7″ box sets of albums

I thought I’d have a little rant. I see Jet are just releasing their new album on a 7″ box set which set me thinking. Or my teeth grinding.

This has to be the most irritating way to release an album.

Apart from looking cute it has no practical benefit whatsoever. It sounds worse and its the most irritating listening experience. You have to get up every couple of minutes to change the side/record. That’s no way to listen to an album. Its ok for a single because you probably want to listen to teh same song over and over again. But it completely ruins the experience of an album. Imagine listening to Pink Floyd that way.

I do have sets of Garbage’s first album and I think I had a Paul Weller box too. I never ever listened to them!

It amazes me that the 7″ single is what has been apparently selling so well in Britain as opposed to the sonically superior 12″. Then again if teenagers are only buying them because they’re cool to look at and don’t even have a turntable to play them on…

What do you think?

Let me know in the forums 🙂

Sarah McLachlan – Surfacing

Sarah seems to be pretty huge in the US but apart from the dance track which was a huge hit here with Delerium, I didn’t know anything about her and didn’t know what to expect.

Based on this album, and Fumbling towards ecstasy/Freedom Sessions I love her.

Her music is slow, romantic, serious and beautiful to listen to. Her voice is full of emotion. She’s singing about love, losing love and she’s perfect for late night listening sessions. Her voice is husky and suggestive and reminds me a bit of Eleanor McEvoy.

My favourite songs are ‘Do what you have to do’, a song about realising you have to let someone go when they no longer love you, ‘Bowling a mystery’ which seems to worry abou what happens when we get to heaven and ‘sweet surrender’ which has a bit more pace to it and a beautiful sound which is of course throughout the record.

Led Zeppelin – II

I was listening to Meat Loaf’s Bat out of hell the other night and singing along merrily when I decided to switch to Led Zeppelin. I had never opened the album, so I removed the wrapping, put it on the turntable and dropped the needle.


The difference to what I had been listening to before was nothing short of astounding. The music was alive, spacious, every beat, chord, note was so clear and despite being a rock recording was not harsh or too bright in any way. And classic records have a certain reputation for being bright.

There was plenty of tape hiss too but this didn’t irritate me at all. It was perhaps a further sign that the recording was representing the truth of what was on the original tape and hadn’t been messed about in anyway.

So what about the music? Well Led Zeppelin are pretty famous so I guess you already know whether you like them or not. I would not consider myself such a fan, but this album starts off with one of their most famous and poppular songs, Whole lotta love. So despite being neither a huge rock or Zeppelin fan the music had me dancing around the room, playing guitar and grinning in my cheesiest manner. Not once but twice as I dropped the needle a second time.

one thing that surprised me. They are known as a heavy metal band, probably the first heavy metal band. but this record is really funky. Its briliant to dance to and shake your head to. And as mentioned above the sound is not harsh.

Definitely worth giving a go!

PS : This is the 180g version which has since been superseded by 200g versions at both 33rpm and 45rpm. These should theoretically be better but I’m perfectly happy with what I’ve got and won’t be ‘upgrading’.