the modular label, features the singles ice cream
and the bomb, the album is full of uptempo indie rock meets punk funk
sounds, its all done with a real sense of fun and comes across like the
meeting of the minimal punk funk of esg meets the more modern sounds of
brazils css, along with the bass driven punk funk sounds there are lots of
electro pop influences, july 2007-Cd-Modular-€17.99

New young pony club-The bomb-Limited edition remix ep from the new young
pony club, four track ep, features phones collateral damage mix, the
teenagers lou crush remix, kaos disco bomb extended dub and the original
version of the bomb, the main track is a fine piece of modern punk funk with
a little nod towards the shouty riot grrrl sounds of old, you may try not to
like it but its infectiously catchy, april 2007-12"-Modular recordings-€5.99

Pantha du prince-This bliss-German producer hendrik weber returns wiith a
new selection of ambient and minimal techno sounds on the kompakt label, the
album is full of mellow late night ambient sounds and at times is comparable
to the damn fine field album also on the kompakt label from earlier this
year, featuring the most mellow of techno beats weber weaves lots of lovely
warm electronic sounds over the top aswell as his clever use of strings and
orchestral sounds, double vinyl pressing, july 2007-Lp-Kompakt-€20.99

People press play-People press play-The debut album from this danish four
piece on the morr music label, the band features thomas knak from opiate,
anders remmer from dub tractor, jesper skaaning from acustic and vocalist
sara savery, if you were looking for an album that perfectly depicts the
morr music sound then this one would be an ideal place to start, this is
some of the most blissful electronic pop you will hear all year round,
taking their cues from the likes of seefeel, just a touch of my bloody
valentine, lali puna, the notwist and stereolab this outfit have constructed
one of the first feel good albums of the summer, delicate crunchy electronic
beats meets kraftwerk like analog synth sounds and honey toned female
vocals, a real joy from start to finish, july 2007-Cd-Morr music-€17.99

Pterodactyl-Pterodactyl-Pterodactyl are originally from ohio and now based
in brooklyn, this is a really fine collection of math rock meets post punk
noises coming on like some really noisy garage rock take on the sounds of
the likes of deerhoof, the band have found some happy middle ground between
old school guitar riff action and the rhythmic pulsating drum led sounds of
the likes of don caballero or shellac, try to imagine don caballero being
led by the singer from the make up, excellent stuff, released on the jag
jaguwar offshoot label brah records, april 2007-Cd-Brah records-€15.99

Rakes-Ten new messages-The rakes return with ten new selections of new wave
tinged indie rock on the v2 label, their sound falls somewhere between the
slightly darker edged new wave sounds of the likes of interpol and the
slacker rock vibes of some later pavement albums, the rakes have also added
in plenty of pulsating electronic beats and heavy synth sounds into the mix
on this new collection, heavy indie rock sounds with a slighly dark heart to
it, pressed on heavyweight vinyl, april 2007-Lp-V2-€13.50

Ritter, josh-The animal years-Album number four for josh ritter and his
third album for the irish label independent records, produced by brian deck
and recorded in both seattle and chicago, march 2006-Cd-Independent

Rough bunnies-Weisse westen dreck am-Swedish based duo with their first
album to be made available outside sweden after having released three very
very limited cdr releases, you will hear little bits of the velvet
underground, early beck, beat happening, the vaselines, moldy peaches and
even shonen knive, the album is full of short lo fi sounds like some old
style indie pop meets the sounds of the anti folk movement, the album comes
in a lovely hand made card sleeve using recycled old vinyl sleeves turned
inside out, july 2007-Lp-Ypsilanti records-€17.99

Sickboy-The a tune-The debut ep from this young dublin based four piece
outfit released on their own label slap in the face records, features the a
tune, suicide crimes against remix, blind fever and a cd rom video track for
the a tune, these guys sound like a more modern new wave tinged killing joke
with lots of added post punk elements, big chunky basslines, scratchy
echoing guitar riffs and a vocal delivery to match either interpol or the
killers, july 2007-Cds-Slap in the face records-€4.99

Silver daggers-New high and ord-La based no wave outfit on the load label,
these guys throw together the discordant sounds of repetitive no wave sounds
with the noise core of the likes of melt banana and the percussive math rock
of shellac, with the addition of a totally fuzzed up saxophone this makes
for one hell of a noisy listen, imagine a slightly more song orientated
lightning bolt with added saxophones and siouxsie sioux on vocals or even
early sonic youth jamming with the slits, its all perfectly controlled lo fi
madness, july 2007-Lp-Load records-€12.99

