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100 Gecs

100 Gecs is an experimental duo comprised of Dylan Brady and Laura Les. They have rapidly grown in popularity since forming in St. Louis, Missouri, in 2017 and are leading the charge in the global ‘hyperpop’ scene. Fresh off the release of their debut album “1000 Gecs” in 2019, 100 Gecs have made an indelible mark on today's music culture with their unique blend of electro dance pop, punk, and rap influences.

Dylan Brady is an LA based producer. He originally hailed from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and gained popularity after producing songs for several big artists, such as Yung Lean, Mac Miller, Vince Staples and Niki. Brady is also known for his solo work as well as producing records for a number of smaller artists. He has since drawn attention for his signature mix of trap, punk, and off-kilter pop sounds. He is one-half of the highly acclaimed experimental duo, 100 Gecs.

Laura Les also originally hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is a singer, songwriter, producer, vocalist, and guitarist. Les began her music career at age 13 playing the drums in a punk band called Slam Dunk. During this time, she also worked on solo music, which she released on her SoundCloud account. She later moved to St. Louis to study musical production and theory music technology. After working with Brady on Vortex Sound, Les joined him in the formation of 100 Gecs.

100 Gecs’ first release in 2017, “Memecake/Buggatti Speedway,” offered a mind-numbing, chaotic mix of sounds—a style that would come to define the group. They quickly developed a large internet following and were praised for exploring the outer limits of music genres. The debut 100 Gecs EP, “Haterhunting in the Club DEATH4U” followed in the same irreverent tradition, as did 2019’s “1000 Gecs,” which featured some of the group’s most popular songs.

100 Gecs’ distinctive sound continues to inspire experimentation and creativity in the music scene. Their influence can be heard in releases from fellow hyperpop stars such as Nahhg, Dirty Potato Chips, and JPEGMAFIA. The group also received a nomination for 2020’s “Album of the Year” during the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards, a testament to the revolutionary impact of their music. Most recently, the duo released the remix album “1000 Gecs & The Tree of Clues” in 2020.

Brady and Les have also performed at festivals including Grassed Music Festival, SXSW, and Red Bull Music Academy. In addition to performing music, they also teach music production classes at various locations through their “100 Gecs Production Academy.” They are passionate educators and believe in passing on the knowledge and skills needed to make music that pushes the boundaries of sound.

Overall, 100 Gecs have achieved considerable success in their short career. As a duo who is both talented and daring in their approach to music, they have become trendsetters for a new generation of experimental music. With their influence likely to grow even further, the future of music will be forever changed by the legacy of 100 Gecs. ¨