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2 Many DJs

The story of 2 Many DJs begins in Ghent, Belgium, in 1996. Two young music-obsessed brothers, Stephen and David Dewaele, were seen setting up rudimentary DJ decks in their attic bedroom. Although they had the most basic of equipment, they had a big dream - to become renowned DJs playing audio sets all around the world.

Fast forward a few years, and the duo had established themselves as 2 Many DJs, a name adopted from a punk record released in 1982 by Belgian punk rock pioneers The Kids. With this newly formed act, Stephen and David played parties and clubs around their hometown, beginning to gain local recognition. After honing their DJ skills, the brothers recorded their first mixtape in 1998, under the 2 Many DJs moniker. The collection of mixed-up genres, samples, and edits, was their adaptation of the popular mix-tape culture of the day – and it was soon picked up by underground radio stations and embraced by partygoers who identified with its unique style.

By 2001, with the help of their track selecting skills, masterful mixing, turntablism and spontaneous improvisations, 2 Many DJs had gained international notoriety, after a gig supporting Belgian visionary Soulwax. With some more tour dates out of the way, the duo honed their live performance skills, as well as giving birth to their newest musical component – the mash-up.

Led by their creativity and enthusiasm, 2 Many DJs created a new musical form by taking two separate tracks and combining them together, making something new out of something old. Although unoriginal in concept, the brothers’ had a unique approach that kept people intrigued; ultimately inspiring countless other aspiring DJs to start doing the same. Stephen and David flew to foreign countries to perform their live act, a spectacle of elaborate visuals, stage props, and celebrity Sampling.

Buoyed by the success of their worldwide tours and mixtapes, as well as their record label anthology imprints such as Fingathing on their Soulwax label, 2 Many DJs released their first debut album titled ‘As Heard on Radio Soulwax Pt.2’ in 2004. This endeavour was received with generally positive reviews from the music scene, most notably “Rolling Stone” magazine who lauded the record with an astounding four-star rating.

2006 saw the release of “Nite Versions”, more diverse in genre breadth, sampling influence and production than their first. They worked with a wide range of musical sources from indie-rock to French library music, manoeuvring it all together seamlessly with slick turntablism skills.

It was at this point the 2 Many DJs started taking extended hiatuses, a tactic of self-reflection that allowed them to shift focus on further projects. They formed a rock band called Soulwax Nite Versions and became still further experimental in the years to come. After a break of almost ten years, the brothers eventually returned to the soulspeak and launched their 2019 edition of Radio Soulwax. This enabled fans to combat loneliness and rediscover their bliss in lots of weird and wonderful selections from forgotten Funk to breakbeat classics.

To date, Stephen and David Dewaeles remain two of the most integral figures within the global dance scene. For over two decades, they have continued to bolster the cultures of both live and DJ performances, with their expansive music curating, style and energy, continually proving to be influential innovators in their respective field.

TheBrothers have thoughtfully paved the way for DJ manipulation and sampling that have become characteristic and staple sound for many of today’s music producers. It is because of this influence that the As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt.2 remains today an insightful and defining document of the eclectic electronica crossover climate of the early oughts.