Skatalites-Play ska-Kingston sounds have delved into the vaults of the wirl
record label to put together some truly excellent cuts from one of the most
influential reggae and ska bands of all time, features wise man, skylarka,
wild man street, cow town skank, northern sound, convention, the joker from
la boka, legs man, greenwich farm, girls town, tip toe, gold coast, boys
town and t bone, some really classic early instrumental ska sounds from the
mid to late sixties, features don drummond, roland alphonso, tommy mccook,
johnny moore, lester sterling, jerome hines, jackie mittoo, lloyd brevett
and lloyd knibbs, march 2007-Lp-Kingston sounds-€18.99

Sunn o and boris-Altar-This is a real marriage made in heaven for lovers of
doom and drone metal out there, japanese drone experts boris team up with
sunn o led by stephen o malley, the album also features dylan carlson from
doom legends earth, the album is a truly haunting and bass heavy collection
of some of the scariest doom metal sounds you will hear all year long, to me
it sounds more like a boris album with sunn o adding in their own little
influences, the screeching solos that attracted me to boris are in full flow
throughout, there are some rather beautiful but still rather scary quieter
moments particularly on track three the singing belle when the sound is
stripped down to piano and some sublime vocals, track four sees the band
move into something altogether new with a song based around a pounding snare
drum and trombone, these guys are much more than just metal doom merchants
as you will hear from just one listen to this album, this is like the
soundtrack to your most extreme nightmares, truly awesome, comes in a
cardboard gatefold digi pack with booklet, november 2006-Cd-Southern

Sunn o and boris-Altar limited edition-This is a real marriage made in
heaven for lovers of doom and drone metal out there, japanese drone experts
boris team up with sunn o led by stephen o malley, the album also features
dylan carlson from doom legends earth, the album is a truly haunting and
bass heavy collection of some of the scariest doom metal sounds you will
hear all year long, to me it sounds more like a boris album with sunn o
adding in their own little influences, the screeching solos that attracted
me to boris are in full flow throughout, there are some rather beautiful but
still rather scary quieter moments particularly on track three the singing
belle when the sound is stripped down to piano and some sublime vocals,
track four sees the band move into something altogether new with a song
based around a pounding snare drum and trombone, these guys are much more
than just metal doom merchants as you will hear from just one listen to this
album, this is like the soundtrack to your most extreme nightmares, truly
awesome, very very limited triple vinyl pressing, pressed on heavyweight
brown vinyl, comes in a heavy card gatefold sleeve with a stunning full size
booklet inside with photos, will definitely win the sleeve of the year award
around here anyway, april 2007-3lp-Southern lord-€38.99

Takeovers-Bad football-The takeovers are a new outfit featuring ex guided by
voices member robert pollard and chris slusarenko, since the break up of
guided by voices pollard seems to have no end of new side projects on the
go, this new one sees him rock out quite a bit more compared to his recent
solo release silverfish trivia, the album also features guitars on one track
from the legendary tad doyle, the album features some of the slacker rock
influences of guided by voices but also features a lot more sixties garage
rock sounds, the album features lots of heavy indie rock sounds with lots of
clever pop edges, july 2007-Cd-Off records-€15.99

Tauchsieder-Louder-Tauchsieder are an electronic based three piece made up
by innes smith, stuart mclean and ben hayes, the album also features guest
appearences and contributions from optimos dj twitch, colin newman from
wire, richard x and also tom elland from severed head, the album features 19
pieces of pure laid back electronic ambience, mellow pulsating analog
keyboard sounds slowly mingle with lots of oscillator sounds along with
sampled vocals and lots of rustic field recordings, the sounds range from
the totally ambient sounds of early brian eno to the slighly more synth
based sounds coming across like some kind of ambient drumless space rock,
there are odd touches of dubby ambient sounds comparable to the orb or even
pole, perfect headphone music, july 2007-Cd-Prank monkey-€18.99

Taxi taxi-Taxi taxi-The debut mini album from these two talented swedish
teenage twins on the rumraket label, the band features miriam and johanna
eriksson, the six tracks featured here were lovingly produced by bjorn
yttling from peter bjorn and john, its a beautiful raw production with a
natural sounding reverb on their voices and the barest of acoustic guitar
and piano to accompany them, its the voices of this pair that will really
blow you away though, its not that often you hear a band with two superbly
matched voices, these girls seem to have a love of the darker side of folk
music with a sound falling somewhere between the likes of marissa nadler and
early cat power, the vocal range though is really something to behold as
they can switch from kooky whispered vocals up to some haunting high pitched
dual, i love it when some like this comes along and just quietly blows you
away, highly recommended, july 2007-Cd-Rumraket-€13.99

Tindersticks-Bbc sessions-Double cd collection from their numerous bbc radio
sessions, features a total of 26 tracks hand picked by the band themselves,
the collection also comes with a lovely booklet containing sleeve notes from
david boulter, features tracks going right back to their john peel session
from april 1993 up to their mark radcliffe sessions from february 1997, a
fine album that finds the tindersticks in a much more stripped down mode
with guests including terry edwards on trumpet, mike kearsey on trombone and
tris willaims on vibes, july 2007-Cd-Island-€18.99

