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December 20, 2007

Added a new page today: "The Basic Power Orchestral Repertoire or Classical music for folks who don’t like Classical music"  and an explanation in My Musings on why I feel this is so important. 

December 8, 2007

Added to My Musings: Why I don't like MONO recordings, Part 2
More on Mono; The one Real Mono System I've heard; Could getting decent Mono be equipment related and whither one has their speakers set up for Stereo Wide or Stereo Narrow?; Mono in My Collection; Some Mono no longer in My Collection.

December 7, 2007

Added to My Musings: Why I don't like MONO recordings, Part 1

November 25, 2007

Added to My Musings
1) New thoughts on plastic outer sleeves
2) The Tape Project and the real world
3) What if Elcaset was re-introduced with Dolby S, Metal tape and tons of software?
4) Keeping playback azimuth set

November 17, 2007

Lots of news to report today.

1) The tape project has shipped their first release today, see Home Page and Tape Project Page.

2) I am back on the Internet thanks to a wonderful early Christmas present from my best friend Pamela.  She gave me a MAC Mini and I have signed up with Yahoo DSL. 

3) Now that I am back I will try to update more frequently.

November 1, 2007

Hi all, I am sorry that it has been so long since the last update. Many things are happening now and Vinyl is making a strong comeback.

I would like to share this letter I received today with all of you analog lovers and let me know what you think. Are we ready for a print or web magazine that is strictly analog?

I am planning on ending my Internet service and maybe occasionally updating my web site at the library please see my response to this letter for the reasons why. I am also considering taking the best of my web site and turning it into book form for analog lovers without Internet access.

Hi Teresa,

I think it's about time now that there is a magazine/publication dedicated for analog music lovers - and not a combination of 'mostly digital plus some analog', like what we have now with Stereophile or Absolute Sound. Hey, maybe you can start this project! I am sure there are more and more people interested in the analog sound. The young generation needs to know about this genre of music for they are brought up into digital music/ipod generation.

I have an entry-level Rega1 turntable in my office, and many of young people works here do not know about this analog music! Never seen and never heard, though they are mesmerized by the sound of my turntable and Bellari tube phono amp. This system is all entry levels and does not have to be very expensive. They are so surprised to see this big new album of Norah Jones 12.5X12.5 inches with a clear picture! Wow!

This publication magazine can also introduce many analog industries through the advertisements and spread the curiosity, experience and knowledge on how to enjoy rich analog sound.

What should we call the magazine?


There are many topics to cover:

How to start enjoying vinyl sound for beginners
Articles about beginning turntables, tape reel/reel
How to buy vintage reel to reel?
The difference between digital vs analog sound
Vinyl reviews (forget about CD reviews!)
Reviews turntables, cartridges, phono amps
Analog and tube sound
What do you have to know about vacuum tube sound?
How to match tubes to your gear?
Where to buy vinyl LP?
What companies started producing vinyl sound again?
Entry level analog music
Advance level turntables and analog gears
Your experience with vinyl sound
Etc, etc

What do you think?


Hi James,

This all sounds great to me. This is by far the most enthusiastic letter on the subject of analog I have ever gotten and have added it to my letters page. Do you think it should be print or online? We would need writers and a regular schedule.

On another subject I am in the process of closing all my online accounts and going off the Internet. This is because I do not want to spend the money needed to upgrade my computer or the extra monthly fees for DSL or cable, the $9.95 I pay for dial-up is more than I want to spend. What has happened is one of my credit cards was compromised, my credit card company reversed all the charges and recommended an Identify Protection Plan. But its software extremely slows down my Internet experience and I refuse to pay for faster Internet or for a faster computer with more memory. No the computer I have now I plan to keep until either it or I die.

I am planing on turning the best parts of my web site into a handbook for analog listening. What do you think?

I love all the article suggestions for the first issue of ANALOG LOVERS (?). I am gladdened that Analog is making a comeback.


