7″ box sets of albums

I thought I’d have a little rant. I see Jet are just releasing their new album on a 7″ box set which set me thinking. Or my teeth grinding.

This has to be the most irritating way to release an album.

Apart from looking cute it has no practical benefit whatsoever. It sounds worse and its the most irritating listening experience. You have to get up every couple of minutes to change the side/record. That’s no way to listen to an album. Its ok for a single because you probably want to listen to teh same song over and over again. But it completely ruins the experience of an album. Imagine listening to Pink Floyd that way.

I do have sets of Garbage’s first album and I think I had a Paul Weller box too. I never ever listened to them!

It amazes me that the 7″ single is what has been apparently selling so well in Britain as opposed to the sonically superior 12″. Then again if teenagers are only buying them because they’re cool to look at and don’t even have a turntable to play them on…

What do you think?

Let me know in the forums 🙂