Eleanor McEvoy – love must be tough

When you listen to a record such as this, full of clarity, perfect detail, delight in every instrument and vocal phrase it really begs the question why doesn't every musician want their music to sound like this? Half-speed mastered by Miles Showell, this record really brings Eleanor and her cheerful outlook on life and love right into your house, band and all.

 I picked up the 'Yola' cd second hand some years ago without knowing much about her, despite living less than a hundred miles from where she lives and records. It turned out to be one of that years delights, both for the music and the sound quality. It regularly features, I discovered later, on  audiophile favourites(favorites if you're in the US) lists and is thoroughly well deserved. I remember being surprised at what a beautiful warm sound came from the CD. I picked up teh vinyl edition afterwards and somehow wasn't that impressed. I expected to be blown away and I wasn't. A second vinyl edition came out later on which apparently fixed things but I haven't picked it up yet.

This album is blowing me away. 

 Its full of the simply beautiful combination of Eleanor's husky voice, touching and joyful lyrics, backed up by wonderful musicians playing a cool breezy, and at times rag-time(!) jazzy music.

Over the past few years there have been plenty of sultry jazzy female singers, Norah Jones, Diana Krall etc. Frankly they all bore me to tears. I'm far more persuaded by the folksy charm of Eleanor McEvoy. Its not quite an Irish traditional hooley but it could be the warm up for one, or the cool down. 


Really if you don't buy this you're doing yourself a great disservice.


The packaging is simple enough, really just there to provide a few details about the recording, musicians and to protect the lovely 180grm silent pressing. Diverse does it again!!

Eleanor McEvoy – Out There

Eleanor McEvoy – Out There

 Diverse records has been one of my favourite record labels. I've been disappointed because they have been very quiet for the past couple of years. But I am delighted to see the following announcement. Eleanor McEvoy's 'Yola' was magnificent. I have not heard this new album but hope it reaches the same highs.


We are delighted to announce that the next release on the Diverse Records label will be the 5th album by the Irish singer songwriter, Eleanor McEvoy "Out There".

Forever associated with 'Only A Woman's Heart', massively underrated Irish singer songwriter Eleanor McEvoy raises the stakes with an ambitious self-produced, self-arranged album. It tackles Marvin Gaye and Lowell George and includes a Dave Rotheray collaboration along with her own immaculately tuneful, lyrically potent tales of love and life.
"Out There" has already been a hit at the hi fi shows this year on SACD, but along with "Early Hours" and the repress of "Yola", we're hoping it's going to sound even better on the Diverse label proprietory 180g audiophile vinyl.

As usual, mastering duties will be handled by Ray Staff at Alchemy Mastering, and pressing at Pallas in Germany. Release date to be confirmed at the moment, so please keep your eye out for more news as it breaks.

Useful link: http://www.diverserecords.com