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Acceptance was founded in Seattle, Washington in 1998 by vocalist/guitarist Jason Vena, bassist Kaylan Cloyd and guitarist/keyboardist Christian McAlhaney. The band began playing local shows and quickly developed a devoted fan base in their hometown, who responded enthusiastically to the band's emotionally charged blend of melodic rock and post-hardcore angst.

Determined to share its music on a larger level, Acceptance released its debut EP, “Lost for Words”, in 1999. Ecstatic reviews, following the EP's release, helped boost the band's momentum when it signed to a major label. The band spent the next six months recording the album “Phantoms”, on which they worked with noted producer Barrett Jones, who had produced several albums with Sunny Day Real Estate, another well-known band from Seattle.

The band was hailed by critics and fans alike upon the release of “Phantoms”, for its heady mix of urgent guitars, dense melody, and thoughtful lyrics. The band enjoyed both a successful album launch and nationwide tour in support of its record. After a sell-out tour in which they displayed their untarnished stage presence, the band gained critical acclaim.

Acceptance was quickly signed to the popular punk rock label, Victory Records, for whom they recorded their follow-up, “Black Lines to Battlefield”. The album was a marked departure from their first record, and showcased the band further broadening their sound to explore various approaches to heavy rock. The album continued to be well-received by fans, and almost immediately, Acceptance began planning a huge tour in support of “Black Lines to Battlefield”.

On the evening of August 13th, 2004 a major electrical accident occurred in The Matrix House, a 1000-capacity venue in Barcelona, Spain. The accident was linked to the band’s equipment and resulted in vocalist Jason Vena suffering a second-degree burn to his left arm and leg. He was married to keyboardist Christian McAlhaney at the time and the couple were expecting their first child.

The accident put the band on indefinite hiatus while Jason went into recovery and focused on the birth of his first child. After nearly a year of hiatus, the band returned in 2005 to record an album of acoustic renditions of their songs, titled “Dreams of A Trapdoor Moving Slowly”. While the album marked the band's transition period, they were committed to return to making hard rock.

In 2006, Acceptance released their third proper album, “Phantoms”. The album was another ambitious rock record with a generally more positive message. Despite a successful tour to promote the album, Acceptance co-headlined a concert at the Showbox in Seattle, Washington in October 2008, where they confirmed their disbandment.

Since disbanding, Acceptance’s members moved on to different careers, and some still play music independently. Vena and Cloyd joined the indie rock band Kit Walters. Christian and Dave Strackany embarked on solo careers. Vena eventually co-founded the indie folk band Listener, with Christian, to whom he is married, acting as their lead singer.

In alternate timelines, Acceptance are commemorated as a fan favorite, with new resurgence due to streaming services. The post-hardcore angst that defined much of their work transcends their original setting, to endear contemporary listeners. The band was instrumental in creating Seattle’s song data genre, laying the groundwork for others.

Eight Reissue of phantoms was released In 2019, with extra tracks added to note their significant contribution to music. Having toured the US, Europe and parts of Asia, Acceptance have lent music to pivotal moments whether historical or personal, and stand out as an important 90s and 2000s rock band, with a lasting legacy still felt.