Von sudenfed-Tromatic reflexxions-This is brand new project featuring mouse
on mars members andi tom and jan st werner along with the truly legendary
fall frontman mark e smith, no prizes for guessing what this one might sound
like, dare i say try to imagine the pulsating and crunchy electronic sounds
of german based mouse on mars with mark e smith on vocals, the album
features heaps of motorik kraftwerk like heavy electro sounds peppered with
smiths snarling vocal delivery, there is plenty of material on this album
that could quite easily have found its way onto several of the falls albums
from the late eighties or early nineties, if you have ever wondered what
kraftwerk would sound like remixing the fall then mouse on mars have
answered all your questions, this is a real match made in underground music
heaven, may 2007-Lp-Domino-€17.99

Yorkston, james-Woozy with cider-Possibly one of my favourite from yorkstons
most recent album the year of the leopard on domino records, whilst it may
be quite different from his usual mellow laid back folk sound its still a
top quality tune with a simple spoken word ivor cutler like vocal over the
barest tinkling electronic soundscapes, jon hopkins takes yorkstons vocal
track and simple adds some truly beautiful minimal piano behind it and
somehow gives the track a completely different feeling, dubstep producer
kode 9 remixing james yorkston sounds like an odd prospect but somehow it
genuinely works, he adds some delightful dubby beats behind yorkstons
treated vocals with accordian accompaniment to come up with something that
certainly would not sound out of place on the burial album which kode 9 also
produced last year, the ep also features new mixes from king biscuit time,
quiet village and dusty cabinets, limited edition double 12 inch set, march

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Bands known by initials

Bands Known By Initials

by Robert Benson

In rock ‘n’ roll history there have been many bands whose moniker and names were shortened and universally recognized by abbreviated lettered names. Let’s explore some popular initial nicknames of bands.

Creedence Clearwater Revival (also known as CCR) began churning out classic rock ‘n’ roll singles shortly after the John Fogerty led band formed in 1967. With their “swamp-rock” sound and style, the group amassed seventeen top 40 hits like “Bad Moon Rising,” “Green River,” and the wedding band staple “Proud Mary.” The group disbanded in 1972 and any hopes of a CCR reunion were quashed with the death of band member Tom Fogerty in 1990.

Another 60's band that had huge commercial success was Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, also known as CSN &Y. Band members David Crosby (formally of the Byrds), Graham Nash (of Hollies fame), Stephen Stills and Neil Young (both with Buffalo Springfield), blended their flawless harmonies into a long and successful career. With hits such as the Nash led “Teach Your Children,” Neil Young’s antiwar protest song “Ohio” and a Joni Mitchell composition “Woodstock” about the legendary rock festival, CSN &Y blended their unique acoustic-folk and progressive hard rock sound to be a classic example of the 1960's psychedelic era. Additionally, after Young left the group, Crosby, Stills and Nash (also known as CSN) continued to release melodic pop/rock songs with 1977's “Just A Song Before I Go” and “Wasted On The Way,” which was released in 1982. The group still tours, occasionally joined by Young.

Hard-rocking Bachman-Turner Overdrive, or simply BTO consisted of Randy Bachman (formally of the Guess Who), fellow Guess Who alum Chad Allen, C.F. “Fred” Turner and Randy’s brother drummer Robbie. Capitalizing on the arena rock/pop rock era of the mid 70's, BTO had a short but successful career with chart singles such as “Takin’ Care Of Business,” “Let It Ride” and the number one single “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet,” a song which was intended for an audience of one- Randy’s brother Gary Bachman who had a speech impediment-stuttering. They recorded the song for fun but needing another song to complete the lp “Not fragile,” Randy Bachman was pressured to include the joking stuttering lyrics and the song spent twelve weeks on the Billboard charts in 1974.

There are many other rock ‘n’ roll bands that were known by initials as well as their “given” name and I will include a couple more that I know of. The Electric Light Orchestra (also known as ELO) led by guitarist Jeff Lynne, scored twenty top ten hits with songs like “Telephone Line and “Don’t Bring Me Down.” A similar sounding name ELP was a supergroup consisting of keyboard genius Keith Emerson, bassist Greg lake (of the band Nice) and drummer Carl Palmer (a former member of The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown). They instilled their keyboard dominated, progressive rock throughout the 70's, creating a FM radio phenomenon with songs like “Lucky Man,” “Still You Turn Me On” and “From The Beginning.”

Author Robert Benson writes about rock/pop music, vinyl record collecting and operates www.collectingvinylrecords.com where you can secure your copy of his ebook called “The Fascinating Hobby Of Vinyl Record Collecting.”
Robert can be contacted at robert@collectingvinylrecords.com.