August 19, 2007

The truth will set you free TOM PORT OUTED SPECIAL REPORT - August 19, 2007, read all about it following the article "The Truth about Tom Port and Better Records." 

August 14, 2007

Added today The Truth about Tom Port and Better Records and Let's Fight High LP Prices.  The two are related, it is important we fight to keep LPs affordable.  Also added a folk music Index to the Discography Links.  Please note the new eMail address:

July 23, 2007

Added today to both the Discography (at the bottom) and Links pages: It is not a discography but a database of over 23,000 "active" record label/netlabel web sites or Wikipedia links indexed by genre, format, and location. Record companies no longer in business are not listed. If you browse by "Vinyl" format you will only find maybe half of the companies producing Vinyl. Much of the other half is listed under "CD" And many labels are totally absent. But 23,000 active record labels are totally unbelievable! You can also search by label name if you know it, or browse by genre. A great resource once you learn how to use it!

July 22, 2007

This month we pay tribute to Analog tape and why we love it so much. First off are discoraphies of Aesthetic Audio and Sound Ideas of which NO information about either fine company is before now availble on the Internet as both companies pre-date it.

Added to My Musings: "More on my journey to multiple formats" and "Why I enjoy pre-recorded Cassettes so much and how to get the best sound."

Also added a link to the Jazz Discography Project. If anyone knows of other excellent discographies, please send the link and I will add it. If link is not available please send what you have in an email to: an I will add it to AnalogLovers Discography page.

May 29, 2007

New pages added today: Multiple Formats which explains the joy and advantages of listening to music from multiple formats and Audio System. Plus a few new links and a few changes to the front page.

May 14, 2007

New page added today: Great LP Sonics about my quest for that elusive 1% of great sounding LPs.

Added to My Musings "Analog Cassette is my favorite format" and "Finally CD without pain and how it sounds compared to other formats."

Finally added to the LP page 10 Recommended Commercial LPs. I don’t like the frequency limited sonics, constricted dynamics, smalller soundstage nor the high surface noise of most commercial LPs. Most commercial LPs I have aquired have been either sold or donated. I much prefer the more musical and realistic audiophile LPs but I have had readers request a recommend list of commercial LPs I am sorry this took so long.

May 3, 2007

Added a new article to the Guest Writers page A PERMANENT SOLUTION TO STICKY SHED SYNDROME by Jeff Koon  If this works this is indeed a miracle!  I don't have any reels with Sticky Shed Syndrome so I cannot test it myself however if any of you have an effected reel you are about to toss in the trash you might want to give this treatment a try.

April 24, 2007

The big news today is over 100 newly remastered Warner / Reprise pure analog 180 Gram LPs coming!  Kevin Gray and Steve Hoffmann are the remaster engineers.  Story on Analog Lovers home page,  Also added Discography Links for Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Album Half Speed Mastered LPs and High Fidelity Cassettes.and various other labels to the Discographies page.  Plus more useful analog links to the Links page.  As well as a new feature "Famous Analog Quotes" to the home page.

April 9, 2007

Today I added my review of "21st Century Vinyl" Michael Fremer’s Practical Guide to Turntable Set-Up on DVD.  

March 11, 2007

Today I added a Format Comparions page,  My Musings is back with some updates.  And most of my Digital observations are under the new Digital link.  These are the only three pages in which Digital is discussed, some of my writting and observations were just too important to overlook.

February 21, 2007

Today I removed most of the Digital content from The superiority of Analog is still secure however Digital is improving, especially low resolution CD making much of my writing obsolete.

Analog recordings are so realistic and beautiful on their own that they do not need to be compared to Digital but enjoyed as the miracles they are, while acknowledging the problems with noise, distortion and wear.

Several months ago I upgraded my DVD-Audio player to a Yamaha DVD-S1700 universal DVD-Audio / SACD Player which is not only offers very realistic sound playing the best SACDs but even many regular CDs especially Telarc’s have a realism, ease and beauty of sound I would never have believed possible. And this is a mid-fi player! Better CDs on this player are completely painless.

