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Links to other Analog related websites

Listed alphabetically.

8 Track Audio 8-Track tapes serviced-tested-repaired-ready to play! Replacement Pads, Replacement Drive Motors, Tape Cartridge and Deck Repairs and Service, Blank Tapes serviced and Bulk Erased, Tape cases, Vinyl LPs, etc. is a database of over 23,000 "active" record label/netlabel web sites or Wikipedia links indexed by genre, format, and location. Record companies no longer in business are not listed. If you browse by "Vinyl" format you will only find maybe half of the companies producing Vinyl. Much of the other half is listed under "CD" And many labels are totally absent. But 23,000 active record labels are totally unbelievable! You can also search by label name if you know it, or browse by genre. A great resource once you learn how to use it!

The Analog Dept The focus at The Analog Dept. is to provide useful information freely to audiophiles interested in the hardware that plays the Vinyl LP.

Applied Microscopy The Microscopy of Vinyl Recordings.

Audio Critique A different perspective on audio reproduction, the finest recordings, the audio industry and the audio press. "Baking" Magnetic Tape To Overcome The "Sticky-Shed" Syndrome.

Back in the groove 14 May 2006 Technology Editor Tony Glover reports how in the iPod age the record industry is going forward by returning to the days of vinyl.

Because Sound Warner Bros. New Vinyl and DVD-Audio web site.  Evaluating Cassettes and Recordings.

High-end Audio The Audiophile Website of Arthur Salvatore dedicated exclusively with the reproduction of Music.

Is the sound on vinyl records better than on CDs or DVDs?. An excellent article from including a graph comparing a raw analog audio signal to the CD audio and 24 Bit 192kHz DVD-Audio output.

Life Above 20 Kilohertz "There's Life Above 20 Kilohertz! A Survey of Musical Instrument Spectra to 102.4 KHz" by James Boyk California Institute of Technology The is Michael Fremer's Vinyl web site. Many excellent LP reviews, articles and interviews. You might know MIchael Fremer from Analog Corner in Stereophile magazine, many consider him the guru of analog. Check out his site!, the Unofficial Nakamichi Cassette Deck resource.

Obsolete Media Where Old is Allright!

Ortofon FAQs Cartridge maintenance MC - MM and Pro systems Stylus and record care - General cartridge mounting Leads connections, Stylus position to record centre, overhang and alignment, Azimuth, vertical alignment, Tone-arm level, vertical tracking angle, Anti-skating, bias compensation adjustment, Tone-arm/cartridge combination - Malfunctions Contact problems, Distortion - Stylus lifetime.

Phantom's Reel To Reel Tape Recorder Museum

Positive Feedback Online  A creative forum for the Audio Arts. What is the value of your vinyl record? is an archive of over 250,000 rare records auction result. If you operate a recording studio or are an enthusiast of reel to reel tape media and need quality supplies, splicit is the right place. They support the preservation of analog reel to reel audio media because they truly believe that nothing sounds as good. Stereo - Still the best way to listen to music. The turntables, amps, speakers and accessories to help you get the best sound for the least bucks. If I Knew You Were Coming I’d Have Baked A Tape!
A Recipe for Tape Restoration

Tape Baking Baking Audio Reel to Reel Tapes Which Have "Sticky Shed Syndrome" by Dave Luepke

The Tape Place Out of Print, Rare and hard to find original Compact Cassettes, 8-Track Cartridges, 4-Track Cartridges, 7-Inch Reel To Reels and VHS Video tapes.

The Tape Project 2 Track 15 IPS premium quality pre-recorded Reel to Reel tapes

Tape Trail Posting board covering all things tape related. Reel to reel, cassette and other analogue tape formats. "Music the way it should be heard." Tritium guarantees Satisfaction or your money back. Rave reviews from "BOUND for SOUND" and 97% of all customers. Their newest product is the TRITIUM TEMPEST AMPLIFIER.

US Recording Media America's #1 Choice for Analog Recording Tape and Supplies!

Vinyl Asylum  Posting board covering all things Vinyl. An archive for classic, often unobtainable turntable manuals, and information on many current products complete with links to manufacturers home pages and other online resources. Your source for everything to do with vinyl records.

Vinyl Our Lady of Perpetual Obsolescence Vinyl Rescue Mission and Orphanage. A safe haven for forgotten and downtrodden record albums. Pastor Francis McPurvis, Director

What's Going On Up There? "... Finally, it gives me a new respect for the venerable analog medium: Many of the recordings I looked at that turned out to have significant ultrasonic content were originally recorded on analog tape."—John Atkinson.