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ボアダムス [Boredoms]

The Japanese rock band Boredoms is considered to be one of the most influential experimental bands to come out of the Japanese underground music scene in the 1980s and 1990s. The band was formed in Osaka in 1986 by frontman Yamatsuka Eye and bassist/drummer Hōsuke Yamamoto. The two had previously been members of the short-lived experimental outfit Anarchy in the UK, but after a series of lineup changes and demos, the two decided to form Boredoms.

The band has gone through many iterations and lineup changes, and has been influential in experimental music for decades. Their early music found its footing in no wave, post-punk, and psychedelic genres, while their later work began to throughly explore techno, alternative rock, and world music.

At the core of Boredoms' sound lies Eye's energetic stage presence and theatrical vocal performances. He has become a veritable musical entertainer, juggling and cross-pollinating genres to craft music that is theatrical and off-kilter, electric and primal. He has thrashed his guitar and drums on stage, brought in numerous guests, and used costumes and props to help bring his lyrics and musical message to life.

Yamamoto has also been integral to Boredoms sound — providing the driving force of percussion and unique sonic textures through percussion instruments such as tape recorders and tuvan drums. He created and developed the bands unique drum sound, for which they have become known. These two core members have created a unique and powerful sound that resonates beyond the confines of punk and psychedelia. They've incorporated elements of jazz, funk, folk, and most recently, hip-hop into their music.

In recent years, the band has explored more intricate, harmonically-based music and extended performances. In 2004, they released a double album called Vision Creation Newsun to critical acclaim. This album found them moving away from punk and into more complex territory, melding together abstract beats and synthetic effects to create textured soundscapes. More recently, the band has developed their signature sound of a mixture of glitchy repetitions and dense beats with a heavy emphasis on improvisation.

Boredoms have become a fixture in the international experimental scene, performing regularly at festivals around the world. They have released 16 full-length albums, with their most recent LP being released in 2020. They have also remixed and collaborated with other artists and have become highly influential among independent music creators.

Boredoms have furthered their reach by creating their own sound art label ODOR Aroma 4. Their influence can be heard in the work of many modern acts, such as Flying Lotus, Ratatat, and All Them Witches. They have established themselves as one of the most innovative and revolutionary bands of their era and continue to break musical barriers with their work.