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My nominations for the most under-appreciated albums:

BOOGIE WITH CANNED HEAT - Canned Heat - Liberty LP

Really superb boogie-blues LP with their hit "On The Road Again" a great song not to be confused with the Willie Nelson song with the same name. This song begins and ends with guitar harmonics and everything in-between it fantastic. One of my favorite LPs from start to finish.

RUSSO: Three Pieces for Blues Band and Symphony Orchestra / BERNSTEIN: Symphonic Dances from "West Side Story" - Siegel-Schwall Band, Ozawa, San Francisco Symphony - Deutsche Grammophon LP 2530 309

This is so super cool the combination of a full orchestra with an excellent blues band in a large concert hall. I am not a fan of electric guitar but with all the added echo of a large hall it sounds really cool. The harmonica is killer as are the orchestra attacks. This is dynamic exciting crossover music not anything like the dull boring crossover music of today.

HEART SHAPED WORLD - Chris Isaak - Reprise / Warner Bros. Cassette 25837-4

Heart-shaped is right! Very romantic music and my favorite non-classical male singer. Wicked Game is to die for!

ANTILL: Corroboree Suite / GINASTERA: Panambi Suite - Eugene Goossens, London Symphony Orchestra - Everest / Classic Records SDBR 3003

Never heard of Antill? Neither had I until I got this LP, one of my favorite compositions and among my top 5 best sounding LPs.

GOTTSCHALK: A Night in The Tropics; Grand Tarantelle for Piano & Orchestra / GOULD: Latin American Symphonette - Reid Nibley, Maurice Abravanel, Utah Symphony - Vanguard Classics / Analogue Productions

As many know from Hi-Rez Highway this is my top recommendation for SACD. This is also my top recommendation for LP and my top recommendation for Reel to Reel, on RTR it' was released by Barclay-Crocker. The Night in the Tropics is beautiful and the swift Grand Tarantelle very exciting but it's Gould's "Latin American Symphonette" that is the thrill ride here from the first note to the last! This is a must have LP for classic music lovers and most have never even heard of it!

THOMSON: The Plow That Broke The Plains Suite; The River Suite

Leopold Stokowski, Symphony of the Air - Vanguard Classics / Analogue Productions APC 001 - everything I said about the Gottschalk/Gould applies this this one as well. It also is available in LP, SACD and Reel to Reel with the LP the best sounding version of course. The folksy music including an unusual orchestral instrument, the banjo is absolutely superb.

FARNON: Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N. Suite; A La Claire Fontaine; Intermezzo; Lake of the Woods; A Promise of Spring; Rhapsody; State Occasion - Robert Farnon, Royal Philharmonic - Reference Recordings RR-47

I never knew Robert Farnon wrote classical music until I got this LP. If you like Delius you will love Robert Farnon.

MEN WITHOUT HATS: RHYTHM OF YOUTH - Backstreet Records BSR-39002

One of the coolest rock LPs of all time, you can dance if you want to!

CITADELS OF MYSTERY - Bernie Krause - Takoma / Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab MFSL 1-505

Here's a secret this is MFSL's most realistic sounding LP and it goes for cheap on eBay because nobody's ever heard of it. The music is really cool, think of New Age / World music on steroids and you get the idea!

WELCOME TO THE PLEASUREDOME - Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Island Records 90232-1-H

Sonically the most realistic regular rock album of all time, this is a must have unless you are turned-off by their open gayness.

RAVI SHANKAR: Concerto for Sitar and Orchestra - Ravi Shankar, André Previn, London Symphony - Angel SFO 36806

One of the few Angel than sounds good with no sonic flaws and the music is enchanting, lovely and exciting.

THE BEAT GOES ON - Vanilla Fudge - Atlantic UK Import 588 100

The history of music and recorded speech all on one cool LP.

HELL BENT FOR LEATHER - Frankie Laine - Columbia Stereo Reel to Reel Tape CQ 378

Rawhide and other western songs done the way they should be done.