Rare Odin Vinyl

A Rare and hard to find album produced in 1972 in very limited numbers (around 6000). Can be found on Cd but to get the best from a band that did not quite make it to the big time one has to listern to the vinyl.

Odin a US based rock group of the 70s and 80s who are largely forgotten as they have been surpased by such groups as Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin to a couple from that great era.

The music is more heading towards the Led Zeppelin and early Heavy metal side rather than the ambient style of Pink Floyd. Their most famous album was produced in 1972 on the highly reputable Verticle Swirl label and is self titled. For some reason there were only around 6000 copies made during the first press run.


The group were probably just trying out the market given the explosion of great rock and prog rock groups coming to the fore at the time. Still a unique sound perhaps a cross between zeppelin and AC/DC.