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30 Seconds To Mars

30 Seconds To Mars is an American rock band comprised of three members: lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Jared Leto, lead guitarist Tomo Miličević, and Bassist Matt Wachter. Considered one of the leaders in alternative rock and alternative metal, the band has achieved commercial success and critical acclaim.

The band was founded by Jared Leto and his brother Shannon in 1998. They briefly included drummer and percussionist Bret Cain for a brief period of time, but soon moved on to other drummers and eventually Matt Wachter joined the band as the official third member.

One of the most recognizable signatures for the band has been their elaborate live performances and use of innovative art and film techniques, that have drawn international attention throughout their tours. Leto often will send mysterious packages of various items to their fans before the tour beginnings.

Leto has been the leading visionary and architect behind the music ever since its conception in the late 90’s. From the summer of 2002 to October 2005, the band was put on hiatus due to Jared’s commitment’s in filmmaking and acting. During that time, Wachter left the band to finish attending college and become integrated with other bands as a touring bassist. Miles Sh shapean Evans became the temporary member for A Beautiful Lie/The Kill recording sessions and the rest of the subsequent tours.

In 2002, 30 Seconds to Mars released the debut album 30 Seconds to Mars, with their lead single and stadium anthem "Attack" entering the Billboard Mainstream Rock Charts’ Top 20. In between albums, the band has since released their sophomore album A Beautiful Lie, an acoustic EP From Yesterday, the War DVD, and third album This is War. Successively, the albums achieved gold, followed by silver record status in Mexico City.

The lead single, “Kings and Queens" debuted at No. 26 of Billboard Hot 100, making it the first hit single from the band. In 2009, the band's third studio album “This Is War” debuted at #15 on Billboard Hot 200. The lead single, ‘Closer to the Edge’ became the most requested single at modern Rock radio, pushing the album to breakthrough #1 hit status in France and Ireland.

The band is currently on tour promoting their fourth studio album, ‘’Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams’’ which was released in 2013. The lead single, ‘’Up In The Air’’ recently over 2 MILLION views combined and made Top 10 Singles Chart in 30 Countries worldwide. They had international tours since the release of this album, The Carnivores Tour with Linkin Park and AFI, as well as ClubTour with Thirty Seconds ToMars in China, Japan, Israel, Russia, Europe, and U.S.

The band is world renowned for their thrilling live performances, inspiring videos and the intense relationship with their fans internationally. To date, 30 Seconds To Mars has sold out arenas and stadiums in 45 countries around the world, scored multiple Top 10 Rock Singles worldwide, while also Playlist Chart-topping on Mainstream, Rock, and Alternative Radio across the U.S., with many of their tracks reaching multiple millions plays on the likes of Youtube and Spotify.

Continuing to stay connected with their fans, the band hosted The Summit Festival in August 2012––an ultra exclusive music festival that brought fans from around the world to join the band in celebration of the music, energy, and bond that connects them all.

30 Seconds To Mars ––a band passionate about their fans, their melding of sound and culture, and their special drive for communication and communion through music.