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  • 清水靖晃 [Yasuaki Shimizu]

清水靖晃 [Yasuaki Shimizu]

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清水靖晃 [Yasuaki Shimizu]

Yasuaki Shimizu (清水 靖晃, usually credited as 清水靖晃) is a multi-disciplinary composer, arranger, and music producer from Japan. Born in Nagasaki in 1953, Shimizu is a highly accomplished interdisciplinary music creator, traversing beyond limits of genres, from jazz to soundtracks. He is active in numerous areas: composing jazz, movie soundtracks, new music, world music, butoh music, electronic sound-creation, and design music for advertisements and games.

Growing up, Shimizu lived a richly cultured life, mainly raised by his grandmother. He was nurtured in an atmosphere that endorsed the origin of the Japanese folk traditions and culture. He began playing the classical guitar at age seven and five years later attended college. He studied accordion performance at the Osaka College of Music, and was influenced by Toshiko Akiyoshi’s jazz music during that time. After graduating in 1977, Shimizu moved to Tokyo, seeking musical opportunities.

Shimizu’s career has always been closely linked to his musical trends. Duri