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Let's Fight High LP Prices

LPs should not sell for more than the High Resolution Digital Formats; especially considering LPs shorter playing time.

New Commercial LP releases: $15.00 maximum

New Audiophile LP releases: $30.00 maximum

Used Commercial LPs: $10.00 maximum

Used Audiophile LPs: $20.00 maximum

Also don't forget thrift stores for out-of-print LPs, sometimes even Audiophile LPs for 25 cents to $1.00.  Yes you can still find Mint and even factory sealed at the thrifts!

I let the collectors pay super high prices for out of print LPs, I either wait for a good deal or look for a modern pressing.  There is no reason to go crazy bidding for LPs, if the price is not reasonable I pass.  It will show up later and at the price I am willing to pay.

Discount Audiophile web sellers:

Please submit your favorite LP dealers who offer reasonable prices, special offers and sales. Great place to buy both Audiophile and commercial LPs.  Currently they have some Analogue Productions Originals 180 Gram LPs as low as $6.00 each.  Most new Classic Records are priced at $20.00 - $30.00, well below Classic's $33.00 retail.  Packaging and customer service is first rate! Sign up for their email list to receive coupon codes for periodic 10% discounts.  They are have clearance and special sales. Sign up for their email list to receive coupon codes for periodic 10% discounts.  They have a special Clearance page searchable by format.  Check out the Classic Records / RCA Living Stereo 180 Gram LPs for $6.99 - $20.00!