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A Guy Called Gerald

A Guy Called Gerald, born Gerald Simpson, is an English producer who has become one of the key figures of the UK dance music scene. He has been creating electronic music since the late 1980s, when Detroit and London style techno, house, and acid music were combined to create a hybrid sound.

Gerald was born and raised in Manchester, England in 1966. His mother was a former recording artist, and his father taught Gerald the piano and guitar and was involved in the reggae scene in Manchester. As a teenager, Gerald was exposed to the burgeoning electronic dance music scene that was beginning to emerge in Manchester. He was immediately drawn to this new and exciting sound and left school to pursue his passion, throwing himself into the local music scene.

Gerald began producing dance music using equipment made by local electronics company Make Noise. Although all of his records were not commercially successful, they contributed to the development of the then revolutionary acid house sound which was gaining momentum. In 1987, he issued 'Voodoo Ray' (alongside vocalist Fay Simpson), which is credited with being the first acid house track to gain significant chart success.

The success of 'Voodoo Ray' and the subsequent 'Hot Lemonade' helped to establish 'A Guy Called Gerald' as one of the most talented and influential dance music producers of his time. He went on to release numerous singles and numerous remixes, remixing works from artists as varied as De La Soul, Bjork, Seal, and Skinny Puppy.

In 1993, Gerald left the UK for the US after being offered a production deal in Detroit by techno royalty Juan Atkins of Model 500. Spending four years living between Detroit and Chicago, Gerald continued to push boundaries with his production style, mixing hip-hop 808 beats with Detroit techno and huge splashes of UK-style acid. Gerald cites this period as his most revolutionary and influential, releasing classic tracks such as 'Finley’s Rainbow', 'Colourful Vibrations', 'Energy Flash', and ‘Coral Garden’.

In 1997, Gerald returned to the United Kingdom, settling down in London to stay and focus on furthering his music. He released the album 'Black Secret Technology' gaining plaudits from a wide range of music critics and fans alike, making it his most successful work to date. He continued to experiment with production styles, collaborating with drum'n'bass legends 4Hero on 'Two Pages' and releasing the acclaimed 'Essence' album.

In 2012, Gerald moved to Berlin where he continues to explore new directions in music, including writing movie scores and exploring sound manipulation on the computer and live. He has also been collaborating with a number of leading visual artists, whilst still working on new music. In 2016, Gerald released his new solo album entitled 'Electric Sunshine'.

Gerald Simpson has come a long way from his roots in Manchester. A self-confessed “musical magpie”, he has spent the last 20 years leading the way in electronic dance music and continues to push boundaries in the ever-evolving world of music production. As a highly influential and inspirational figure within the industry, Gerald’s passion for creating music has had a major impact on shaping the modern electronic music scene.