Lyle Lovett

Lyle Lovett's debut, self-named album. Early signs of the eclectic mix of styles he has shown across a long career that always surprises and pleases his fans with new sounds and the ever-present wry sense of humor in his songwriting.

Track Listing

Side One

Cowboy Man
God Will
Farther Down the Line
This Old Porch
Why I Don't Know

Side Two

If I Were the Man You Wanted
You Can't Resist It
The Waltzing Fool
An Acceptable Level of Ecstasy (The Wedding Song)
Closing Time


Recorded at Chaton Recordings, Scottsdale, Ariz.

Engineered by Steven Moore; Assistant Engineer Andy Seagle

Session Personnel

  • Mathew McKenzie – bass
  • Jeff Borree – drums
  • Matt Rollings – acoustic and electric piano
  • Mark Prenticeorgan
  • Lyle Lovett – acoustic guitar
  • Ray Herndonelectric rhythm guitar & background vocals
  • Billy Williamselectric lead guitar
  • Tom Mortensen – steel guitar
  • Glen Duncan – fiddle
  • Steve Marsh – saxophones
  • James Gilmercongas
  • J. David Sloan – background vocals
  • Bass on "Farther Down the Line" – Emory Gordy, Jr.
  • Drums on "Farther Down the Line", "This Old Porch", & "An Acceptable Level of Ecstasy" – Bob Warren
  • Piano on "God Will" & "Farther Down the Line" – Mark Prentice
  • Synthesizer on "You Can't Resist It" – John Jarvis
  • Acoustic lead guitar on "God Will", "Farther Down the Line" & "If I Were the Man You Wanted" – Mac McAnally
  • Electric rhythm guitar on "You Can't Resist It" – Vince Gill & Jon Goin
  • Electric lead guitar on "Farther Down the Line" and "Why I Don't Know" – Ray Herndon
  • Electric lead guitar on "You Can't Resist It" – Jon Goin
  • Background vocals on "You Can't Resist It" – Rosanne Cash & Lyle Lovett
  • Background vocals on "An Acceptable Level of Ecstasy – Francine Reed
  • Saxophones arranged by Billy Williams
  • Produced by Tony Brown and Lyle Lovett
  • Associate producer Billy Williams