Album Cover Art II

Album Cover Art
Part Two
Album cover art software allows you to explore this pop phenomenon

In the last article, we discussed some of the elements of album cover art and I would like to continue the discussion with some more details and an album cover finder that is a must for any fan of album cover art.

As I stated previously, many famous artists have been commissioned to design and produce album covers. For example, the Rolling Stones and pop artist Andy Warhol are famous for the cover art on the Stones’ album “Sticky Fingers.” As the story goes, at a party in 1969, Andy Warhol casually mentioned to Mick Jagger that it would be amusing to have a real zipper on an album cover. A year later, Jagger proposed the idea for “Sticky Fingers.” But, there was a flaw in the shipping process, the zipper would press onto the album stacked on top of it, causing damage to the vinyl record. The solution? The zipper had to be pulled down before the album was shipped, then it would only dent the album covers. However, they never figured out how to keep the zipper from scratching the other album covers. Additionally, some department stores refused to display the album, feeling it was risque and not family oriented because of the model’s snug jeans and the zipper display. But this album is historic because it broke new ground and also saw the debut of the now famous Stones logo: a caricature of Jagger’s lips and tongue.

If you are a Janis Joplin fan, then you would probably know that the famed cartoonist Robert Crumb designed the cover for Joplin’s album “Cheap Thrills.” This revered, yet misunderstood artist, drew the cover as a favor to Joplin, who he befriended in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood where they both resided. He was paid $600 for his work by Columbia Records, which later sold the artwork. Crumb was asked to do a cover for the Rolling Stones, but refused because he did not like their music. Crumb is also the artist for the “Keep On Truckin’” poster and “Fritz The Cat,” and has more than seventy covers to his credit.

The Internet is full of sites related to album cover art and is just too numerous to list. There are sites devoted to fan favorites, the weird and unusual, particular decades and so on. Many users have turned to ebay to find lost art treasures from their childhood. But I want to share a website and album cover artwork finder that is not only convenient, but a must have for any art lover.

I recently spoke with Richard Nicol, the program designer and owner of “Album Cover Finder.” (www.albumcoverfinder.com) The program has been available for more than two years and is a godsend for anyone interested in album cover art.
“Album Cover Finder”allows the user to not only find specific searches for interesting album cover art, but also allows the user to download selected songs from the release. I asked Richard about his fascination with album cover art.

“I’ve always been interested and loved album cover art and wanted to create a database where the users could not only look at album cover art, but experience it as well. The program allows the user to browse through the cover art of a particular band and also lets the user to download particular songs through iTunes as well. The main feature is convenience, you can utilize iTunes and not only get more of an experience for the music, but the great artwork involved with the music and artists.”

But “Album Cover Finder” is more than just iTunes and album cover art. The program allows users to look at different art work from different countries as well. Some of the art work involved in a US release may be different from that of a UK release or German release, only adding to the experience. The program also allows users to review artist biographies, read reviews of a particular release and add the artwork to their iTunes library and an iPod. “Album Cover Finder” also allows users to find additional cover art from a particular artist or band, copy the artwork to a clipboard and has artist videos and applicable tour information. “Album Cover Finder” is a fully functional way to search for album artwork and includes free updates for registered users and is available at www.albumcoverfinder.com.

Now, I have only had the program about a week, but I have to admit spending literally many, many hours looking at historic artwork and listening to the songs associated with the acts. This software gets a hardy “thumbs-up” and is a “must have,” affordable program for album cover art connoisseurs and anyone with a fascination with art and music.

Needless to say, there can be a lot more written about album cover art and the impact it has had upon music and pop culture and cannot be summarized in a couple of articles. There are countless books, (I actually own one that talks about and illustrates naked vinyl and the images used to try and sell albums!) That detail album covers and the impact upon pop culture and music. I have a short list below for you to explore:


Additionally, there are so many web sites and blogs associated with album cover art, they are to numerous to list. Why there are even web sites devoted to preserving this treasured art and frame it for display.

Furthermore, did you know that June 1st marked the 40th anniversary of the release of the Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band?” Not only is the release one of the most influential albums of all time musically, the cover art itself is iconic as well. I spoke with Gary Freiberg, owner and operator of www.rockartpictureshow.com about “Sgt. Pepper” who related to me that the album “broke new ground and challenged the industry.” Gary and I talked about album cover art and the influences it has had on our culture. He also told me of a recent poll conducted by www.vinylrecordday.org that voted the “Sgt. Pepper” album cover the favorite album cover of all time. Gary is world renowned for his work in the album cover art industry with his patented record album frame and his work has been cited and used by the Smithsonian, Home & Garden TV, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and thousands of satisfied Internet customers. And if you interested in getting your great album art framed, you may visit www.rockartpictureshow.com and tell Gary you heard about him from www.gemm.com

Author Robert Benson writes about rock/pop music, vinyl record collecting and operates www.collectingvinylrecords.com, where you can secure your copy of his ebook called "The Fascinating Hobby Of Vinyl Record Collecting."
Robert can be contacted at robert@collectingvinylrecords.com.

