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Cassette Reviews

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Tous les Matins du Monde (Soundtrack)
Jordi Savall, Le Concert des Nations

Monserrat Figueras, soprano
Maria-Cristina Kiehr, soprano

"Any list of today’s most important performers of Early Music should have Jordi Savall’s name at the very top. With his various groups, especially Hesperion XXI and Le Concert des Nations he has explored every corner of the genre, from medieval Spanish repertoire to J. S. Bach and beyond. Since the extraordinary film (part biopic, part allegory, part philosophical rumination, and mostly fiction) represented by this cassette concerns the lives of two viola-da-gamba virtuosi, who better to arrange, compose and perform its soundtrack than Jordi Savall? This he has done with consummate skill-the music stands by itself without reference to the film. This is certainly one of the two or three finest recordings of the viola-da-gamba available, and one of the top early music recordings ever. A few tracks that stand out: the march from Lully’s "Le Bourgois Gentilhomme" which opens the cassette, and the delightfully artless "Une jeune fillette" sung with heartbreaking innocence by Monserrat Figueras and Maria Kristina Kiehr. "

This cassette have a lush, sensuous sound. Digitally recorded and digitally mastered by Pierre Verany studio, Paris, France. Digital done correctly? Beautiful! One of the few excellent recording studio in the world who knows how to capture musical emotions in the digital or analog format.

Tous les matins du monde

  1. Marche pour la cérémonie des Turcs (Jean-Baptiste Lully)
  2. Improvisations sur les folies d’Espagne (Marin Marais)
  3. Prélude pour Mr. Vauquelin (Jordi Savall, after a Prelude by Mr. de Sainte Colombe)
  4. Gavotte du Tendre (Mr. de Sainte Colombe)
  5. Une jeune fillette (popular melody, arranged by Jordi Savall)
  6. Les Pleurs (Mr. de Sainte Colombe)
  7. Concert à deux violes, "Le Retour" (Mr. de Sainte Colombe)
  8. Le Rêveuse (Marin Marais)
  9. Troisième Leçon de Ténèbres à 2 voix (François Couperin)
  10. L’Arabesque (Marin Marais)
  11. Fantaisie en Mi mineur (Jordi Savall, after Mr. de Sainte Colombe)
  12. Les Pleurs (Mr. de Sainte Colombe), version for 2 viols
  13. Le Badinage (Marin Marais)
  14. Tombeau pour Mr. de Sainte Colombe (Marin Marais)
  15. Muzettes I- II (Marin Marais)
  16. Sonnerie de Ste. Geneviève du Mont-de-Paris (Marin Marais)