Ænima – Green Limited Edition

* I bought this mint two LP set knowing that it was not the official release.  The only official release of this record is on black vinyl and there has never been an official reissue.  I was also able to compare this to the original.

Both LP’s are bright green and you can see through them for the most part.  There are some cloudy/milky parts within the vinyl that don’t make it totally clear.  There are also tiny specks of what look like black vinyl embedded in each record.

The cover is made of a thin rough material that is not like a typical album cover.  It is flimsy and actually buckles when you handle it.  The insert artwork is also a cheap reproduction of the original.

When I played each record they had an unusual tap or bump sound as it rotated. The culprit was multiple excess vinyl tabs on the edge of each record.  The only way to fix this was to file the edges of the records to be completely round. Once filed down each of the records played fine.

Upon listening the records are obviously not pressed from the master recordings.  They appear to be from CD when compared to the full and deep sound of the original pressing.

It’s obvious that the Ænima – Green Limited Edition Reissue is a cheap reproduction attempting to capitalize on the expensive nature of acquiring the original pressing.

The original pressing of Ænima sounds absolutely terrific so don’t be fooled by this or any other cheap reproductions.

Green Aenima

Label: Zoo Entertainment

Catalog#: 72445-11087-1

Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Album,

Unofficial Release, greenCountry:


Genre: Rock Style: Prog Rock, Heavy Metal




A1 Stinkfist 5:11
A2 Eulogy 8:29
A3 H. 6:03
A4 Useful Idiot 0:39
B1 Forty Six & 2 6:03
B2 Message To Harry Manback 1:53
Keyboards [Uncredited] – David Bottrill
B3 Hooker With A Penis 4:34
B4 Intermission 0:56
Organ [Uncredited] – Eban Schletter
B5 Jimmy 5:24
C1 Die Eier Von Satan 2:17
Vocals [Uncredited] – Marko Fox
C2 Pushit 9:56
C3 Cesaro Summability 1:26
C4 Ænima 6:40
D1 (-) Ions 4:00
D2 Third Eye 13:47
Synthesizer [Uncredited] – Chris Pitman

CreditsPerformer [Uncredited] – Adam Jones , Danny Carey , Justin Chancellor , Maynard James Keenan

Producer [Uncredited] – David Bottrill , Tool (2) NotesGatefold packaging.

On back:
The BMG and Zoo Entertainment logos are trademarks of BMG Music • ? © 1996 BMG Music • All Rights Reserved • Manufactured and Distributed by BMG Entertainment, New York, NY • Printed in U.S.A. • 72445-11087-1