Album Cover Art

Album Cover Art
Part One

by Robert Benson

In 1939, Alex Steinweiss was employed at Columbia Records as the first art director for the company and decided to spruce up and repackage vinyl records. We all know the result, album cover art has become an important part of music and pop culture. (Prior to Steinweiss’s creative influences, records were generally stored in plain, undecorated packaging).

For collectors, album cover art can sometimes be as valuable as the vinyl record it holds. For instance, one of the most famous album covers of all time, the Beatles “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” cover was one of the most inventive at the time and included cut out inserts and lyrics. The price one would pay for a copy of this album is influenced by whether or not it has the original contents and they are intact. There are many album covers that included posters of the band as well and other “perks” for the buyer and all these elements factor into the resale price and collectiblity.

There have been many dynamic and world-famous album covers. Consider the Beatles’ album “Yesterday…and Today” (1966), also called the “butcher block album” because the Beatles were pictured on the front cover wearing white butcher coats surrounded by bloody meat and cut up dolls. The album was quickly pulled by Capitol Records after the company received numerous complaints from reviewers and DJ’s. The company recalled the issue and ordered a new cover but did not want to waste the several hundred thousand that had already been printed. Capitol then hired part-time helpers to remove that photo from the cover and paste on the new photo for the cover. But, it seems that there were many lazy employees and to save time, they just pasted the new cover on top of the old cover and the one that was supposed to be removed. The result is three different versions of that particular album and a collector’s dream, the different versions of the album are worth several thousand dollars (prices vary-check a record price guide to ascertain exactly what album you may have to get the exact price).

Album cover art has also spawned numerous web sites in which to view famous covers and designs, readers’ favorites and top ten lists. One such site, www.superseventies.com offers a comprehensive look at some of the most famous covers from the 1970's including the Sex Pistols “Never Mind The Bollocks,” the Eagles “Hotel California,” Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side Of The Moon” and the Rolling Stones’ “Sticky Fingers” among others. Additionally, www.superseventies.com offers their reader’s favorite seventies album covers (more than 300) with detailed descriptions and reviews of each specific release. This is a great way to spend a rainy day, as you discover some of the best album cover art of the 70's.

Album cover design is an art form and allows the musicians greater control over the content and another important avenue in which to express themselves. In my humble opinion (and I share this opinion with countless others), with the advent of the CD, the music buying public lost a national treasure, album cover art. It is part of pop culture and recorded music in general. Sure, Cd’s offer you a “stripped down” version of the original cover art, but it certainly pales in comparison to the real thing. I am sure Mr. Steinweiss would totally agree with me.

Author Robert Benson writes about rock/pop music, vinyl record collecting and operates www.collectingvinylrecords.com, where you can secure your copy of his ebook called "The Fascinating Hobby Of Vinyl Record Collecting."
Robert can be contacted at robert@collectingvinylrecords.com.

Celebrate Vinyl Record Day

Celebrate Vinyl Record Day
By Robert Benson

When Thomas Edison invented the phonograph on August 12, 1877, little did he know just how much influence his “Talking Machine” would have, not only in the music industry, but in pop culture as well. Records are a part of the music of the ages and it is up to us as individuals and retailers, not only to enjoy our favorite recordings, but to preserve them as well; thus Vinyl Record Day was born.

Vinyl Record Day (www.VinylRecordDay.org) is celebrated on August 12th (or the first Saturday following the 12th) and was conceived and brought to the forefront by vinyl enthusiast and vinyl record historian Gary Freiberg. I spoke with Gary about the meaning of Vinyl Record Day and how we can help as individuals and what retailers can do to help preserve this timeless medium and international treasure.

“Vinyl Record Day is about celebrating vinyl records and the public should take notice of this special day. Invite friends and family over for a barbeque, maybe form a block party and play records, think records and talk about records and what they mean to each of us individually and culturally,” explained Gary.
Gary went into further detail, "Whatever the feel good aspects of Vinyl Record Day are, a retailer will ask how will this help my bottom line? Vinyl Record Day can get free publicity, it puts a good face on a business within their community and is a reason to have something special at the location: a parking lot sale, entertainment, store specials are great examples. I would hope the industry would become more involved with Vinyl Record Day so that, not only are the goals of Vinyl Record Day spread, but that people trying to make all or part of their living with vinyl could be part of an industry and not scattered individuals. We need to have a cohesive national impact as the milk industry did with their "Got Milk" campaign. I truly believe that Internet and traditional brick store owners could benefit financially, and in the case of brick store owners, in their communities by being part of Vinyl Record Day. Another important goal of Vinyl Record Day is to preserve the cultural influences, the recordings and the cover art. We also hope to increase awareness that economics prevents companies from transferring everything on to compact discs.”

