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A. G. Cook

Alexander Guy Cook, popularly known as PC Music founder and digital music producer A. G. Cook, is one of the most groundbreaking figures in the music industry today. Cook has transformed modern music and challenged the norms of pop culture by using his innovative production techniques and his unique approach to creating songs.

Cook was born in1991 in Ely, Cambridgeshire, England. He started solo songwriting at the ageof 13, exploring punk and alternative music before forming his first band at the age o14. He was also highly interested in digital music production, making mixtapes as a teenager. Cook went on to study Digital Music at Goldsmiths Collge, University of London and graduated in 2014. He applied what he had learned about music production to a unique, genre-blending style. He was widely praised for successfully combining radically different sounds and styles to create truly cutting-edge music.

In 2013, Cook and friends founded the PC Music label in response to a dull music scene. Inspired by the intern networks and the marketing strategies of K-Pop, J-Pop and online cultural subgroups, Cook's creativity poured into the development of PC Music and its various releases. The label soon gained prominence and attention from some of the biggest names in the music industry. Cook’s vision for the label encouraged musicians from various different genres and backgrounds to experiment, and use innovative technologies in their music.

Shortly after the launch of PC Music, Cook was hailed as a pioneer in modern pop music. He was praised for combining various elements including echo-house, narco-pop and hyper pop sounds combined with elements of vaporwave, happy hardcore, and UK Garage. This combination of drastically different sounds revolutionized and modernized pop music. He also began to produce remixes and new versions of classic and outdated pop songs.

In 2015, Cook released his debut album '7G', a modern amalgamation of genres, which showcased his signature avant-garde style.The album was praised for its far-reaching sonic vision and its innovative approach. It contained a collaboration with respected Irish musician and producer Irish Helms, which showcased Cook's unique sound design.

Following the success of '7G', Cook went on to create a series of EP's released under the PC Music label, further cementing the popularity of the genre. In2016, PC Music released its first full-length album, 'Gemini', featuring many of the songs Cook wrote during the label's early years. The album epitomized Cook's revolutionary approach to electronic music production, and it quickly catapulted him into the mainstream music limelight.

In 2018,Cook released his second album, 'Apple', blending various styles of music blended together in a futuristicstyle. Following the success of 'Apple',Cook's star only continues to rise. His innovative approach to music production and blurring of genres has made him one of the most influential figures in modern music. Cook's influence on the music industry has been immense, inspiring musicians and producers alike with his creative vision. His innovative approach to pop music production has solidified him as one of the most important figures in 21st century music.