I recently got several magnificent pre-recorded Reel to Reel tapes which I plan to review soon. In the future you will see LP, Reel to Reel and Cassette reviews from me as I have gotten so few submitted from readers. It looks like I will have to get the ball rolling. Also I have acquired some Reel to Reel and cassette discography’s that I will be adding, and also links to other discography’s.

January 12, 2007

Added today: On the Guest Writers page: STYLUS CLEANING – LIKE MAGIC! The tale of Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser and The 2 Track Reel to Reel Tape Project Demos at CES.  Links added to the Tape Project's new website and The Tape Place.

December 31, 2006

Today I redesigned the AnalogLovers web site with a fresh new look for the new year.  I also added 10 Recommended Mass Market Cassettes to the Cassette PageWhy am I so passionate about Analog music? to the Home Page, and minor updates and corrections to many of the other pages.

December 25, 2006

Major update to the Cassette Page.  Now included are important settings and alignment for the correct playback of pre-recorded cassettes. The evolution of improved sound quality of commercial cassettes and well as used cassette buying tips.

December 14, 2006

Doc B. and Paul Stubblebine have started a new company that will release pre-recorded 2 Track 15-IPS Reel to Reels. Their first four 2 Track 15 IPS RTRs should be available by the beginning of 2007. Progress and releases will be announced on our new 2 Track Tape Project update page.

December 7, 2006

Added today: The George Mann Interview Inventor of the Full-Spectrum, Frequency Modulated Optical Analog Laserdisc Format.

December 3, 2006

Added Analog Mono, Stereo, Quad and Video pages.  

November 19, 2006

Logo slogan change to " for Lovers of musically superior Analog recordings" 

Added today to Home Page: Historical Timeline of Analog audio format developments, also three new links to the Links page.

November 10, 2006

Added to the Reel Reviews page more 2 Track reviews on Cook and RCA Living Stereo by Jerry Sodomka.  

November 1, 2006

Added to the Links page today:

Ortofon FAQs - Cartridge maintenance MC - MM 

What's Going On Up There? "... Finally, it gives me a new respect for the venerable analog medium: Many of the recordings I looked at that turned out to have significant ultrasonic content were originally recorded on analog tape."—John Atkinson

October 27, 2006

Added  today My nominations for the most under-appreciated albums: 

October 18, 2006

Added today my interview with the one and only Harry Pearson (HP) founder of "the absolute sound" print magazine.

October 10, 2006

Added to the LP Review page my review of the Classic Records 200 Gram pressing of David Crosby’s "If I Could Only Remember My Name".

October 8, 2006

Updated the Reel to Reel page with "Tape Storage Tips".

October 6, 2006

Preview of my upcoming interview with the one and only HP founder of "the absolute sound" print magazine.

Question: "Speaking of LPs have you managed to buy replacement copies of most of the LPs on your Super Disc LP List lost in the fire? Some of your favorite LPs such as Malcolm Arnold’s Dances on Lyrita are going for ridiculous prices. Basically the better you like an LP the higher price it goes for in auctions and set sales."

HP: "This has been a particularly sad irony for me. The discs I have recommended I cannot afford to replace, unless I get very lucky (and that includes many from the fire, where my Mercury’s took a hard hit, along with the basic RCA’s), and what is the committed reader to do. I feel as if we are all like kids with our noses pressed against the glass window of the outrageously expensive ice cream store."

September 28, 2006

Added today Guest Writers  This is the page for Analog Lovers to wax about their Analog adventures and why they love it so much. Elmo is my first guest writer.

September 24, 2006

Added today Free Analog Classified Ads!

Three sections: Software for Trade or Sale, Hardware for Trade or Sale & Wanted to Buy.  Click above link for full details.

Also added more Links and a new look for the website.

I will be adding recommended commercial (non-audiophile) recordings in each format on the next update.

Please, please send in your reviews to:

September 9, 2006

More letters from readers and an expanded review of "The Woods" LP