A very dynamic and immensely important point Gary talked about is that only 5% of our musical history has been transferred to cd, so it is our responsibility to preserve this medium. Maybe your grandfather, sibling or cousin released a record and, although it may have not made the “top ten,” it is our music and some of these wonderful recordings cannot be found anywhere else. For instance, I own a vinyl copy of a Spiro Agnew speech and one of our most revered presidents John F. Kennedy has released several recordings, as have other influential and historical figures.

Additionally, Vinyl Record Day is a nonprofit organization that aims to educate the public and encourage all of us to preserve these international audio treasures. It is also a marketing opportunity for any vinyl record retailer.

“Vinyl Record Day is focused on educating the public that this timeless medium is in our hands, don’t leave the preservation of vinyl to fate. Vinyl records represent historical audio documents and just as we preserve historical literature, we are the custodians of this audio history. Vinyl Record Day is more than one day a year set aside for celebration, it is also for the industry itself,” acknowledged Gary. "

We also discussed past celebrations, from the inaugural Vinyl Record Day in San Luis County, California and the international support and attention that Vinyl Record Day receives as well.

“Vinyl Record Day hopes to continue to educate the public on why and how to care for a record collection because these collections are not only a part of who we are individually, but to assure that future generations will not lose a vital link in recorded history,” related Gary.

As an avid vinyl record collector, I truly enjoyed my conversation with Gary, who is very passionate about the cause. Vinyl Record Day is a nonprofit organization that needs the help of all of us, consumers, collectors, musicians, retailers as well as the record companies. So, as you celebrate Vinyl Record Day this August, think about the history, preservation of the format and enjoyment you receive when listening to your favorite records. For more information and how you can help as an individual, please visit the website, www.VinylRecordDay.org and let Gary know that you endorse all of his efforts.

(You may even donate your record collection to Vinyl Record Day and you can receive full value as a tax write-off. Vinyl Record Day needs money to promote, not only Vinyl Record Day, but can help retailers in their own business endeavors)

Author Robert Benson writes about rock/pop music, vinyl record collecting and operates www.collectingvinylrecords.com, where you can secure your copy of his ebook called "The Fascinating Hobby Of Vinyl Record Collecting." Copyright 2007-Robert Benson
Robert can be contacted at robert@collectingvinylrecords.com.

Thom Yorke – Eraser

This 2006 release is Thom's first solo work. Moody and haunting. It seems to be a commentary on where Thom's head is at and where it has been at since 2000. Musically it is like Kid A yet lyrically it is in the Hail to the Thief vain. I am a fan of Kid A and Amnesiac and really enjoyed electro-ambient approach featured on the album. Erasure is a return to those synthy spatial ambiance moods and haunting lyrics.



"Eraser" really sets the tone for the entire album. Bare bones and subtle programming seem to celebrate "less is more" ideals. The song features a hissy gated piano loop and subtle analogue modeled drum machine. Stereo field is very narrow until the chorus. Vocal harmonies are nicely layered and set way out wide in the field. Reminds me of the bg's layering on "Karma Police" . Bleepy-bloopy synth arpeggios. Breakdown scales the song down to nothing and introduces a new noisy synth loop as well as Thom's vocal outro. Lyrics are typical York pessimism, "are you only being nice because you want something". Nice and sublte social commentary.

"Analyse" has skitchy drum programming with hi hats bouncing all over the place. Snare has some cool small room verb on it, again quite narrow field. Super wide synth washes right out of a sci-fi movie. Piano sounds recorded in a big cold room. Odd bass slides sometimes fights for space with the dry analogue kick. Lyrics remind you the world is pretty fucked up, and the more you think about it the worse it seems.

"The Clock" could have easily been on Hail to the Thief. Driving rythm section keep this song pushing forward with some bizarre urgency. Considering the song is about time running out for us, the rythm does it's job. There is a really sweet tenor L/R harmonizing in the midpoint of the song when an alto parts cuts right up the middle. Ends abruptly, like a countdown clock hitting zero.

“Black Swan” is just plain tasty. Desolation, desperation, and abandonment. Lyrics tell you to give up because “this is fucked up”. Bass slides and rim-stick break beat set a head bobbing groove throughout the piece. Gated kick is nice a punchy and TB808-ish. Left channel Hi Hat is disorienting while the right side is constant and even. Sounds like a 2-4 snare is missing but the pre-verb is still there. Far left guitar noodling is classic Radiohead. Great sub pusher or low frequency extension tester.

