Press your own records

This was posted in the forum. I think its interesting enough to go on the main page.


Anyway it's to tell everybody that my friends and I will be creating a website called, and we want to know if people will be interested.

We're addressing vinyl collectors and fans (like you and us). We'll be offering first of all a free and unlimited music listening service. If you know you'll know what I mean. This is a server which has songs by a lot of artists, and where you can freely listen to any music you want. You can even create your own play lists, save them and listen to them again whenever you return. This service is entirely legal, because music isn't downloaded, and artists are paid.

At Collectors Studio we'll be doing basically the same, with the big difference that our members can get a 33" LP vinyl copy of the music they listen to! For example, if you're a member of Collectors Studio, by the end of this week you'll receive an e-mail giving you the list of music you've listened to and asking you if you want a vinyl with this music. You can modify the songs of course if you want, and choose any song in our collection, so you can add it to your vinyl. Also interesting, you will be asked to choose between album arts that we will specially craft for your package! Your vinyl will be later sent to you by mail.

So I'll want to know if there are people interested out there by this offer. Anyway I can resume it to :
1. You can put your favorite music into vinyl at a cheaper price than what you will find in record stores. We have done the math, and it adds up to 10$ per vinyl, with a free one after 20 vinyls bought.
2. Besides, record stores sell you ready-made albums, while at Collectors Studio you basically create your own album, with its music and album art. Remember you will be able to choose music from a huge library containing classic and contemporary songs. There's virtually no limit to what you can listen to and put together in a vinyl. Imagine a classic rock anthology, with a Doors song between a Joy Division and a Jimi Hendrix.
3. If you prefer classic albums anyway, you can put together the songs of your favorite album into a vinyl.

Well, thank you a lot for your attention if you've kept reading until here! Our enterprise will be opening in France like next year or so, but we really want to know the opinion of English-speaking collectors and vinyl fans! You can write to me personally at to give me your opinion (what you like, what you don't like, if you expect something else…) or post an entry. I would also like to know the opinion of the records industry about this please…

Yours truly,

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Manager, Collectors Studio,
Bordeaux, France.