Marvin gaye – Let’s get it on

Enticed by the bright orange carrot of 15 extra tracks, which I've never seen on another vinyl edition of 'Let's get it on', I finally plumped and bougght my first 180grm record by the Vinyl Lovers label.

 As previously announced here in News some months ago the Vinyl lovers label released a slew of interesting titles on vinyl. Owned or associated with Lilith records the very name of the label inspired excitement in me and no doubt many other vinyl fanatics. Strangely the music was licensed from Universal Music Russia, making it sound like a possibly dubious operation. But apparently it was all legal and even the neighbourhood shop close to you is bound to have a few titles.

 I already have a copy of this record on a re-release from the last five years or so. Pressed on shoddy vinyl and the sound is equally unimpressive. I was looking forward to teh possible improvements that Vinyl Lovers could bring to mylong suffering stylus.

 The record comes in the original gatefold sleeve, inclusive of Marvin's little penned tribute to the wonder of sex, and how really, we shouldn't feel too guilty about it. Sex is different to love though but is simply marvellous in its own right. Err, thanks marvin.

The records are excellent vinyl pressings, flat and silent. They're housed in my favourite paper sleeves with the plastic lined inners. Its all looking good.

I put the record with the fancy house label on the turntable, drop my  stylus and …..Ouch!! Possibly one of the brightest, most ear-piercing sound I've ever had the misfortune to hear. I really don't know how they managed this. My entire CD collection is more natural sounding than this atrocity of sound while my downloaded mp3 collection certainly comes close. It is reasonably detailed and clean sounding if that's what you're looking for.

 Really, what is the point?? If we're listening to vinyl record, its not because we're neanderthals who can't read the small print on a cd!! Or is it? Maybe that today makes up the majority of 'Vinyl Lovers' and who this record is aimed directly at.

You, dear reader, would be far better off saving your money to buy the entire Sundazed reissues of 'Sly and teh family stone'. Funky, warm and natural sounding.


Incidentally(it should really be the focus), the music on this record is of course peerless and its nice having the extra tracks. Its not as earth conscious awakening or inspiring as 'Heal the worl…' err I mean 'What's going on' but its a highly enjoyable and slightly sleazy listening experience. But you're probably better off joining me in the search for an original in good condition.