Droning fat analogue oscillators and slow opening VFC’s are featured on “Skip Divided”. Filters are open more and more through the song. Spooky vocal chopping and BGs are haunting. Lyrics confuse me just as they are supposed to do.

“Atoms for Peace” finally gives us a glimmer of hope. It’s a happy song for a change. Offbeat synth line is hypnotic and triplet/fivetuplet heavy. It sounds round and bouncy. “Peel all of your layers off. I want to eat your artichoke heart” is my favorite cheeky line and cracks me up every time. Plenty of static artifacts sound like overloaded preamps or VCA’s.

Return back to dreary side. “And it Rained All Night” is loaded with sci-fi inspired synths. It’s like driving down a dark alley, at night, in the rain. This song makes you want to lock the doors and speed up. Its got skitchy drum programming and a thud-thud kick drum. “It’s relentless, invisible, indefatigable, indisputable, undeniable. So how come it looks so beautiful?”

Thom’s political piece on this album is “Harrowdown Hill”. The Hills are actually in Oxfordshire where the body of Dr. David Kelly was found after appearing before a Parliamentary committee. The committee was investigating the WMD scandal that sent the UK to war in Iraq. Read the wiki for more info. This is a song from the grave in the voice of Kelly. Lyrics are longing and foreboding. I find the instrumentation is pretty weak and quite thin. It’s a lyric song with focus on the message not the medium. Really cool quirky vocal sampling sneak in on the far left channel throughout the song.

"Cymbal Rush" is a beepy-bloopy analogue ride. Long synth washes and drones accented with subliminal piano fingerings. The song takes a long time to go nowhere. Builds and builds and ends up somewhat anticlimactic. Real drums enter late in the piece, but almost too subtlety to be effective. Take away Thom’s voice and you get an ambient work similar to some early Apex Twin.

Artwork and packaging is simply beautiful. Stanley Donwood created a woodcut depicting London drowning. Simple black and white with red typeface accompanies the music nicely.


If you like Kid-A and Hail to the Thief, you will like this album. Better yet, if you are a fan of fat analogue sounds and spooky synth washes, the 180gram vinyl is the best way to listen to this album. Recording is high quality, pressing is damn good. The low end programming is a lot more satifying on the vinyl than it is on CD.

Weird, a cold album sounds warmer at 33 1/2rpm than it does at 44.1kbps.

Competition! August 2007.

Hi there,

we're looking for reviews or any suitable article at vinylfanatics.com. So we're running a competition. By joining you can submit an article or review. Or you can email it to the address on the homepage. The prize is 50 US dollars to spend at any online music outlet of your choice. We'll pick the best entry and contact the author. You can enter as many times as you like. Closing date for entry is 7th September 2007. We look forward to seeing you there.


Travelling Wilburys Vinyl Boxset

Vinyl Box Set And Second Edition Deluxe Sets Of The Traveling Wilburys Available 11/20


Following Chart-Topping Sales Success And Overwhelming Demand, Rhino To Release Vinyl Box Set And Second Edition Deluxe Sets Of "The Traveling Wilburys Collection"

Remastered and Expanded Collectible Package Features Unreleased Bonus Tracks and bonus DVD featuring a 24-minute documentary including unseen footage of The Wilburys.

Vinyl Box Set Includes A Previously Unreleased Version of "Not Alone Anymore"

Available November 20, 2007

(Los Angeles, DATE, 2007) – Nearly twenty years after the creation of the band, and over a decade since the music was last available to fans, the music of The Traveling Wilburys was reissued in June worldwide as The Traveling Wilburys Collection. The reissue debuted at 1 in 5 countries globally, was at 9 on the U.S. Billboard Top 200 charts, and was the 1 Digital Download in its first week of release. The release remains in the Top 5 on the UK charts after sseven weeks. The collection has gone Platinum in 5 countries and Gold in two countries and is still maintaining strong chart positions around the globe. The Deluxe Edition package sold out within minutes of release and Rhino Entertainment announced today, that due to this overwhelming demand and fan requests, a Second Edition will be made available again on November 20, 2007.

The previously released albums Traveling Wilburys Volume 1 and Traveling Wilburys Volume 3 feature inarguably some of music's greatest singer-songwriters—George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty and Bob Dylan—as the iconic band The Traveling Wilburys. Both CDs, combined into one release, The Traveling Wilburys Collection, feature bonus tracks of rare and newly mixed previously unreleased music along with a DVD featuring a 24-minute documentary showing unseen footage of the Wilburys and their five video clips.

The Traveling Wilburys collectible packages are available in four configurations. Each configuration is a remarkable commemoration of this unique group.

