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65daysofstatic is an experimental rock band, formed in Sheffield, England in 2001. The band is composed of Rob, Paul, Joe and Simon, along with their electronics specialist, Wes, who manipulates and effects their sound live.

Originally starting out as a post-rock and instrumental group, 65daysofstatic has since engaged with all kinds of genres - electro, post-numan and post-rock. The genre of music they play has been dubbed ‘electrocktronic’ by the media because it’s impossible to fit neatly into any one genre.

Their first EP This Cat Is A Landmine was released inApril 2001, and the following years saw them touring across the UK, playing in clubs as well as supporting bands such as Mogwai, 65daysofstatic released their first album Goodbye Enemy Airship the Landlord Is Dead in July 2005 on Monotreme Records. Their second album One Time For All Time was released seven months later in March 2006. It featured the popular single Radio Protector, and went on to receive critical acclaim and international media exposure. The single was featured in the cult science fiction TV show Doctor Who and appreciated world-wide.

The band released their third album, The Destruction of Small Ideas, in May 2007. It contained tracks from previous singles in addition to new material.

In 2008 65daysofstatic decided to step away from their more electronic side and get back into the more instrumental post-rock style. They recorded their fourth album We Were Exploding Anyway in 2009. The release of the album showed a huge diversification of sound. Following this album their touring capabilities increased—they were headlining tours, playing across North America, Europe, Japan, Singapore and Australia.

The band then released Wild Light in August 2013. Whilst still having the instrumental post-rock undercurrent, it was also said to be based in electronic music. Wild Light was just the beginning of the move back into the more electronic side of 65daysofstatic, with remixes and exploration of also pushing the boundaries of what can be done electronically.

The following year they ventured into the world of scoring films. They made a 40-minute score for the soundtrack to the Japanese animation Part 1: The deep which was released in November. December 2014 saw another ambitious effort in reinventing their style in their EP Music For An Infinite Universe. Released as a companion to Infinity Runner, a big-budget video game, making a departure indie electronica and indie rock they made an epic 7-minute track.

In 2015, the released their sixth album, No Mans Sky Original Soundtrack, followed by their seventh album, replicr, in 2019. Both albums were experimental, abstract and showcasing the band’s ability to envelop in huge array of sounds.

As of today 65daysofstatic has been described as a well-established part of the musical geography across Europe due to their live-oriented ambition and widespread festival bookings. Their music is truly unique and experimental and their fanbase has grown all around the world. Their uncompromising approach to music and composition has made them one of the most innovative and creative bands around.

Their latest release, 2020's replicr,101, shows the band maturing & branching out from the post rock instrumental for the familiar electronic tracks they previously created. It's an example & testament of 65daysofstatic's unique and ever evolving sound and creativity.