· Available November 20, 2007 – Second Edition Deluxe Set – Linen-bound deluxe edition features 2 CDs (Volumes 1 and 3) with bonus tracks, bonus DVD, and a 40-page collectible book with photos, original liner notes, new liner notes and a uniquely numbered certificate of authenticity.

· Available November 20, 2007 — Vinyl Edition – Features 2 vinyl releases of the original Volumes 1 and 3 with an additional 12-inch featuring bonus tracks, a collectible album-sized book, plus additional vintage postcards and posters.

· CURRENTLY AVAILABLE — Standard Package – Features 2 CDs (Volumes 1 and 3) with bonus tracks, bonus DVD of content and a 16-page collectible book.

· CURRENTLY AVAILABLE — Digital Edition Bundle – Features downloadable editions of both CDs (Volumes 1 and 3) with bonus tracks, video content and an interactive booklet.

"The Wilbury Deluxe Edition sold out so quickly that it caught us by surprise. We heard from so many disappointed fans it seemed the only fair thing to do was to make a second edition," said Olivia Harrison.

In trying to explain how the Wilburys originally came together, George Harrison once said, "The thing about the Wilburys for me is—if we'd tried to plan it, or if anybody had said, let's form this band and get these people in it—it would never happen, it's impossible. It happened completely, just by magic, just by circumstance. Maybe there was a full moon that night or something like that. It was quite a magical little thing really."

The Traveling Wilburys BACKGROUND

The Traveling Wilburys was not a carefully planned band, not formed from deep premeditation. Rather, the band was created in a casual blending of genuine friends one ordinary afternoon, which turned out to be anything but ordinary.

George Harrison needed a B-side song to accompany a European single release from his widely regarded Cloud Nine album. While in Los Angeles, George approached Jeff Lynne for help with the B-side, since he had co-produced the album. It happened that Jeff was working with Roy Orbison on the upcoming Mystery Girl album. Roy readily agreed to lend a hand in the musical effort. As fate would luckily dictate, George's guitar was at Tom Petty's house, and he too offered to join in and make some music. When the group showed up to record, Dylan also lent a hand to help complete the half-finished song George had written. George has often been quoted as saying, "And so everybody was there and I thought, I'm not gonna just sing it myself, I've got Roy Orbison standing there. I'm gonna write a bit for Roy to sing. And then, as it progressed, then I started doing the vocals and I just thought I might as well push it a bit and get Tom and Bob to sing the bridge." The final result was a song called "Handle With Care." George later said, "I liked the song and the way that it turned out with all these people on it so much that I just carried it around in my pocket for ages thinking, Well what can I do with this thing? And the only thing to do I could think of was do another nine. Make an album."

The album they created was called the Traveling Wilburys Volume 1—a playful nod to the reality that subsequent volumes were unlikely. Volume 1 was released in October 1988 preceded by the single "Handle With Care." The album achieved wide critical acclaim, and most critics agreed that the music was so extraordinary because of the modest ambitions of the band, which translated to a fresh and relaxing sound. Rolling Stone Magazine instantly called it one of the Top 100 Albums of all time. The album also saw commercial success; it reached 3 on the Album charts, garnered double-platinum status and earned the group a Grammy® for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group.

In 1990, following the unexpected death of Roy Orbison in December 1988, the remaining members reconvened to record Traveling Wilburys Volume 3, dedicating the album to Lefty (Roy) Wilbury. With Harrison and Lynne producing again, both "She's My Baby" and "Wilbury Twist" became radio hits as the album reached 11 in the U.S. and achieved Platinum success.


Disc One

1. Handle With Care

2. Dirty World

3. Rattled

4. Last Night

5. Not Alone Any More

6. Congratulations

7. Heading For The Light

8. Margarita

9. Tweeter And The Monkey Man

10. End Of The Line

Bonus Tracks:

11. Maxine*

12. Like A Ship*

Disc Two – DVD
1. The True History Of The Traveling Wilburys

Music Videos:

2. Handle With Care

3. End Of The Line

4. She's My Baby

5. Inside Out

6. Wilbury Twist

Disc Three


1. She's My Baby

2. Inside Out

3. If You Belonged To Me

4. The Devil's Been Busy

5. 7 Deadly Sins

6. Poor House

7. Where Were You Last Night?

8. Cool Dry Place

9. New Blue Moon

10. You Took My Breath Away

11. Wilbury Twist

Bonus Tracks:

12. Nobody's Child (previously released on Nobody's Child: Romanian Angel Appeal)

13. Runaway (B-side to "She's My Baby" UK CD and 12?)


The Vinyl Edition features the originally released Vol. 1 and Vol. 3

Plus a Bonus 12" featuring:
Handle With Care (Extended Version)
Like A Ship
End Of The Line (Extended Version)
Nobody's Child
Not Alone Anymore* (Remix)

*previously unreleased